Thursday, March 29, 2007

The misunderstanding

I'm sure many of you came across this video before.

Sit back and enjoy :)

Monday, March 26, 2007

Time flies by

I wonder how I should start this entry… It’s been 1 week since I last left something in this blog; it must have grown mushrooms all over.

During this extra 1 month holiday, I hunted for those old Final Fantasy games that I never played before when it was released years ago - starting from the 8th then to the 7th and finally the 9th.

I played FF8 twice – I blogged an entry about it after I finished it for the first time, skipping many side quests. Then I decided to play it again by completing all the side quests, spending a total of 100+ hours in the game; 40+ on the first attempt and 60+ on the second attempt. I must say that I’m only impressed with the FMVs, especially the ending as it makes the game worth playing and the final boss worth fighting for.

Next I played FF7 and consumed a total of 50+ hours and was totally disappointed with it – both the game play and the FMVs. The final boss – Sephiroth was just too easy to be defeated. It is like what many people used to say – taking candy from a baby. The only reason I played this game was because I watched the anime first before playing the game and couldn’t understand why and how Aeris died.

During the final week, only then the downloading of FF9 is completed. I planned to play it after I finish my coming semester. But then, curiosity overpowered me and I tried it immediately after the download was completed. At first, I was worried that if I am unable to finish the game before my semester starts, I’d definitely screw my results again like how I did it during my 1st semester.

Not wanting the same thing to happen again, I hardcore the game (minimum of 10 hours and maximum of 20 hours per day) and gave away 5 days time for it. The ending FMV is also very generous like FF8, giving a feeling of satisfaction to any players who had completed the game. The only difference is that there are no more crazy limit breaks (ultimate skills) like Squall’s Lionheart technique, combo with meltdown will cause insane injury to almost anything; dealing a caped damage of 9999 continuously for like 16 or 17 slashes.

Besides that, I watched a Japanese series – Hana Yori Dango II. It is something like a romance + comedy series, with twists and turns here and there. A total of 11 episodes, overall a movie worth watching. Warning: This movie can cause tears to fall uncontrollably in certain episodes.

I had been playing a ‘game’ with my dad this month. It goes something like this – he will not sleep until I sleep. Sometimes until 3am in the morning. The only reason he did that was because I was starring at the monitor for hours without rest. Knowing that he had to wake up early to send my bro to school before 7 in the morning, I had no other choice but to go to bed, emptying my thoughts and think of something peaceful only then will I be able to sleep, only to wake up after 4 hours later.

My friends had been calling me Ah Pek aka old man recently. Many thought I would mind or fret about it but actually I don’t, in fact, it is something unique to me. I’m quite positive that in Swinburne, there are only 3 people with the Pek surname – me, and my two cousins. Maybe they were right since I only slept for a few hours everyday. I’m positive that I’ll be including a pair of spectacles into my list-to-get real soon. I won’t be getting the old man spectacles though.

There are times when I questioned myself why did I join the choir club last year, what were the reasons or what had I wanted to achieve by joining that club. During the first few meetings, I felt uneasy when we were sitting in a circle facing each other and wanted to quit the club. To me, such clubs are not my cup of tea. But I was proven wrong.

I had so much fun every time I attended the meetings. There are times when a training session consists of 80% laughter and 20% singing (for me I mean, unsure about the others). I can still picture Ee Sing being the conductor, it is not that I laugh because he couldn’t conduct or anything but I laughed and laughed because he is a person whom I can call an entertainer, just spending a few moments getting to know him and you can have the best medicine on earth – laughter, for free.

Besides that, I get to know many new faces and become friends to me. I admire the courage in Johnson; he is just so… so… funny. During orientation day when all of the clubs were given a chance to introduce themselves and inviting new students to become members of the club, Johnson was the one who did all the talking.

It goes like: Swinburne Choir Club, Swinburne Choir Club! If you can talk, you can sing! When there are students approaching us, he would say to the guys: Ok, you will be tenor and you will be bass; as for the ladies: Ok, you will be soprano and you will be alto (only when students come in pairs or groups).

