Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Changing for the better or for worse?

While doing some ‘spring cleaning’ on my computer files, I screwed up again by deleting the wrong registries. Causing Microsoft Office to malfunction and had to uninstall and reinstall all of the office pack again.


Last Saturday, I joined my ex-classmates for a BBQ planned one week ago.

Had fun? Not really. So much for 7 bucks.

Most of them had changed. In the way they dress themselves, their attitude, behavior and many more.

So, how was the BBQ night? – Two words: No comments.

I was told that it will start at 7pm so I reached the destination 5 minutes before 7 and Guess what? There wasn’t anyone until 7.20pm. Never mind that.

The total time taken to prepare the fire is 2 hours (waited for half an hour for the charcoal). There are at most 5 people starting the fire while the rest sits in a circle and gossip among one another. Again, never mind that.

What I cannot stand is the way they talk, just staying in the same spot for less than an hour and you can hear foul languages flying like it is something very common. What surprises me even further is that no one even took the initiative to stop it, worse still; some even join in – girls included. For me, I admit that I do use those foul languages once in a while to vent my anger, but them? They used it like there’s no more tomorrow.

Besides that, quite a number of them also took up smoking. Yes, smoking. I was surprised that the young ladies also smoke. Well, it’s alright for them to smoke if they think it is right, maybe it is a way for them to release stress. One of the lecturers once said that: “Suicide is wrong, so is smoking. It is because you are killing yourself slowly.”

The only thing that amuses me is that a few of them were rushing to snap photos for their blog. Quoting Alan: “blogger addicts.”

The only reason I went to the BBQ was because I wanted to meet a god sister of mine and some friends whom I kept in touch with. Sadly, none of them came, except my god sister.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Voices of Harmony (Delayed Entry)

5 days ago, the choir club members were invited to a choir concert by SONS (Simfoni Okestra Negeri Sarawak). I was told that transport is provided so all we have to do is bring ourselves in choir club’s T-shirt.

It was cloudy that night and soon enough it began to drizzle so everyone present gathered up together at the lobby. Around 30 choir members showed up. When everyone gathered together, immediately, it is time to take photos (with SP as the cameraman)

Everyone seems excited about it; Jacq looks bored…

Kelvin, Shao Wee and Jeff; notice that Jeff is starting to show the ‘peace' sign aka 'V'. What I am trying to say doesn’t make any sense yet…

Shao Wee, Kelvin, Jeff, Soon Ping and Irene, our conductor (you don’t get to see her wearing choir club’s T-shirt so this shot is priceless…) xD!

Obviously Johnson is excited too.

This conversation is made up for fun, don’t kill me ok?

SP: Jeff, your ‘peace’ sign is blocking my view…
Jeff: (Continues to block SP’s view)
SP: *sigh* I’ll just take whatever pictures I can… (Evil Grin)

So SP began to snap photos with Jeff’s hand blocking his view (Irene is the victim).

Take 1.

Take 2~

Take 3!

Without wasting any time, everyone went to the bus (the transport mentioned earlier), those who drove here used their own cars.

Destination: Auditorium Tun Ahmad Zaidi Adruce

The drizzle declined to a downpour and those without an umbrella are soaked wet from head to toe.

Kwang Yang’s shoe color – Dark Brown.

Actually it’s not!

After everyone reached the destination, all of us walked in like a bunch of gangsters. Besides the SCC (SwinBURNe Choir Club), there are other audiences from various schools.

Since we were late, I wonder if there are still any seats for everyone present, then was told that the seats are already booked. I wonder how are we going to squeeze into the packed auditorium. It turned out that our seats are the 2 rows counting from the front. I find it quite embarrassing when the MC immediately started talking the moment we lay our backs on the seats, meaning to say that they had been waiting for us to arrive only then will they start.

I wonder if taking photos inside the auditorium is illegal or not… the SONS presented a total of 20 songs separated into 5 segments.

This is the list of songs presented by SONS.

