Tuesday, February 27, 2007


As I had promised earlier, here are the photos taken during Irene's Birthday. Thanks alot Esther :)

We are one big happy family :)

The young ladies enjoying their pizza. Mmm... Yummy! Laura, what are you looking at? o_O

Jeff, Kelvin, Jason and me. Jeff and Kelvin still munching on their pizza...

Me and Birthday girl Irene; she took pics with everyone for rememberance :D

Took another group photo before Irene opened her presents...

Look at the... Curtains? The girls are smiling sweetly and the guys are... distracted. Somehow. Reminds me of this. - Click Me -

The CNY group visitation photos had been uploaded by Esther. Do stop by her blog.

- Esther's blog -

Degree students had started their semester since this Monday while a number of students (including me) had to wait for another semester before entering first year degree.

In the past, students who failed those subjects are able to skip them and take on their degree program. After that, they are free to choose when they would like to take their LAN subjects again. Recently, I was told that all the students are required to pass their LAN subjects that consist of Study and Information Literacy Skills, Malaysian Studies and Moral Studies.

Our LAN subject lecturers warned us again and again that no matter what, we must not fail any of these 3 subjects. I believe those lecturers’ words fall on death ears as the majority of the students only came into the class to talk and play (including me also, sadly). Some students even brought in their laptops and played games like DotA and CS; quite a number of students brought cards to play ‘Big Two’ and any card game you could think of.

Wondering how the students are able to do all these while the lecturers are teaching? Well, the lecturers don’t really give a damn about it; they just play their part – teaching those students who are interested and paying attention to the lecture.

Jeff failed one subject and took the re-sit paper today. All the best of luck to you brother!

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Happy 19th Birthday Irene!

Will upload the pictures asap once I get them... Till then.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Being kind does NOT pay.

CNY comes once a year and I enjoyed it very much by going house to house, visiting my relatives and friends.

The third day of CNY, our usual gang of Swinburne-ians gathered at Jalan Song, in front of Pizza Hut. Chen purposely drove all the way down from his house and Soon Ping specially brought 8 more girls from his ex-school to join the gathering. Strangely, the majority asked for plain water only instead of carbonated drinks when we visit each house.

Also, we took at least one group picture whenever we stop at a house. Mdm. Lye prepared lunch for us since it was around 1200 to 1300. The houses we had visited in order are Kang Tzy’s house, Mdm. Lye’s house, Zhi Wei’s house, Jacq’s house, Ms. Sandra’s house, Esther’s house, Mr. George’s house, Siew Chein’s house, Tung Ing’s house then Siew Yong’s house. (Did I miss out anyone’s name?)

After that, our group split into two, the first group going to Winnie’s house while the other group went home for a quick bath before leaving for Irene’s house at 2030. Irene specially prepared dinner for all of us and we enjoyed it, some even had doubts whether it is really her who prepared all the food because it was delicious. Then the final house we visited for the day is Johnson’s house. He told jokes and did some miming to entertain us; somehow, Jeff and I were the victims for his ‘miming show’.

The fourth day of CNY was actually reserved for all the Gaporians or Stampians or whatever you call it. But somehow, someone else had other plans for the Gaporians currently studying in form 6 – by excluding the non-form 6 students from the list of house-to-visit. Nice friends don’t you think? Nevertheless, none of us were really bothered with it, a short moment of disappointment and that’s it, since it was ‘them’ who wanted to widen the gap between the Gaporians and the ex-Gaporians.

Starting off with Chin Chiang’s house, then Cindy’s house and Jeff’s house before going home to rest for a short while and visited Kimmie’s house during the evening. Both Kim and Aurelia played the same song - Houki Boushi (did i spell it wrongly? =/) for us before we head home.

I had been happy throughout the day until I saw this.

It says that I had been banned for being a leaver. But actually it was an act of kindness to the opposite faction – the Scourge.

Of course, I appealed in the ‘Banlist Appeal Compilation’; one of my friends appealed too.