As far as I know, there were only a few clubs performing during the orientation day. Choir club sang The Phantom of The Opera, we performed well. Well, at least the mistakes we make weren’t obvious :P.

Soo Bakh Do club performed self-defense for ladies; I was wondering, what if the kidnapper, robber, rapist, or w/e you could think of is also talented in martial arts?

Then the Dancesport club dances some weird dance waving their hands and legs like a lunatic with some annoying music that I never seen before and will never ever be interested in. No offence to that-kind-of-dance lovers.

Last time, smiling is harder than anything I could think of. I know I know, a lecturer of mine said I should smile more. But I never really tried to do so. Until now, I dislike taking pictures or posing in front of the camera. Unlike many people, I don’t like the pictures posted in friendster, especially when those pictures are categorized under posing.

A few examples are acting cute with tongue sticking out or pointing at their cheek or w/e stuff they add into their pics then they would leave a tag like “I am ugly right?” or “I am fat”. Sometimes I feel like saying this right into their face – IF you are UGLY or FAT, why the $@#@% you post your picture for the public to view? Are you trying to tell the public to say: Oh no no, you look [Insert honey-coated words here]. Again, no offence if you are a poser.

Back to the topic, I had been forcing myself to smile even though it feels like tearing my mouth apart just to form a tiny smile. Ever since I joined the choir club, seeing the rest smiling easily fills me with envy. How I wish I could do so too.

Until now I couldn’t give myself a proper reason why I wanted to join the choir club. Maybe I wanted to join the club to sing my heart out. Maybe I want to meet more new faces. I am glad that I didn’t quit the club or I will be regretting for the rest of my life, as I can say that the choir club is a place I can call home where all the warm faces of everyone makes me feel at ease.

Chen mentioned in his blog that there are more than 50 students joining the club. I managed to invite my cousin to join the club since someone requested saying something like: if she joins the club, I will be present every meeting. I’m not sure if they are talking about my cousin or someone else but heck, I went to her and engage a conversation with her. The funny part is when I converse with her using hokkien while she uses mandarin to reply back to me. Ok, the happiest guy in our club is one of the best support hero in DotA, HolyKnight! She is joining the club, I am sure you will be extremely pleased even though you are not showing it out. ^ ^

Chen, Jeff and Kelvin asked me to try playing RO. Ok ok, I know, I’m from the jungle, I never played RO before though it was extremely popular in the past years. All I was told to do is to create a character, go out of town and fight porings to level up, change job and go leveling again.

The problem is… I can’t find any porings. Actually, I couldn’t find the town’s exit. Moving around without any direction makes me feel very lame so I left the game 30 minutes later. I am a certified newbie in RO, no?

Today is the day that marks the beginning of my new semester and the end of my holidays. Ouch!

Edit: Names removed as requested :)

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Discovering myself

Tagged by: Aurelia o.O!!

Each one starts out by telling 6 weird things about themselves. People who get tagged need to write (in their own blog) 6 weird things as well and state the rules clearly. In the end, you need to choose 6 people to be tagged and list their names. After you do that, leave each of them a comment letting them know you tagged them and the cycle goes on.

1. My fingers do more talking than my mouth (chatting in MSN) even if it is just a few meters away from the person I am talking to. E.g: Talking to my bro.

2. Looks solid cold on the outside, but actually the opposite on the inside; someone called me heart of steel (or stone? Forgot liao) many months ago.

3. I dare to do anything, especially when challenged (of course the challenger will have to do it also, no exception). Fear of heights or fear of deaths is not in my dictionary. I believe that death is inevitable so when a person’s time is up, he or she leaves.

4. I do not follow the current trend of fashion or hairstyle, unlike some people I see in shopping malls, streets, etc.

5. I have a phobia of going visiting with my parents (casual visiting) as I think I am somehow hyperactive. I need something to keep myself occupied or I will just fall asleep real soon.

