Monday, April 30, 2007

Naruto the Movie III: The Animal Riot of Crescent Moon

Picture from Wikipedia

I’ve finished watching the movie despite the disturbances such as being called to play games, dinner etc.

Yubikiri or pinky swears are made; a promise is a promise and we ought to keep it just like how Naruto, Sakura and Rock Lee kept theirs.

Not amazed by the Rainbow Rasengan or the Gelel-enhanced Rasengan? Take a deep breath and watch Naruto channeling his Chakra into his hands to form the Cresent moon Rasengan.

Definitely a MUST for Naruto Fans.

Offtopic: It seems that Naruto always uses different kinds of Spiraling Sphere counting from the first movie to the third, I wonder how the fourth one look like...

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Love vs Career

2 days ago there was this friend of mine whom I get to know in Bs3. He is someone whom I can call an elder brother though he is not one. I used to play DotA with him all day long last year (when we were still having our self-proclaimed holidays after SPM).

He had been traveling to many places this year as a representative of his company to cooperate with companies from other countries. Recently, he told me that he just got back from Taiwan. Besides getting to work with the company in Taiwan, the boss also addresses him as ‘kia sai’ or son-in-law and this boss was kind enough to give him his second daughter as my friend’s bride.

He showed me his fiancée’s picture; of course she was a beauty. The majority of Taiwanese males and females are much better compared to Malaysian males and females in terms of looks. Maybe it is the difference in climate that makes the difference. Of course I felt happy and congratulate him.

A happy ending once they got married and live happily ever after? No, that’s the beginning of all problems - I remembered he had a girlfriend over here in Malaysia too. Comparing his current girlfriend and the Taiwanese girl he shown me, I sadly conclude that the Taiwanese girl look better than his current girlfriend. Of course, physical looks are nothing at all if one is seeking for a long-term relationship. Also, the boss’s daughter has the riches compared to his current girlfriend. Again, money is not a factor if one is seeking for a long-term relationship as you cannot take your money with you to the afterlife no matter how much money you possess.

His girlfriend knew about the Taiwanese girl too but he didn’t tell me her reaction when she knew about it. Any stupid person would also know that the girl must have been extremely sad and hurt even if my friend doesn’t say so.

Let’s weigh the scales:

His current girlfriend: She was his ex-classmate if not mistaken and he had wanted to court her long ago. He succeeded and now had been in a relationship with her for years and both of them always loved each other. They always give and take, never taking advantage of the other. And the list goes on…

His said Fiancée: He had not known her for long but it should be vital that he take her as his bride as this will greatly enhance the relationship between two companies and also earning himself a pretty wife at the same time(ignore the riches part); one-stone-two-birds technique again.

Even so, people like us have different opinions on this issue. Those who are loyal will cling to their partner no matter what happens. A very old-fashion thinking and I admit that I am one of them. But some are willing to give up their partners in order to get better ones. Not that this is wrong, it is right also depending on how you view it - You will be filled with riches yourself and benefiting the company you are working for at the same time and if you are lucky, you are likely to earn a promotion just like that. Reminds me of my Moral Studies lecturer, he said something like: “there is no right or wrong in this world but only the way we view it that makes our opinion different from the rest”.

But my friend is different from us; he doesn’t have a choice like we do. From the way he talked about it, it seems like he is already stuck with the Taiwanese girl and there’s no turning back for him. Rejecting the Taiwanese girl might result in canceling the pact made between both companies and no one would want that to happen. When I questioned him on what came into his mind first; love or career? He answered career almost immediately I wasn’t surprised as I had been expecting this answer from him when I picture myself in his situation.

I wish him the best of luck; this is the time in life when he needs to choose his path of life when the road he is taking is split into two, once a person steps on either one, there is no more turning back.

If you were given a chance to choose, would you choose love over career or career over love?


Swinburne Night was over 4 hours ago. There was a misunderstanding in the sushi part and sad to say, not everyone in my table voted for Silent Mode due to personal reasons not to be revealed here. But I can assure you that I had voted for Silent Mode.

I’ll blog about it after I finished receiving the 200MB size winRAR file from Soon Ping.

Our group left at around 10.30pm and headed to Friendship Park and later on to (Lakeside Park?) for drinks and supper. After bidding farewell to SP, SW, SY, TI, Robert, the five of us – ZW, Kelvin, Jeff, Chen and I went to the airport to kill some time.