To whoever bearing the ID of lonewolf90, I represent all the 4 persons whom you had reported to pass you the message that, you better not cross paths with us, OR you will be the next noob leaver.

I had not used the banlist for more than half a year, you were and will ALWAYS be in my noob list.

I had been kind enough to let you go without banning you and this is what I get in return. Very well, let’s play.

I managed to borrow accounts from Dennis and use it for the meantime while waiting for the ban period to end. Berry reached home around 0300 and called me immediately when she found out that I was banned (my friends told her about it since they got banned too).

The first thing she said was to borrow me her own account, adding in that she can use her friend’s account while I use hers. Where else can I find such a good friend whom I had not met before yet helped me so much?

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

A saying goes by -
It takes time to gain someone's trust, but it takes only a single day to
crush the trust the person have for you.

How true is it? I'll find out real soon.

Anyway, let's not jump into conclusions first shall we?

Saturday, February 17, 2007


The greatest deed of love is to forgive and forget; Love your Enemies as the Lord commanded.

Today is Chinese New Year Eve, please forgive and forget all the previous hatred you have, be it on your friend or your enemy. Let there be a new beginning for everyone, shall we?

Friday, February 16, 2007

Movie Spree

Been to the cinema twice, which is yesterday and today. Watched these two movies.


Jeff, Kelvin and I booked tickets for ‘Ghost Rider’ and met Aldrin, Keith, Eric, Judieth, Jacq, Irene and Aurelia in the cinema. They were planning to watch ‘Happy Birthday’ at first but then they changed to ‘Music and Lyrics’. I didn’t plan to watch any movies that day as I was reaching my limit of spending. Since both Jeff and Kelvin decided to join them, I had no other choice but to follow suit because I would have to loiter around the cinema for around 2 hours with boredom.

I thought the movie would be a boring one with singing and more singing till the end of the movie. I was wrong. The movie is categorized under comedy and romance. It made the audience laugh heartily. It includes a few censored scenes (Judieth kept blocking our sight with her bag). While on the way home, both Jeff and Kelvin commented that the movie we watched earlier is like an insult to the Buddhist, I was not too sure about it so I kept quiet and listen to them. Too lazy to write out a summary of the movie, so go watch the movie yourself; it is worth it for RM8.

This song keeps repeating itself in my mind. Because of that, the first thing I did after reaching home was to hunt for the song, found it and downloaded it. Thanks to Lite FM.

-Way back into Love-


I had a surprise visit from both Jeff and Kelvin. I was still gaming actually so I had to leave it and went to take a quick bath and dressed myself up as it isn’t nice to make your friends to wait for you. After jumping into the car, we went to fetch KT and ZW. Then we went to The Rock Shop and Hock Lee Centre to kill time. ZW bought a pair of ‘dragon’ jeans while KT bought a belt in The Rock Shop.

I only remembered the moment in the arcade located in Hock Lee Centre. KT and Jeff played a sort-of-street-fighter arcade game. *Bang BAng BANg BANG* nope, that was not the sound of gunshots, it was the sound of the palm (fist) trying to beat up the console. I could not stop laughing non-stop upon seeing the seriousness in KT’s face.

In the cinema, we met up with Chen, Robert and XJ. Without wasting any time, we bought drinks and popcorn at the counter hastily before rushing into the hall. There are two ghost riders mentioned in the story. Both of them look very cool; one with his blazing bike and the other one is a retired ghost rider - with a fiery horse. The movie overall is near to perfect, with all the graphic and sound effects.

Bone Fletcher or Bone Clinkz was what we called the ghost rider as it resembles the hero Bone Clinkz in DotA. The only different thing is that one of them wears a jacket and uses a chain as its weapon while the other doesn’t wears a jacket and uses bow and arrows as its weapon.

All 8 of us went to a nearby marketplace aka open air area for dinner. They ordered the infamous beef noodles once they rest their backs on the chair. I told them to count me out, with the reason that I’m not hungry. In fact, I am left with only RM2 in my wallet and could not bear to spend it.