6. I am not what you think, I am sorry guys. (Maybe I’ll blog about it on my next entry).

The Double-One (11) tag.



Name: Pek Wei Liang
Birth Date: 10 August 1988
Current Status: Single
Eye Colour: Blackish Brown
Hair Colour: Black
Righty or Lefty: Righty


My Heritage: A combination of Chinese and Iban. My Dad’s a Chinese; Mum’s a semi-Iban (Grandma is half-Iban). Dad’s a Hokkien and Mum’s a Teochew. I speak Hokkien but could not speak Teochew even though I understand.

My Fears: Two. First one would be the sound of glasses shattering, dated back when I was 3. Fooling around by pulling the ‘legs’ of a clock inside a shop and it fell down with a crash, costing my parents 50 bucks in the process. The second one is venturing into narrow caves and get crushed inside, with lack of oxygen and boredom to kill me off slowly.

My Perfect Pizza: Cheese and more cheese please!


My Thoughts First Waking Up: Am I still on the same bed which I slept on 4 hours ago?

My Bedtime: When there is a Holiday or there is No class tomorrow, I sleep at 3-4am in the morning, depending on how lucky I am not to get caught. When there’s a class tomorrow, I’ll sleep at either 12 or 1am.

My Most Missed Memory: Messing up with my friends in Form 2 and going wild and crazy with my friends in Form 3 (PA system: Kelas 3 Kuning tidak dikawal!! Everyone get 30 demerit points after that. Ouch!).


Pepsi or Coke: Pepsi. There’s a weird feeling when I grind my teeth together after drinking Coke.

McDonald’s or Burger King: Never been to Burger King before so I’ll leave this one out for now.

Single or Group Dates: Definitely single. No light bulbs! xD

Adidas or Nike: Neither. If I had to choose, I’ll pick Nike. No idea why though.

Tea or Nestea: Nestea. I don’t drink tea often.

Chocolate or Vanilla: Vanilla.

Cappuccino or Coffee: Cappuccino.


Smoke: Definitely not. A joke goes by: What is smoking? Smoking is a cigarette on one end and a fool on the other end (Just a joke, don’t take it seriously please).

Curse: Yeah I do, although it is one of the unwanted habits in my list though.

Take a Shower: All the time, no; daily, yes.

Have a Crush: Not really.

Think You’ve Been In Love: Maybe.

Go To School: Nope, campus.

Want To Get Married: Everyone will definitely say yes, even though they deny it. Right?

Believe in Yourself: Yes.

Think You’re A Health Freak: Doubt so. Extra cautious only when I fall sick.


Drank Alcohol: Yes, during CNY and during my uncle’s wedding. 5 cans in one shot, I’m glad I’m not drunk though. Uncle said I will be his partner in the future xD!

Gone To The Mall: Yeap, preferably with parents. You get it, they pay it. Not going overboard of course.

Been On Stage: Yeah, TSM (Tadika Sri Mawar) performance, Xmas caroling in Swinburne.

Eaten Sushi: Yeah, Jasmine introduced Sushi to me in Form 5.

Dyed Your Hair: Nope.


Played A Stripping Game: Never seen one before.

Changed Who You Were To Fit In: I did, in fact, many times. Each person is unique.


To Be Married: After finishing my studies and getting a steady job. A girl friend once told me that girls seek 5Cs from men – Credit Card, Cash, Car, Condominium and Condom (Don’t kill me please!).

LAYER 9: IN A GUY… (I mean gal)

Best Eye Colour: Any colour will do, as long as the eye doesn’t changes colour everytime when I stare into it.

Best Hair Colour: Preferably brown or light brown.

Short Hair or Long Hair: Definitely long.


A Minute Ago: Typing this.

An Hour Ago: Having lunch.

4.5 Hours Ago: In Church.

1 Month Ago: CNY! Holiday!

1 Year Ago: Doing ANYTHING to burn up my time.


I love: God, family and my friends. Not forgetting my faithful 9 year old PC, lagging everytime when I play DotA (still better than no PC)

I hate: Backstabbers and betrayers.