The SONS - the young and aged ones sing as one.

The flutist.

The Conductor.

I specially requested SP to take this picture – the 4th lady counting from the left looks like a member from my church, it turns out that she is.

The females dancing Jong Jong Inai. I heard of that song before but never seen that dance.

Though they did not synchronize perfectly, the dance is still nice (can’t think of other words to describe it).

All of the dancers.

Suddenly SP turned to my direction and snapped a picture. But Kelvin was faster xD!

Nearing segment E, SP took some photos again.

The SONS, led by Conductor Miss Yap Chiew Phin.

Madam Maggie! That explains why we had the free passage to enjoy this choir concert…

That young lady with ponytail resembles someone familiar…

After the concert ended, only then did the pianist stood up. So SP took her picture…

Radiant; Kelvin: She looks pretty from far but ************* (censored).

When the MC announced that we are allowed to take pictures, camera flashes were everywhere until I am almost blinded by it.

Madam Maggie smiling proudly.


Everyone smiled, so I forced a smile out though I hate it. Don’t laugh =/

Pauline, stunned.

It’s time to step out of the Auditorium, but there’s no stopping us in taking more photos.

Yang Amat Berhormat Tun Jeffrey and Tun Kelvin, with their 3 bodyguards.

Group photo of those who were present.

Jeff and Shao Wee shooting an advertisement.

To do this, timing is very important, and SP knows it all. Jeffrey looks ecstatic. =D

The ladies.

Chen, any regrets for not attending the concert?

Monday, May 21, 2007

Extraordinary happenings

I’m in a good mood these days because I am able to view clips and videos from Youtube again. It all dated back when I attempt to clear up the unwanted files in my desktop and somehow removed the critical files for Java and flash player. I thought that was no big deal as I could reinstall those files again and that’s the end of story. But I was wrong, after reinstalling those files, I still faced the same error of not able to view videos and clips from Youtube.

No matter rain or shine, I never let both my modem and router offline unless I feel like it. I always put them in a risk – a thunderstorm can take them out easily. But that never happened and I was glad with it. Few days ago, after the thunderstorm tripped the electricity in my area, I thought that my modem or router or both of them are really fried this time as they scored a direct hit from it.

It was after the thunderstorm incident then I am able to view Youtube files again. Coincidence?


While going through 1900 National Geographic pictures I’ve downloaded months ago, I found some interesting ones.

Take a look at the mountain, who is that?

Mother Nature's eye (actually I don't know what is that...)

Aurora Borealis?

Offtopic: SP i'll upload those pics real soon... paiseh ar..

Friday, May 18, 2007


One week ago I promised Jacq to join the Yoga Club founded by her not too long ago...

But I never showed up because I was working during that day RM50 >all.

After having lunch with my gang of friends, Jeff sends me back to Swinburne because I wanted to try out the activities provided by the Yoga Club. Since I had more than 3 hours to go, I went to the library hoping that I will meet some friends over there to kill those 3 hours.

I saw SP using one of the computers and we proceed to translate blogs from English to Chinese and vice-versa. Direct translation can brighten up ones life for sure. We laughed non-stop until the librarians kept staring at us. She must be thinking that these two students are definitely from jungle and had never seen a computer before in their life.

When it is almost time to attend the club, I went up with Keith to room 4.01 and was shocked to see that I'm the only guy outside waiting for the instructor (Keith went to the water closet). So I turned back and pretend that I went into the wrong class until Keith came out from the WC. Only then I have the guts to step into the designated hall.

Honestly speaking, I was quite worried when the thought of being told to do those tougher moves came into my mind. Luckily the instructor did not initiate any hard moves unsuitable for my level. Maybe it's because she saw a newcomer - me, so she decided to let me go off for the first time.

I like stretching though I am not good at it. After the training session, everything was fine for me. Apparently, I was wrong. Very wrong. I experienced neck pains and muscle pains today.