Never mind that, after dinner, they decide to go to Ultimate CC for a game of CS. There was nothing I could say but to follow them, it would not be reasonable to ask my dad to come all the way to fetch me back home. Upon reaching the CC, I told them that I do not want to play but Chen had already asked for 8 places so I had no choice but to play on.

After reaching home, feeling tired and down, I head to my room and switch on the PC. Starring at the screen blankly for a moment before realizing that I had not taken my dinner yet, I went to the refrigerator and hunt for food but there was none that is edible. In the end, I tore open a packet of chips that I saw lying innocently on the dining table and gobble them down. I gulp down a can of Shandy to force all the chunks of chips into my stomach before I start getting hiccups.

Played a game of DotA with my clan mates and Yong against a group of friends and own them badly. I console myself, telling myself that I will be able to get red packets and more red packets to replace the money I had used up these days. That was the only thing that cheered me up for today.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone, many would assume that this day is only for couples and those who are single will likely felt left out and sad. Couples of course would go for candlelight dinner, sending flowers, exchange of gifts and doing romantic stuffs etc. Singles aren’t left out also; they could get together for a movie or a dinner or even couple up (as if that would happen).
I wonder why guys send flowers to girls on Valentine’s Day. I thought it should be the other way round; on Valentine’s Day, girls will send chocolates to the guy they like. Then on White Day, which is March 14th, only then men are expected to return the favor to those who gave them chocolates on Valentine’s Day.

Anyway, here’s a Valentine poem you might like to give to your loved and cherished ones,

I do believed that the Lord above
Created You for Me to love
He picks You up from all the rest
Because He knows I Love You best…
I have a heart and that is true
That it was given from Me to You
So care for it like what I do
For I have mine and You have too…

When I go to heaven and You’re not there
I’ll wait for You on the golden stair
But if You’ll not come on the judgment day
I knew You went the other way
So I’ll return my angel wings
My golden lamp and everything
To prove to You my love is dear
I’ll go with You wherever You go…

Yes, I took this poem from the picture in my blog. It was a Valentine poem after all.

Edit: I was told that White Day is only a marketing effort in Japan only.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

of Misunderstandings and Harsh Words

After a game of DotA today, I gained an old friend back, whom I had lost quite a few months ago. The reason behind it is misunderstandings and more misunderstandings, including an abundant exchange of harsh words. This reminds me of the separation of Singapore from Malaysia that I had studied in Malaysian studies weeks ago.

Here I’d like to express my utmost gratitude and appreciation to both Robert and Jeff for being the middlemen during this cold war between me and him. Let’s call him Y. Robert had been the middlemen since the time when he and I had our own so-called cold war and had been trying very hard to advise me to understand Y’s nature and personality despite that fell into deaf ears.

Till today; when I was invited by Jeff for a game of DotA through Hamachi, it was arranged for me and Jeff to be in a team while Robert and Y in the other. The game started moments later. I was lagging so I told Robert (the host) that I’m lagging. The conversation goes like this.

Me: Robert im lagging
Y: Comp problem?
Me: Not talking to you
Y: …

Then the exchange of harsh words began. Both of us talked casually like nothing had happened, but actually, our words are forged and shaped into piercing knives or anything sharp you could think of.

In the end, they put both me and Y in a chat room in msn to settle the problem between me and him. At first, it looked like putting two fighting cockerels in a cage. But then, I followed what Robert advise me to do - No usage of harsh words and to do it the gentlemen way. He(Y) followed suit too. Everything went well and apologies are exchanged.

If it had not been for both Robert and Jeff, the current relations between me and Y might have decline into a terminal stage. Thanks again, to the both of you!

Sunday, February 11, 2007

God will make a way

God will make a way
Where there seems to be no way
He works in ways we cannot see
He will make a way for me

Suddenly this part of the hymn came into my mind. Indeed, God showed me his greatness today.