I hide: a naughty grin.

I miss: Her.

I need: a Brain Booster (if there’s any, let me know).

Finally…, I tag:

1. My bro

2. Qing

3. Kimmie

4. Kelvin

5. Eric

6. Johnson

Friday, March 16, 2007

The Internet

There are times when I am alone, and that is the time when my thoughts start to go wild.

As we all know, the internet had impacted the lives of many, be it for good or for worse. For me, it is for worse; I realized that I had become quite idle. Why so?

Well, it goes like this. I am inside my room dating with my computer while my bro is outside dating with his laptop. Both of us were leaving our MSN online for the whole time.

There’s this ending theme from the anime, Bleach (not the bleach we use for our laundry). The name of this song is Sakura Biyori. I had been hunting for it for quite awhile and finally saw it in Gendou. Apparently the song was uploaded not too long ago and I tried to download it but failed.

It’s because I had installed FlashGet since it was recommended by my friends and had no idea how to disable it from showing up and enquiring whether I want to continue the download or not. Of course I want to, but Gendou doesn’t allow download accelerators. Then I had my bro to download the song for me. I didn’t even walk out of my room and asked him to help me with the download. Instead, I used MSN and asked him to download the song for me and send it to me after the download is completed.

It seems that I used MSN to talk with my bro more than talking to him directly, which is not a good sign in the long run. As I drifted into my thoughts, I had been thinking how easy it is to just use your fingers to ‘talk’ with other people.

If you had made someone upset, all you have to do is just type this common apology that works almost anytime, anywhere -“[Insert Greeting and name of the one offended] I’m sorry for what I had done, please forgive me”; If you want to confess to someone you like, all you have to do is just type all those honey-coated words and hope that you will be accepted.

It is like there is no more sincerity. You could be saying anything to anyone half-heartedly or with a sincere heart, the other side does not know it; only you yourself know whether you really mean it or not. You could be laughing while you show a ' :( ' emoticon and talked like the world had offended you or you can use the ' :D ' emoticon showing all your teeth while you are down or sad.


Midnight Joke.

I hope he's not disappointed. You know how AVs can arouse teenagers, especially males.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

1 = 2

The wonders of Mathematics!

- Click Me -


Sunday, March 11, 2007

Dota v6.42 is out!

Major changes; Grab it here!

DotA Allstars 6.42 changelog


* Centaur Warchief -> Changed Return from 60/30 melee/range to 50/50
* Obsidian Destroyer -> Improved cast animation a little
* Tormented Soul -> Pulse Nova no longer triggers Essence Aura
* Shadow Fiend -> Reduced Shadowraze AOE
* Axe -> Lowered manacost and cooldown on Battle Hunger
* Spectre -> Reduced area that is used to check if a hero is alone with Desolate
* Sven -> Improved Toughness Aura
* Phantom Assassin -> Improved Blink Strike range per level
* Butcher -> Hook now properly interrupts channeling
* Nerubian Weaver -> Watchers no longer have spell immunity
* Geomancer -> Geomancer clones now gain 40% of any attribute bonuses the primary has
* Crystal Maiden -> Fixed Brilliance Aura to properly stack with Ring of Basilius
* Priestess of the Moon -> Slightly reduced collision area on Elune's Arrow
* Magnataur -> Cooldown on Reverse Polarity no longer increases per level
* Nerubian Assassin -> Slightly improved Mana Burn cast range at higher levels
* Troll Warlord -> Level 4 Berserker Rage gives a little more movement speed
* Bristleback -> Lowered movement speed by 5 and put a cap on how much Quill Spray can stack up to late game
* Venomancer -> Plague Wards now give less gold and cost slightly less mana
* SyllaBear -> When you summon Spirit Bear and it is already summoned, it no longer wastes the cooldown doing nothing, it errors properly
* Crystal Maiden -> Improved Brilliance Aura a bit
* Phantom Lancer -> Changed Spirit Lance projectile model
* Lord of Olympia -> Hero icon changed
* Ursa Warrior -> Enrage icon changed
* Vengeful Spirit -> Added a visual effect to Netherswap
* Lord of Olympia -> Added a new visual effect for Static Field
* Juggernaut -> Added a new visual effect to Omnislash
* Axe -> Added a new visual effect for when Culling Blade's deathblow activates (86864)
* Bane Elemental -> Added a visual effect to Brain Sap
* Spirit Bear -> Entangle doesn't work on roshan anymore
* Keeper of the Light -> Liberated Souls and Ignis Fatuus will now show attack projectile
* Dragon Knight -> Updated Elder Form tooltip to mention that it gives movement speed boost
* Added new icons for Berserker Call, Conversion, Glaives of Wisdom, Detonate, Light Strike Array, Synergy (thx snork, Black_tan, K_Prime, Mihai, L()RK@N_15, Amadi and switch)
* Axe -> Improved hero animation when casting Culling Blade