My parents especially my dad is against me on joining the Yoga Club. When questioned why, all he said to me was to search in the internet. I did as told then only I understood why he disagreed with me on joining the Yoga Club.

-Click Here-

Anyway, I still thank him for giving me the freedom to join the clubs I wanted to join.
Ah Seng, Wish you One Road Straight Wind! Remember to buy gifts for us hor.. xD!

Monday, May 14, 2007

Not to judge a book by its cover

Congratulations to Zhi Wei! Work hard dude, happiness is just a few steps away from you, whether you choose to accept it or not, we will always support you! All the best xD!


I was struck dumbfounded today. I thought I was right whenever I started anything which will result in flaming another person. Instead, it turns out that I was wrong, very wrong. Someone had been fooling around with us impersonating another person. And I admit that I was the one who fell for it. I flamed the wrong person again and again.

It started some days ago when someone under the nickname of blah, anonymous, kk, **** u (he/she keeps changing nick once in awhile) started flaming Eric in his blog, spamming his comments and chatterbox section with negative comments and more negative comments.

Not that I was trying to be a busybody but one neutral post from me in the chatterbox resulted in a flame from the imposter against me; he used our names and flamed ourselves. View Eric’s blog for more information. Driven by my own pride, I flamed the imposter back with no vulgar words like how I always do usually by using words that bear the similar meaning of scolding someone in vulgar. Soon, someone pinpointed the most suspected person (the spamming of choir club’s chatterbox) and I followed blindly assuming that he was the one. Flames were exchanged daily until…

That innocent friend saw or heard about what had happened. He wasn’t pleased or rather he was mad about it. He started by explaining that it wasn’t him who did this and scolding us back, demanding a public apology at the same time. At first, I thought that was just another trick of his. Imagine this – he flamed us, and now he acted innocent, demanding for a public apology. Not only he gets away with the previous happenings, he also gets the last laugh.

Staying up late, I couldn’t sleep as I was bothered with that incident, a sudden twist in the tale which I had predicted would not go wrong. The words of Poh Meng Eng, the previous PK HEM of SMK Stampin kept ringing in my mind. It said “Let’s give them the benefit of doubt.” Those words kept bugging me until I finally gave in and I told myself, “Let’s give him the benefit of doubt.” I prayed to God for guidance, asking and hoping that everything will go smoothly when I approach him to present my apologies.

Again, God never failed to answer my prayers. When I saw him, I expect him to be angry and scold me for flaming him. Instead, he apologizes first before I said anything (though I wonder why he apologized to me, he was innocent all the way). Words of apology were exchanged and everything went on well. We talked like old friends and I was glad that he was his old usual self again.

Non-related I: It seems like almost everyone in our circle of friends owns a blog, many successors of the infamous Kenny Sia? xD

Saturday, May 12, 2007

The Internet - Part III

One of the most common vulgar word~!

MSN is one useful tool. You can use it for chatting purposes, sending files, video conferencing and many more.

There are times when we accidently typed messages not meant for the person you are talking to. You want to take back what you say, but it is too late. The message appeared on the screen.

Did you experienced this before?

As for me, I experienced this before while chatting with more than 6 people at the same time.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Familiar faces

It was one hot sunny afternoon, ZW, Kelvin, Jeff and I went to our secondary school to collect our SPM certificate.

Maybe I had been ignorant or there were no changes in my old school. Before stepping into the ‘Pejabat AM’ to collect our certificate, we saw some old friends waving at us from the second floor. Waving back, we stepped in the office and collect the certs.

As we were leaving, I heard the familiar ‘Ah Pek’. I thought I was daydreaming so went on ahead. Someone called again. Turning back, our ex-classmates waved and told us to come up. We went up and spent quite awhile talking with them, exchanging our experiences of life in college and Form 6.

Those old faces: Alan, Alexander, Ai Sian, Daniel, Jonathan, Lung Wei, Timothy and Yun Shen. I almost slapped YS hard on the back but hold back because she is still a girl even though she asked me to treat her like a brother. When questioned how they were doing, Tim, the joker as usual said it was easy, everything is easy.