That was the time when we watched the policemen chasing after the illegal bikers LIVE. It all happens almost instantly. One moment, the police patrol car was driving through the lane in the first floor airport and disappeared into a corner. Approximately 25 seconds later, 2 bikers revved their engines and with a burst of speed, they zing past us, the police patrol car chased after them, accelerating like what I had never seen before. Anyway, that’s no big deal, give the policemen 10 bucks and you are free to go. Such is the uniqueness of Malaysian policemen. No offence.

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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Minus one day

Today is one memorable day for me. After having my first EMB assessment hours ago, I wasn’t in the mood to stuff more information or knowledge into my brain so I skipped EMB lecture class (again). I didn’t realize that today’s the day of the unlocking of my two accounts in Bs3, thanks to the damned retarded GMs who can’t even differentiate what is leaving game on purpose and remaking a game.

Anyway I’m grateful enough to have them back after surrendering my twin accounts to the GMs unwillingly 2 months ago...


Also, I’ve returned using the popular chatterbox as there are many flaws and problems with my previous chatterbox. Though I couldn’t bear to part with it, I had no other choice. Better to have a new chatterbox than to continue using an old malfunctioned chatterbox.

Monday, April 23, 2007

The Internet - Part II

My dad is down with illness recently and he talked lesser to us compared to the usual because he doesn't feel like it.

Behold the power of the Internet!

Even so, there is no stopping him in having conversations even if it is just a short one. That's my dad!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007


While I am blogging this entry, deep in my heart I hope for an explanation for everything that had happened.

A midnight conversation with a friend declined into a fierce battlefield when more participants were invited to clarify things up. Everyone was shooting their cannons points into the conversation. It was very chaotic until someone took the initiative to quiet down all the participants and told them to take turns to voice out their opinions and points or anything they have in mind with the condition of not going off-topic.

I admit that I can be hot-headed at times, that is why I always controlled my temper when I am facing the world. But when I am facing the monitor, I don’t give a damn about my temper especially when I am not in a good mood. But I still do consider the feelings of those who are with me in the conversation, thoughts of not going overboard and careful in picking my usage of words and so on.

There are countless gossips revolving in one single target, I have no need to mention what is that so-called target. It used to be for the whole community, but recently it seems like it had became limited to a number of people only.

The day we entered the race was the day we paid the fee and took up the challenge of the obstacle course, it was separated into 2 sections. The first one is just the basic while the second one is for the advanced levels. After passing the basic section only then will one be qualified to continue on to the advance section.

One of the fallen runner felt that:

Indeed we all began the race from the same starting point, even though there are no prizes for the champion, 1st runner up and 2nd runner up, we promised to accompany each other till the end of the line. The track is separated to 2 sections; the first one is the easier one out of the two. Many had fallen in the first section and those who had not, of course move on to the second section. But there are times when a few tripped and fall, resulting in delaying themselves in the long run. Of course, those who had not fallen continued to move forward, aiming for the ending point

It seems that those who were left behind in the first section were ignored and the ones in the second section cared only for themselves, in other words, became selfish and think only for their own benefits. Most of the time, those in the first section called out to the ones in the second section but whatever they mentioned fell on deaf ears. One of the fallen runners called out to those ahead of him in the second section of the race. Luckily those in the second section did stop and reconsider what those in the first section had mentioned though it must have been unwillingly.

It was already expected – those in the second section were in a different level compared to the first. What more can they say?


Because the race was very long, breaks were given after a certain period of time. And when ‘that’ period of time arrives, celebration comes into the mind of many.

Another fallen runner believed that:

It is a special occasion for the majority, in fact, for everyone. A gathering was planned days before the actual day - the location is decided, the food was ordered, and the games were chosen. The host said that he will pay for everything first and the community had agreed to share the burden of the cost of the expenses.

After that fateful day, it seems like it was just empty promises made to a fool. No one even mentioned about the gathering anymore, maybe they had forgotten or maybe they were just pretending not to remember anything about it. To him, it seemed like he had carried the burden himself after all. He did not voice it out to claim the fees from the community but instead, he took it as a treat for them because they are friends of his.

Another person who had the similar experience with the person mentioned above felt that people like him and the one mentioned can only use money to show that they love their friends.

During the aftermath of the gathering, while two participants (A and B) were having a conversation. A mentioned that a member of the community wasn’t invited while B was shocked and wordless as it was the opposite for B because the so-called-uninvited member actually wanted to call off the gathering. He felt that the uninvited member called off the gathering because ‘someone’ couldn’t make it to the gathering but that ‘someone’ actually made it but came later than the agreed time.