Few weeks ago I did mention that there’s this childhood friend of mine whom I had scolded her and we never talked anymore. In that entry, I asked for everyone’s opinions and everyone gave the same reply; to approach her and apologize.

Weeks after weeks I waited but she never showed up in Church and I had reached my limit of being patient while waiting for her to showed up. After the church service ended, there is always a moment of silence for everyone to say their silent prayers while the Reverend and Pastor walked through the aisle and stand outside the entrance, shaking hands with everyone who is on the way out and giving their blessings.

In the end I prayed to God and told Him that I longed to meet her and talk to her, apologizing to her too as I could not see her again today.

To me, a miracle happened. After shaking hands with both the Reverend and Pastor, I saw her outside with her mum and sister. My prayer had been answered but it would definitely be weird for me to walk to them just to approach her only. So I prayed and hope that she would leave her family for a short while. Then my prayer was answered, she passed her bible to her mum and went to the washroom.

Suddenly my heart began to beat in an extremely fast pace as if I had just finished running a marathon. I had forgotten what I wanted to say, so I tried to calm myself down by drinking a glass of water at the water dispenser located outside the sanctuary while waiting for her.

It seems like an eternity just to wait for her to come out. In the end she came out and I called her by her name. She turned and faced me, with a “Yes?”

“I wanted to say sorry to you for scolding you last time.”
“Huh? When was it?”
“5 years ago, in Sunday school. I guess you must have forgotten it.”
“Oh, it’s ok. I had forgotten it already.”
“Ok, talk to you next time, See ya.”
“See ya.”

With that, we parted ways. Luckily I did not stammer, but I had forgotten a number of things that I wanted to say to her. I guess it must have been a surprise for someone who never talked to her for 5 years approaching her and apologizing to her suddenly. Her voice hardly changed, still the same old one which I last heard 5 years ago when I scolded her, except that her voice became softer. Oh well…

Anyway, one task cleared from my list of “TO DOs”.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

A walk to remember

I watched ‘A Walk to Remember’ few hours ago. The movie was around 4 years old but many told me that it is a good movie so I torrent it without any hesitation. The only regret I had was that I never watched that movie when it was available 4 years ago.

She wanted to witness a miracle; He is her miracle.

Here’s a spoiler for the movie, thanks Jacq! -Click me-

The movie revolves around the lives of two completely different teenagers in Beaufort High School – starring Mandy Moore as Jamie Sullivan and Shane West as Landon Carter.

It all began when a prank on a fellow colleague went wrong; Landon was punished with compulsory participation in various kinds of school activities such as tutoring younger children at their sister’s school and acting in the drama club’s final production – the spring play.

He was left with no choice but to interact with Jamie and seek her help when he realized that he needed help with his lines for the spring play. She agreed on the condition that he does not fall in love with her which he responded confidently “that’s not a problem.” Even so, he mocked her and looked down on her in school just to stay in the group of his own friends.

Soon, Landon was attracted to Jamie’s optimistic attitude – her forgiving nature and her strong faith. He finds himself falling in love with her despite promising her that he wouldn’t. As the both of them began to date, his relationship with his friends and his reputation are threatened. He decides to end all his connection with his former group of friends and even strike down a former friend for publicly humiliating Jamie.

At the climax, we were told that Jamie was diagnosed with terminal leukemia and had stopped responding to treatments. Landon stayed by her side all the time when she was hospitalized. He fulfilled various wishes on her list such as building a telescope so she could see a comet.

The story ends after the both of them got married in the Chapel and Jamie went on ahead to the afterlife. She left behind a great impact on Landon, changing him for the better; he finished college and was accepted to medical school.

Landon apologized to Jamie’s dad, the minister for not being able to fulfill all of her wishes, such as showing her ‘the miracle’ that she wanted to see before she passed on. Her dad said that she had witness it, and it was him who was her miracle.

Like Jacq said, such guys like Landon are hard to find in this world. To think that he even stayed by her side till she breathed her last. To the both of them, their love and loyalty to each other will never end.

