Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Merry Not Christmas

You are godlike in your studies when you get straight HDs.
You are godlike in CS when you get the highest kill and the lowest death.
You are godlike in dota when you kill 9 times without dying once to your foes.

That is nothing compared to this:

You are GODLIKE when you are pregnant and your family knows nothing about it until the baby is born.

Don’t ask me anything about it, I won’t elaborate further.


So.. I celebrated Christmas with my relatives yesterday. My family brought a dish over so it won’t look like we are eating for free. Everyone helped in the kitchen (well, almost everyone) so that we can start our dinner earlier since the majority are already complaining.

Just another day. NO!

After we finished our dinner, we sat down and talked to each other, with random topics flying about. Well, we don’t usually have the chance to gather together every time like Christmas.

Suddenly, some random ‘manimal’ (mammal + animal) shouted here and there as if it is trying to demand something.

It was ignored.

So, the ‘manimal’ failed. Time for plan B.

Foul languages flying about for a couple of minutes. Loud and clear. The dogs stop barking, even the night insects stop making noises.

I could have sworn that the neighbors around us asked among themselves “what kind of animal is that?”

Again, it was Christmas Eve, so there’s no point to add more fuel to the fire. The only thing I did is shaking my head sadly and sigh.

Begone, manimal!

So everything quieted down again. The atmosphere became silent. There are no more topics left to talk about.

I believe there is a saying that goes like this: Treat others like how you wanted to be treated by them.

Anyway Merry Christmas to everyone. Be grateful that your Christmas is not as screwed up as mine.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Happy Birthday Qing-Er!


After thinking for a long time, I've decided not to blog about my trip to Hong Kong and Shenzhen as it will be a very very very very long entry, probably boring too.

My laptop arrived 2 days earlier than the said date.

Everything is working fine, just that I have no idea how to configure the wireless connection to work properly. It does connect to the internet but the speed is so slow =/

I've been playing the American version of Dekaron - 2moons. Introduced by Chen but he stopped halfway.

Yea I know there's nothing much to show, but at least I did provide a pic about the gameplay..

Also, Da Capo II is a great disappointment IMO or maybe they are saving the best for the last? We'll find out soon enough.