Me: “Really easy ar?”
Tim: “Yes, very easy one…, the tests are also easy.”
Me: *couldn’t believe my ears* “I thought many of you said it was tough?”
Tim: “Easy lah, once the results are out, only then…” *covers face like crying*
Me: “I see… so how many marks do you usually get?”
Tim: “Single digit marks.”
Me: “Out of two digits?” (1-9 / 10)
Tim: “Out of three digits!” (1-9 / 100)

*Everyone laughed, including me =/ *

Well, Tim is right in a way. In an assessment, everything is easy; you have a pen/pencil so just throw in any answers you think of. But the moment the results are out, it wasn’t as easy as you thought it was…

Again we headed out and saw my bro standing in front of the hall and I gave him a wave before leaving for ZW’s ex-school. While in his school’s office, I saw one familiar face -Poh Meng Eng, our previous PK HEM is now a PK I in SMK Kuching Town.

Reminds me of the time in Form 4 when someone and I gave out answers to two person during an English test and was labeled as cheating in exam. Well, we went to look for her and pleaded innocence. Guess what, she agreed to help us even though we were wrong. “Let’s give them the benefit of doubt.” Was all she said to my English teacher and we were freed from accusation. From that day onwards, I learnt my lesson and will usually think twice before giving answers during a test.

Small world, isn’t it?


There are times when my friends would suggest that we feed the fishes in Friendship Park. The first thought that usually came into my mind was ‘a waste of time’ so I always disagreed whenever feeding the fishes is mentioned.

Two days ago, someone suggested that we go and feed the fishes. Since many agreed to do so, I followed suit. After the 1 hour EMB tutorial session had ended, SW, Kelvin, Ah Seng and I proceed to 1st floor to meet up with ZW, Robert, Chen and Jeff. After that, we headed off to where we agreed hours ago. Chen bought fish food a loaf of bread at Fujisan on the way to our destination.

The park looks deserted during that fiery hot afternoon. Actually it isn’t completely deserted as there was a group of four – 2 young ladies, one middle-aged lady and man taking photos at the Park’s entrance. I thought I saw one of the young lady’s shoulder-length hair glowing a rich brown, instantly reminding me of an old friend whom I had not met or rather not fated to meet for more than 2 years. If only I had the courage to talk to her, if only I had not did this, if only I can return back to that time and correct my mistakes, if only this and that. I realized that I was distracted by my past memories again.

“Let’s go ‘YumCha’ since it is still so hot, no fishes will show up now” was what I heard before I dismissed my thoughts. Four cars, eight people, we headed off to Tabuan Jaya for a drink while waiting for time to pass by. Robert and Shao Wee went ahead to one of the game stores to get ‘BB guns’. If I remembered correctly, they wanted to shoot the fishes later… xD

It should be ZW’s happy day since someone unexpected messaged him. The moment he talked about it, all of us talked at once, throwing in advices and whatever we had in mind. It was chaotic but fun. Such happenings don’t happen often especially when someone your opposite gender suddenly messaged you and talked like old friends, more than old friends in fact.

Since evening is closing up, we head back to Friendship Park again and began breaking the loaf of bread to bits before dropping them into the lake. Besides Chen, Robert and Ah Seng also bought bread to feed the fishes. I never knew it was enjoyable feeding the fishes, throwing bits and pieces of bread and watch them grouping up together in one spot, waiting patiently for you to feed them.

Before long, turtles started to show up too. Maybe they sensed food from far away or maybe they were just curious why large numbers of fish gathered together in one spot. Anyway, we tried to feed the turtles but failed. The fishes were just too swift – the moment bread pieces fell into the water, they snapped at it immediately, leaving no share for the turtles. Somehow, I pity the turtles as they also live in the harsh world of today. The strong will prevail and the weak will perish.