This will only happen in movies; in the real world, loyalty doesn’t pays and nothing is forever, except your devotion to God alone.

If you are the guy, and your girl is on the verge of dying or vice-versa; are you willing to give what Landon gave to Jamie? I believe the majority will say “I will.” But when it comes to action, only a few will actually keep their word.

This is my POV; do feel free to leave your own POVs too.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Holiday is coming to town!

Much had happened during the past 3 days. The 3 days mentioned were the days of final exams. I realize a number of things during these 3 days too.

It was Study and Information Literacy Skills final paper. Before the day of the exam, I know many of my friends were still relaxing as most of us had more than 25/50 marks for the assignments and tests. Most of us aimed for a pass for that paper and nothing more, I’m one of them too. The duration of the test was 3 hours, and I thought I could finish it in 2 hours. I was wrong about it; I ended up using up all the 3 hours and rushed during the last minute to write the last sentence.

Then in the afternoon, I told myself to take a rest and study for my Moral Studies at night. But again, I did not keep to what I had said and played some computer games in the afternoon and slept early at night, waking up at 0300 in the morning to study.

Moral Studies paper was supposed to be 3 hours but it was shortened to 2 hours only. It was no problem for all the students as the tips were already given by the lecturer – word by word, telling us where to focus on and where not to. In the afternoon, all of us (8 in total) went to the T1 CC at 3rd mile. Not long after that, Johnson and his group of friends joined us too; this makes up a total of 17 players. We played CS aka Counter-Strike. Most of us are screaming, shouting and laughing at the top of our voices.

It had been almost 3 years since I last shouted and laughed that much. I was into online games during my Form 4 and Form 5 years and played games like GunBound, Pristontale, ROSE, FLYFF and many more. I’ve met many new friends and new people, including my first girlfriend online. Though I had already broke up with her for almost 2 years from now, the fun I had with her and my gang of friends in the online games will never fade away.

After we finished gaming, all of us had planned to play together again after Malaysian Studies paper, which is the last paper before our own self-declared holiday starts. I told them that if I am able to do well in that paper, only then I will have the mood to play CS again. I began to worry about the paper because I had only started to flip through the pages of the reference book late in the night, knowing that that is not enough, I forced myself to wake up as early as 2am in the morning but in the end I woke up at 3.30am. Look through that damned book again and memorized the parts which was written in a piece of ‘tips’ paper given by someone.

I was quite nervous as I enter the exam hall, not knowing what kind of doom will befall on me. I was shocked and overjoyed when I flipped through the pages of the exam paper. Almost 90% of what I had studied and memorized were in the papers. I could hear the sounds of “Enemy behind!”, “Sniper!”, “At tunnel!”, “Counter base!”, “Terror base!”, “Bomb site A/B” and many more. I tried to write as fast as I could, skipping those I was unsure of. I took only 1 hour + to finish the whole paper when the time given was 3 hours. After I went out, many followed out too, all the students should be saying that the questions were too easy and were smiling all the way.

Johnson had booked almost the whole of the Ultimate CC for us, the total number of players were 27. After playing for 2 hours +, Kelvin was ranked the first, Chen the second and I was the third, Shao Wee the fourth and the fifth is in the opposite team if not mistaken. I guess it is time for me to polish up my CS skills. Again.

The 27 of us went to the 3rd Mile Mcdonalds to have our refreshments. Both Ah Yieng and Judieth challenged each other to play the slides and to squeeze in the ‘small’ tunnels in the children’s’ playground. It goes something like this, Ah Yieng first challenged Judieth to play the slides, saying that if Judieth plays it, she will follow suit. Judieth accepted and did so. Then it was Judieth’s turn; she challenged Ah Yieng to squeeze herself through the ‘small’ holes but it seems impossible for anyone of us at this age to squeeze through that hole as it was meant for children only.

As a number of my friends know, I have an online girlfriend by the nickname Berry. I had known her since I was in my ex-clan – v3. I had forgotten how we started the relationship but I only remember she started calling me ‘dear’ for no reason, so I’ve decided to play along. We exchanged HP numbers and she usually call or sms me to share her personal problems.