Now B feels bad and upset at the same time, putting the blame on himself just because of some inconsiderate member. It might be a misunderstanding, or it might not be after all.

After all that had happened,

This fallen runner felt that:

It had all been a play. A play and nothing more, at the end of the day, it was nothing more than he himself being the fool. He had always thought that he could get along with those who were now in the second section but he was wrong. Attempts had been made to get closer to them, instead of showing the same to him; they exclude him in the circle.

He told himself that maybe it is because he was still new to them and they need some time to get used to having another new member in their gang. Days passed and weeks passed but he waited patiently. A year had passed and it had still been the same. He began to felt fed up with them and decided to tell his friends who had accompanied him all the way from young about it. Instead of receiving words of comfort and encouragement, they reprimanded him for being slow to understanding the true picture of the whole story.

He had in his hand a number of the bright colored puzzle pieces. He never knew about the whereabouts of the other pieces of puzzles and had been naïve to think that by collecting all the pieces of the puzzle pieces and assembling it together, it will form into a piece of beautiful artwork with a happy ending.

His true friends showed him the pieces of puzzle they had in hand; they were not shinning with brightness but instead, the pieces were giving off an eerie glow of darkness. Nevertheless, piece by piece, the puzzle was assembled by him with the help of his friends. The puzzle showed him the true picture, clarifying what he was unsure or never knew of. Even though the puzzle is still incomplete, the majority of the pieces were dark, and the darkness had shrouded the glowing brightness of the puzzle pieces he originally had. He gave up assuming that the missing pieces were the bright ones since the dark ones had already outnumbered the bright ones by 10 to 1.

‘Closer friends’ is the keyword that triggered his anger. Enough said.


He used to think that it was the best thing that happened to him when he joined the community though he never knew of any good reason to tell himself why he choose to join the community. He chooses to stay in the community because of a certain someone. That person is not his crush but a friend whom he respected.

Now he thinks otherwise, there is no need to look for a reason why he joined the community. He came seeking neither fame nor talent, but only to widen his circle of friends. Since such simple objective couldn’t be accomplished, there is no reason for him to stay on either.

When the time comes,
The sun hides its face and the sky burns a fiery red,
The moon appears and provides the land with its light,

Lighting a path,
No turning back, no regrets,
They will depart, not separately but as one.

Time will tell. Relations had declined into a steady stream of hatred and disappointment.

Attention: This is fictional and anything that resembles the above is of pure coincidence.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Appreciate what you have

This article caught my attention while I was flipping through the pages of the ‘Connection’ magazine:

There was a blind girl who hated herself just because she is blind. She hated everyone, except her loving boyfriend. He is always there for her. She said that if she could see the world, she would marry her boyfriend.

One day, someone donated a pair of eyes to her and then she can see everything, including her boyfriend. Her boyfriend asked her, “now that you can see the world, will you marry me?” The girl was shocked when she saw that her boyfriend is blind too, and refused to marry him.

Her boyfriend walks away in tears, and later wrote a letter to her saying. “Just take care of my eyes dear.”

This is how human brain changes when the status changed. Only few remember what life was before and who’s always been there even in the painful situations.
Very true isn’t it?

Thursday, April 12, 2007

The Pretenders

The novel we studied in form 3 is about Doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, no; they are not two people but one people only.

In the story, the readers were told that Dr. Jekyll successfully created a potion that could change the embodiment of a man to his evil side while making his good side pure by polarizing the two aspects - good and evil within him. The price he paid was death and nothing more. There is no way in this world that such works are allowed.

My dad used to tell me that no matter how evil a person might be, there is always a tiny spark of goodness within him/her and vice-versa. So to say that if men and women are holy, then why had Adam and Eve disobeyed the Lord even though the command is very simple and straightforward?

People like you and me all have split personalities but we only show our good side to the society while keeping the bad side away in the dark. The good side of a person is but just a mere shell of his/her real personality. It is the evil side of a person that defines his or her personalities and values. First impression is the keyword for everything you do in life, be it in your career or with your peers.

Indeed everyone is bound to show the best first impression he/she could muster to the others. A few examples would be if you are a new worker in a certain company, you are with a group of people and the list goes on. It is just a basic intuition for us to do so.