* Added new item -> Hood of Defiance
* Added new item -> Assault Cuirass
* Added new item -> Bloodstone (can be disassembled, heal inspired by topic (116735)
* Satanic -> Active ability changed
* Helm of Iron Will -> Increased hp regen to +3 (from +2)
* Divine Rapier -> Now it can be manually dropped
* Vladmir's Offering -> Bonus damage is an aura now(only on melee heroes, not creeps)
* Battle Fury -> Cleave AOE from 200 to 225
* Mekansm -> Mekansm heal stack restriction can no longer be overridden by buckler
* Ring of Basilius -> Ring of Basilius can be clicked to switch it back and forth between a version that has armor affecting creeps and one that doesn't
* Eul's Scepter of Divinity -> Nerfed cooldown on Cyclone
* Butterfly -> Butterfly from 25/25/25/25 to 30/30/30/30 and recipe from 1400 to 1800
* Necronomicon -> Lowered mana burn a bit
* Bottle -> When bottle with rune expires due to time, it uses the rune instead of wasting it (122057)
* Ancient Tango of Essifation -> Removed cooldown when buying tangos
* Sentry and Observer wards -> Changed a bit
* Reduced cooldown on buying all other items
* Mjollnir -> Changed icon to the one suggested on the forums (102574)
* Gem & Sentry Wards -> Improved tooltips for new players (118074)
* Ancient Tango of Essifation -> Added buff icon
* Necronomicon -> Improved tooltip on level 3 Necronomicon
* Updated Buriza and Crystalis tooltips to list critical chance
* Removed Lumber from recipes, now it does not list it as a requirement and gives you a proper error

==[Game Modes & Commmands]==

* Adjusted starting gold in -rd to give you the same amount you'd have when the creeps come out in regular pick game (right now it is a little less than normal)
* Enabled POTM/Warlock/Alchemist in -lm and Warlock in -rd
* Added -om(onlymid) due to popular demand to disable creepspawn and tower vulnerability everywhere but middle
* Added -powerup and -neutrals to single player commands
* Added -nd (no death timer) and -lives xx (maximum lives) as optional commands after -dm is activated
* Added a -fleshstr command for Pudge to view how much str you gained from the ability
* Added -deathon/off (-don/off) that toggles on and off a new death timer to show you your respawn without needing to open the scoreboard
* -cson now places the k/d in the multiboard title
* -showdeny is enabled by default for observers
* Siege units are now properly added to your -cs
* Weather commands are now user specific, so you can have rain while your ally has snow and the others have nothing
* Added an extra blank line before -ma output, to help readability when used near other commands