Recently I had been evading her because she told me that she liked someone else and THAT someone else wasn’t too pleased with her calling me ‘dear’ all the time. This had been going on until recently she joined a DotA game with FY, Chen, Jeff and I. My 3 friends said the same thing to me – she had been very supportive (she was playing omniknight), in the early game, she kept healing FY (both of them were in the same lane). During mid-game when it is the season of gangbanging, I was in trouble for not observing the missing heroes in the map and all sprang unto me, she came all the way from other lanes (top lane if not mistaken) by using a town portal scroll to get to the nearest tower to me and healed me while taking all the damage given by all the enemy heroes and died while I was able to escape safely upon the team and her request - run la, 1 die is better than 2 die.

It is that incident and what my friends said to me made me woke up and realize my mistake and the coldness towards her. So I changed my ways of talking when conversing with her and gaming with her around. It sure is nice to have a supportive friend around; you won’t know when you need her/him the most.


Sunday, February 04, 2007

This is what friends are for!

There will be a continuous 3 day exam starting from tomorrow and I’m still in front of my PC, shaking my legs. What the heck am I doing?

Actually we (Jeff, FY, Chen, SW, SP and I) wanted to study at the library yesterday but something happened out of the blue. SP’s car’s rear door rammed on to a Proton Waja’s tail light when he reversed his car and the owner of the Waja demanded for a new tail light. So Jeff, Chen and FY went to get a replacement while SP and SW went to fetch me.

All of us met at the 3rd mile SCR and had our lunch there. Then each of us gave word of encouragement to SP while waiting for our food as he looked extremely stressed and down. We all knew about his personal problems and we understood how he felt currently so it was decided that the five of us will pay for the tail light; SP excluded.

After lunch, we went back to my house as I had requested my dad to see if he could try to repair the dent on the rear door. Jeff went back home to collect his car polish and went to pass the tail light to the owner of that car. I took out my reference books (which I had taken earlier on when SP fetch me) and left them at the roof of my car. It turns out that it is not completely impossible to fix the dent but then without the proper tools, it is risky to fix the dent as it might even make the whole situation worse.

In the end, we went to a nearby mechanic which my dad is familiar with to enquire if he could repair the damage on SP’s car to hide the evidence that the car had ran into a minor accident. The mechanic told us that it is possible to repair the dent but it would cost over RM200+. He also said that if we were to ask him to just hammer the dent back to its original position, the rear door would be deformed and it would be even more obvious that SP’s car ran into an accident. In the end, SP said he will just let his mum know about it. I hope that his parents would be more understanding that as long as their son is fine, that’s all that matters and that they would not dig further into the problem and reprimanding him.

Finally Jeff, Chen and FY went to the library while SW, SP and I went back to our respective home. I searched high and low for my books and notes as I had taken them out earlier on but had not left them inside the house when we came back from lunch to have my dad to try to help out with the dent. It turn out that Chen took my books and I laughed at myself for not leaving the book inside the house earlier on.

The remaining hours of yesterday were used up on my grandparent’s house – both sides. It was my grandpa’s (dad’s side) birthday and all our relatives went to celebrate as he had planned a small dinner. I noticed my cousin had re-bonded (straighten) her hair and looked completely different from before but personally I felt that her previous hairstyle looks better than the latter (don’t tell her please =/). After dinner, we settled down for awhile and had conversations with our relatives. Went to my grandparent’s house (mum’s side) for weekly visits and I always collect some pocket money from my grandpa and aunties even though I kept refusing it. Knowing that it wouldn’t be polite to keep on refusing as they kept pushing the money back to me, I took it finally :p

But hey, I’m not money minded hor… ^ ^

Thursday, February 01, 2007

A prank

Found this in youtube; this happened in Singapore.

Totally wordless.

Edit: Youtube removed the clip as it is categorized under offensive materials.