Years ago, I saw a guy who is showing off his skills to attract a girl’s attention by jumping across the drain to and fro. In the end, not only did the girl ignore him, he also earned his public humiliation when he slipped and injured his leg before falling into the drain. I admit that I had a similar experience when I was in form 2. The only difference is that I did not slip and fall like he did.

Thinking back, it sounds so silly to me, placing my life on the line to get a person’s attention. My classroom was on the third floor, the highest floor. I stood at the edge of the corridor, meaning to say that there is nothing to protect me should I slip and fall off and resulting in a terrible death if I was careless. Well, she did notice that and asked me to come down nicely.

Like I mentioned earlier, a person’s true personality and values can only be judged by his or her evil side. I’m quite sure that many would disagree with me. The majority will never show their evil side unless they are provoked, revealing their counterpart to protect themselves.

For me, I never show my true colors in front of anyone. Maybe I did it before but I usually stay quiet most of the time. As one teacher of mine told us before that we humans are given 2 ears and 1 mouth so we are to listen more than we talk. I admit that I did pretend to listen attentively to people when they are talking to me while I have no interest or whatsoever in that topic.

There are certain people out there classified under pretenders that would pretend to be nice to you, causing you to lose your guard. Before you knew what happened, they stabbed you from the back. A conversation with a friend of mine not too long ago dawned on me to realize that there are many things that I had not known and will never know of until I was told. Maybe I am slow in understanding.

High-priority military intelligence code states that: the less you knew, the better it is, especially when you are caught and interrogated. In this case, backstabbing need not be saying bad things behind one’s back; it can be in other forms like being rejected or left ignored, it can be in forms which is best not to mention it out.

By doing so, they can eliminate those they do not want to tag along in whatever they do even though it is so obvious at times that the ones eliminated knew about it and they were still pretending like nothing had happened. Maybe those who were eliminated were considered as nuisance or what we call ‘extras’. Well, it is a one-stone-two-bird technique anyway – you kick those people out of the list, and the ones being removed pretended like nothing had happened so that you could go on with proper planning and less worries.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Tagged again

Tagged by Aurelia…

Let’s see…

Glad to see 2006 go?
Yeap. One year older; is that supposed to be good or bad?

Did you change your hair in 2006?
Yes, from short to slightly longer.

The best part of 2006?
Leaving high school and glad that I will not have to see the face of the person I dislike. Keyword: ‘special’ attitude.

The worst part in 2006?
Played too much and failed two subjects.

Any new crushes in 2006?
Not really, some people look attractive when you first look at them. Sooner or later, they became just like another normal person with no special attractions. (this is very common these days for the majority, no?)

Who will you never forget?
The 3 Mok brothers, Roger, Benjamin and Justin. Not forgetting Daniel, one who could draw just anything that comes into his mind. He is also the one who introduced DotA to me. And the list goes on…

Who do you wish you didn’t meet?
Someone in my ex-class.

Did you have a boyfriend in 2006?
Many. Anyone who is a boy and is a friend is a boyfriend. LOL.

Did you fall in love in 2006?

Did you catch someone in lie in 2006?
Yes, maybe no.

Funniest moment of 2006?
The choir club. The guys were standing on chairs, and the ladies standing on ground (obviously). Moments later, SP and TI came and joined us. Both of them stood beside me (the tenors). We were to sing a note (forgot which note), all of the tenors sang it out one by one and TI (supposed to be bass) sang a low note and everyone burst out laughing. (Relax oo President, don’t kill me ^ ^)

Most embarrassing moment of 2006?
Tripped and fell down in Swinburne during one rainy day (luckily no one saw it). Alright, maybe someone did saw it.

Did you take any vacations in 2006? Where?
To Damai Lagoon if I am not mistaken… Bryan’s Altec Lansing was confiscated by the security guards as they pointed out that it will disturb others.

Any new hobbies of 2006?

Did you get a new job in 2006?
Working part time in my uncle’s pharmacy.

Did you lose a job in 2006?
Nope, in fact I get to choose the days I wanted to work in the pharmacy.

Did you host a party in 2006?
Not really, all I did was to help out only.

Where did most of your money go?
My money… Swinburne had been generous enough to collect money from me.

What song will always remind you of 2006?
We are not alone – Ootou Fumi.

Biggest achievement in 2006?
No more stage frights!

Biggest failure of 2006?
Losing control over myself when provoked. Now all I do is keep quiet even when I’m provoked, all I do is hope that the person doing so will know that there is a limit for everything. Should that person continue to do so, I won’t hesitate to teach him/her something that they will carry with them for life.

