Tuesday, April 20, 2010

This morning, I did not greet a friend who greeted me and I greeted a stranger who looked at me with a "question mark face" .


Maybe I need to wear spectacles all the time instead of during lecture period?


Did I become blur ki? O.o


I have some words for two of my friends.

Firstly, for this friend of mine:

Many days or even weeks back you lack courage. Please do not carry on having the negative mindset, always think positively and you will see everything in a different perspective.

Now I'm glad to see that you have improved.

Secondly for another friend of mine:

You feel that the world is against you, you say that nobody cared about you and that you always have to bear all the burden and anger of the rest. I do not know what actually happened. But if you only keep everything to yourself, how would the world know what you are thinking of and how you feel?

A burden shared is divided; A laughter shared is multiplied.

15 more days remaining ^ ^

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

It has been quite some time already since I last blogged here. Most likely all this blog's followers left already.

I found my other half many weeks back.

She brought happiness into my life, all her words and actions never fail to make me smile.

She also brought warmth to my heart, removing my cold self that once reside in me many years back.

I guess many people out there knows who she is already... :)

I love her and treasure her very much ^ ^