==[Map & Misc Changes/Fixes]==

* Changed the way Aegis and Roshan work. Aegis is now a Roshan drop (a 1-charge ankh basically). You cannot create it manually. Roshan starts out weaker without melee return. He respawns stronger and bigger every 10 minutes
* Added a new secret shop containing limited items (only stout and helm of iron will for now) to the top left and bottom right areas
* Changed Range creep quantity upgrade from 60min to 45min. Siege follows this as well. Melee creeps quantity upgrade frequency changed to a few minutes sooner than usual
* Implemented a sound for when creeps spawn for the first time (75198)
* Chicken/Crow can no longer sell items (has been abused in long games to sell for money to buyback. The sellback price on recipes is only intended to be that high to help against misclicks) * Removed internal usage of lumber resource* Notification is sent when an observer leaves the game
* Added a game timer in the top interface
* Fog of War is removed when a team wins (111691)
* Illusion from runes lasts a little longer now (40->60)
* Removed internal usage of food resource
* Added cooldown to neutral creep ability tooltips
* When a player leaves, the leaver hero name is written after the player's name
* Fixed Infernal duration typo on Rain of Chaos
* Fixed a typo in the Overgrowth damage
* Fixed First Blood being displayed in white if sp is on and observers are present
* Fixed Observer Ward buff saying Sentry Ward (123887)
* Fixed a bug in -sp that causes observer board to be removed
* Fixed a typo on the number of targets on level 3 Forked Lightning
* Fixed bugs with Aegis on Meepo
* Fixed Echo Slam damage doing less than advertised (7 less)
* Fixed a typo in level 3 Spirit Bear HP
* Changed all Brilliance Aura values from percentages to numbers since it isn't really a percentage (it always worked like this, just the tooltips were misleading)
* Fixed Treant and Druid sound set (79352)
* Fixed a bug with Shadowraze killing wards
* Fixed some minor control issues with Timewalk

Friday, March 09, 2007

Sometimes I wonder...

Months ago you said that you dislike my current hairstyle as it looked untidy to you and preferred the previous one as i was told that my hair will coil randomly when it is long; I ignored it and let it be.

Then recently, our relatives and your friends all commented that I look good with my current hairstyle as I have those natural curves that I tried to get rid of but was in vain.

I wanted to know, is it that because of the good comments given by other people, only then you agree with my current hairstyle?

Or was it that you felt that it became suitable for me?

What if other people commented that my current hairstyle doesn’t suit me?

Will you tell me to trim it back to the previous one because of other people’s opinion?


Recently I had been hunting for Eyes on Me – Manami Kiyota. Searching high and low, I found it. My sudden surge of joy was replaced by disappointment as I am not allowed to download it from that website… So I requested to everyone in my contacts to share the song with me if he/she have it.

Berry purposely requested her bro to hunt that song for me since afternoon since he is free (as was told by her bro). He found it and sent it to me immediately. Words cannot express my appreciation towards both of them.

Again I want to say this to both of you: Thank you very much for helping me to get this song, I really appreciate it! :)

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Another weird dream

I wonder how should I start… my thoughts are all in a mess. Gotta reorganize it somehow…

It all started this morning, I had another weird dream. I was in one of the 4 rooms linked together (looked like those 4 classrooms in fifth floor but somehow modified into a library).

There were quite a number of students there studying. Some were talking with their friends; some were lazing away doing nothing. I took out my HP and wallet and left it on the table while reading a book (no idea what I was reading anyway).

Suddenly, my wallet disappeared from the table even though I kept an eye on it all the time. I look around; searching for it frantically and finally saw it on the table. Grabbing it, I flipped open and to my horror, all my money inside were taken away. Well, not all, but almost all – only 5 bucks left. Maybe the thief was ‘kind-hearted’ enough to me to allow me to use the 5 bucks to take a taxi home? The good thing about it was that he did not take away my student card, IC and those important stuffs I kept in my wallet. (Greedy little thief)

Then I saw someone who resembled Izzudin walking to my direction and console me, giving me 10 bucks (if not mistaken) and warned me to be careful of the thieves in this place. I thanked him.