In 2006, did you lie to miss a day of work/school?
Like Aurelia said, lying is a sin. I regretted my actions. I lied so I do not have to work for a day in my uncle’s pharmacy. Thinking back, I should have just work and get the 50 bucks waiting for me… =/

Did you move in 2006?

What was your greatest musical discovery?
I thought I will never have the courage to sing, I was proven wrong when I joined the choir club. Cheers for Johnson! If you can talk, you can sing! (is that a musical discovery?)

What was the best book you read?
Do I have to specify the year? If no, then it would be The Chronicles of Narnia. That was the time I started developing an interest to read books.

What was your favourite movie of the year?
A walk to remember. It was released years ago and I only get to watched it recently. A million thanks to the kind-hearted people out there seeding the movie.

What did you want in 2006 and got?
A new hard disk!

What did you want in 2006 but did not get it?
A new comp… =/

Did you make out in public in 2006?

What’s the ringer on your cellphone?
No idea, as long as it notifies me that someone is calling or I have mail. That’s enough J

Who did you miss?

Who was the best new person you met?
Ms. Melinda. Her classes are always filled with laughter.

What one more thing would have made your year immeasurably more exciting?
Watching the members of clan dN5 scolding and making fun of each other.

e.g: in a game of 5v5 DotA; player A died and player B laughed at player A, saying that even a newbie can play better than him. Player A talked to all the players (to the scourge players particularly): “B says he is pro and you all are noobs”.

Moments later, 5 heroes came and crush player B’s hero with the price of the death of all scourge heroes. The path to victory was opened to us sentinels as no one was defending the base.

Your favourite commercial in 2006?
None, when a commercial aired, I’ll look for something else to do while waiting for the TV program I wanted to watch.

Something you couldn’t leave home without in 2006?
Not hand phone or wallet but my clothes. I wouldn’t want to leave home without any unless I lost my mind of course.

How did you spend New Year’s 2006?
The most popular phrase used by students when questioned by their teachers: I forgot.

Valentine’s Day 2006?
Nothing happened.

Easter 2006?
Nothing much happened. Easter eggs were distributed by the ushers in the church foyer.

Halloween 2006?
I never celebrated one before.

Thanksgiving 2006?
Same as above.

Christmas 2006?
Celebrating with the choir club members.

Your birthday?
Thanks a lot to Yiew Foo, Francis, Lip Wei, Jeff and Jin Thad for celebrating my birthday along with Kelvin since I am only 6 days older than him :P. Did I miss out anyone’s name? I am quite positive I did…

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Friday, April 06, 2007

Corrections in life

“You slept early again, didn’t you?”

“Not really…”

“Then why are you taking afternoon naps?”

“I’m tired, so I just lie down on the bed only.”

The above conversation with my dad doesn’t really make any sense right?

He had been advising me to sleep late and not to retire to bed early these days.

At first, I couldn’t understand what he meant until my mum told me to go to bed early during dinner. He corrected my mum by saying that I should sleep late, because sleeping early means going to bed after 12am.


In my family, we usually converse in Hokkien. Then there was a time when my dad asked if I want fried egg as an add-on for my dinner.

I said “mai, bei hiau kin.”

When we were having our dinner, he corrected me by saying that “mai, bei hiau kin” is wrong and it should be “mai, kam sia.”
I was baffled, like how this guy's expression is.

I couldn’t get what he was trying to tell me until he told me to translate it to English. When I tried to translate it to English, it turned out that he is right.

“mai, bei hiau kin.” = “no, never mind.” While,

“mai, kam sia.” = “no, thank you.”

Then he asked me if I ever said ‘no, never mind’ When someone offered me anything. Of course I said no, it would be very weird if someone offered something to you and you decline by saying ‘no, never mind.’

Even so, I find it hard to change it. I was corrected over and over because before I could hold back my tongue, the words ‘no, never mind’ came out instantly whenever my parents or my bro asked me if I want this or that.

Luckily I never said ‘mai, bei hiau kin’ in English.

=/ …

Monday, April 02, 2007

He felt...

That there are times when truths are best kept hidden.

Without truth, misunderstandings happen. When misunderstandings happen, taste of bitterness and hatred arises. Until one’s doubts are made clear then only can a problem be settled.

It had happened not only once, but twice or even three times.

He always told himself that there might be a mistake or anything.

But no matter how he sees it, it seems like they were always the ones left behind.

“Were we not friends of yours? Why are we the only ones left out?” he wondered.

At first he was disappointed, but convinced himself that there might be some mistakes.

He told his close friends about it, expecting them to be surprised.

Instead, they said to him: “Only now then you realize this? You are slow!”

“I told you before, you don’t have to be too friendly with them.” says one.

“We were never included!” says another.

“Don’t waste your time with them!” says yet another.

Again and again those words echoed in his head. Soon, rage within him grows exponentially as it was fed with bitter thoughts and hatred.

Maybe they were right after all; he had been lying to himself for being unable to face it.

“Time to wake up, it’s time to face reality.” Was what he told himself.

The sacrifices and time spent previously became worthless to him suddenly. They were NOTHING at all! Maybe there had never been any value in it.

Sunday, April 01, 2007


I remembered injuring myself while running on the wall (yes, on the wall) in primary 6. It goes like this: after picking up speed, I began to run on the wall (imitating those from movies). The moment I land my foot on the ground, I did not realize the window pane in front of me and ran into it. The good news is that I was able to move my head away. The bad news is that I did not have enough time to move my right arm away.

RIPPPP! Was the only sound that I remembered. Then there’s blood all over my right arm, when my dad enquired, I told him it’s just a flesh wound, nothing to worry about. The oval shaped scar had been following me faithfully since that day. Whenever my primary or secondary school classmates saw that scar on my right arm, they’d joke around questioning me why had I taken Rubella injection as that was meant for girls only. Being too lazy to explain it, I only said I ran into an accident.

Then this question suddenly came into my mind: What happened to me after an injection? Why am I the only one with this problem?

I had a number of injections from the day I was born till today. If I were to exclude those injections when I was still a baby, I think I had taken more than 4 injections.

The day when I stepped into secondary school, my body began to react to the injections taken. In primary school, after an injection, I could still walk around freely, even running around will not a problem. There was this time when I had another injection in Form 3 during recess. All the students were to line up in the hall for their turns and those nurses were to give the injections one by one to them.

After I had mine, I was given two tablets and was told to consume it at night. I walked back to class with a friend of mine. Suddenly I realize that the distance between me and him are getting further apart. I hasten my steps to catch up with him and suddenly there was a surge of pain in my head. Thinking that was a headache, I closed my eyes, rubbed my head once or twice and opened my eyes.

To my horror, everything became darker and darker. No, there weren’t any clouds in the sky. I still remember that it was a sunny day; I thought I was poisoned and will be blinded for life. No, I didn’t curse those nurses. I was thinking that it might be something that I took this morning which was incompatible with the fluids injected into my body. My body began to weaken until I could not even feel my own legs, using the last bit of my energy; I rushed to the notice board nearby and used my right arm to support myself on the wall.

Somehow, my vision was not as dark and blurry as before. So I took that opportunity to get back to my classroom. Going up to the third floor is no easy task as I felt like someone who had not eaten for a week and is forced to climb three floors. Clinging to the handrail for support, I forced myself up the steps. The moment I reached my class, I felt relieved and made a quick dash to my seat. The next thing I did was to fold my arms and use them as a support for my head before fading to black.

When I woke up, a few of my friends jokingly said that it is once in a blue moon that I will even take a short nap in class. I raised my head and stare at them, they replied me with shocked expressions. One of my friends said that I looked like a ghost, a pale ghastly face with no signs of life, even my lips were pure white. I wondered if it was Benjamin or SK or Cath who said that. I forgot who offered me the food he/she bought from the canteen which I politely decline and thanked him/her.

I was glad that I am not blinded like I thought I would be earlier on. After this incident, I couldn’t help but wonder why this had happened to me since that never happened in primary school. Wanting to confirm it, I waited for the next injection. That was when I am in Form 5. This time the students are not required to line up in the hall, instead, it will be done in the classroom. I was enthusiastic about it as I was overcome by curiosity.

After I had my injection, everything was normal. Well, at least for awhile. Then the same thing happened again – my vision began to darken and I felt that my body was drained of energy and my legs getting numb. I staggered back to my seat, using the tables as my support to lead me. It is like my body and I are two different beings as I could no longer control it as I please. This time, no one talked about it or joke about it as they knew the same thing that happened to me in Form 3 is repeating itself again.

I don’t mind getting injections in the future (if there is any). The only thing I dislike is that I felt weak and useless after the injection. Any suggestion on how to overcome it?