In a flash, I was transported to somewhere near King Centre. I was told that SMK Stampin had moved to that area. While walking past the shops, I saw Cath and Mei Sien. They were wearing Japanese school uniforms (what the heck?) so I thought that the school had decided to follow the Japanese version of school uniform which is totally impossible in reality. I thought I was hallucinating until they greeted me and say something like ‘why didn’t you greet us? Have not met each other for awhile already start to ignore us’ in mandarin. (Pardon my crude translation)

Then I visited the school, it had been over 1 year since I last stepped into it. To my surprise, I saw a basketball court. The last time I saw, there wasn’t even a basketball court – only 2 rings (not even worth to call baskets as there are no nets on it) so low that you could even touch without jumping. Everything surely had changed was what I told myself.

I noticed a young palm tree somewhere at the entrance of the school and decided to vent my anger by breaking the tree (yes I know that’s wrong but I never did that, did I?). Amazingly, I broke it into two as if the body of the tree was a twig. Again I tried to break it into even more pieces but I felt a surge of pain on my own arm instead.

Then I woke up and realized that my right hand was holding my left arm all the while. The first thing I did after waking up? You’ve guessed it. I look for my wallet and checked its contents. Everything is still inside. Thank God this is just a dream.

The time was 0700 in the morning. I have only less than 25 minutes to prepare myself as my instructor will be coming at 0725 to fetch me to finish the remaining 3 hours out of the 6 hours of workshop stuff (3 hours in workshop; no idea what the other 3 hours is for). I was right. My instructor told me to wait for 3 hours and I will get my ‘L’ license. Boredom kills.

Thinking back, I was lucky that what I had experienced was just a dream and nothing more. I remembered that the money inside my wallet was stolen once when I was in Form 4. It goes like this, I left my wallet somewhere near the Surau as we had our physical training classes there. It was there, the next moment it disappeared. I looked everywhere for it but it was in vain. In the end I lodge a report in the headmistress’s office and she passed me a wallet, my wallet. Saying that someone picked it up not too long ago and questioned me if it was mine. Of course it is mine. I said nothing except a ‘thank you’ and left. All my money inside were taken away, only five RM1 notes remained inside, luckily that thief did not take away my IC.

The stolen 50 bucks was meant for me to buy a reload coupon for the online game – Pristontale, which I had played last time till it became a P2P game.

Sigh. What a day.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Eyes on Me

Just finished playing FFVIII not too long ago. The storyline is awesome, though there are some flaws in it.

There is this song that I like; it was composed by Nobuo Uematsu, with lyrics by Kako Someya. Quite an old song, but still in the minds of many.

Eyes on Me

I never sang my songs
On the stage, on my own
I never said my words
Wishing they would be heard
I saw you smiling at me
Was it real, or just my fantasy?
You'd always be in the corner
Of this tiny little bar

My last night here for you
Same old songs, just once more
My last night here with you?
Maybe yes, maybe no
I kind of liked it your way
How you shyly placed your eyes on me
Oh, did you ever know
That I had my mine on you?

Darling, so there you are
With that look in your face
As if you're never hurt
As if you're never down
Shall I be the one for you
Who pinches you softly but sure?
If frown is shown, then
I will know that you are no dreamer

So let me come to you
Close as I wanted to be
Close enough for me
To feel your heart beating fast
And stay there as I whisper
How I loved your peaceful eyes on me
Did you ever know
That I had mine on you?

Darling, so share with me
Your love if you have enough
Your tears if you're holding back
Or pain if that's what it is
How I can tell you
I'm more than the dress and the voice
Just reach out to me, then
You will know that you are not dreaming

Darling, so there you are
With that look in your face
As if you're hurt
As if you're down
Shall I be the one for you
Who pinches you softly, but sure?
If frown is shown, then
I will know you are no dreamer

Here’s the ending scene after you defeat Sorceress Ultimecia. A very nice one I'd say; you will only understand it after you played this game...

- Part I -
- Part II -
- Part III -

Monday, March 05, 2007


When I first saw this picture many years back... I knew that I wanted to play that game, but had no idea where to start finding it.

Going shop by shop to find this game is out of the question. So I hunt for it in the internet and found this picture.

Luckily the torrents are still working even though it is almost 2 years old.

Happy Chap Goh Mei everyone!