There were eight of us and only 3 loaves of bread. Moments later, we ran out of bread as we were also eating those ‘fish food’. I saw an elderly man bringing 2 loaves of bread with him and threw piece by piece into the water while we were breaking the bread into pieces. Inspired by him, we went off to Fujisan to get more bread. The moment we went back to the park, I had this weird feeling that people are staring at us with this weird expression that says something like ‘I wonder if they are still sane’.

Robert and SW left earlier so the 6 of us went on ahead to the same spot where we were before and started dropping pieces of bread. Two kids accompanied by their dad stood beside us and said something like ‘kor kor…’ meaning that they want to feed the fishes too. So we gave them few pieces of bread and continued with what we came here to do. A few minutes later, the same ‘kor kor’ came again and we gave them bread unwillingly again. Ah Seng took pictures of the school of fishes and also commented that there are 5 fools feeding the fishes happily.

We changed our spot the moment those kids finished throwing those pieces of bread. Selfish right? After each of us threw the final piece of bread, I think I lost my mind as I suggested feeding the fishes again in a few days time. Maybe I wanted a break from staring at the monitor for more than 10 hours a day. Feeding fishes is something I feel like doing for a change in my daily routine.

Thursday, May 03, 2007


It could have been another nice day but one unwanted happening spoilt the whole day not only for me but those around me, especially the owner of the car.

Somewhere around 5.30pm, I was told that someone smashed the driver seat’s glass pane and like many cases – stole the CD player. I believe the thief took other things inside the car besides the CD player since he said other things were missing as well.

Of course he was devastated, slamming the door over and over whenever he opened it. His car was still considered new - around 1 month old only. Imagine how a parent to the child would react if something bad befall on their one month old child. Anyone would definitely be devastated unless he or she is a stone-hearted being.

At first, it is Swinburne to be blamed for this happening as they did not chose to construct the car park first but the hostels instead. But then, this is not entirely the fault of Swinburne as they had already provided parking space somewhere in Kenyalang area (there are only a few cars even though they had vast parking space).

Many complained that it is troublesome to park over there and rather take the risk to park their cars in the unguarded slots around Swinburne. Anyway, this is a friendly reminder that everyone had seen or heard countless times – take your precious belongings with you, the management will not be held responsible for any loss. Someone once said that humans will not heed one’s words of advice until they experienced it themselves.

Let us open our eyes and keep a lookout for the thieves to clear this zone from unwanted happenings, should that not be possible, it might at least help in reducing thievery cases in the long run. Helping others is like helping yourself, you might not get your favor returned, but our Father in heaven will definitely return your deeds, both good and bad.

The damage has been done. As if that wasn’t enough, he had two tests in Saturday from 8.30am to 12.30pm. Let us give him our word of encouragement shall we? It is not the number but the sincerity of one that counts.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Swinburne Night (Delayed post)

Let’s see… Swinburne Night. I should have posted this 4 days ago… but there were many problems so time was taken to fix it.

It was another day for the MIB&W. 4 men in black and 4 men in white arrived in their limousine few minutes before the designated time.

Venue: The infamous… Swinburne auditorium?
Date: 28th April 2007.
Dress Code: Semi Formal
Duration of event: 5 hours. (6.30pm – 11.30pm)

It was supposed to begin in 6.30 pm. But then,

Malaysian tradition: 6.30pm = 7.00pm ++. (A minimum of 30 minutes delay)

Before I begin, SP please don’t kill me if I didn’t upload all the photos. It’s just not possible for me to upload 89 photos in 1 shot so I’ll choose some among all and tell the story…

A moment after the auditorium was opened for the guests, we presented our ticket at the counter, had the upper left part of the ticket snipped away for the lucky draw event before we were allowed to step inside the auditorium. The eight of us doesn’t know where to lay our butts on, so we chose a table in the middle but were later told to move away to other tables because it was already reserved for someone else. Damn… luckily no one saw that, it was such an embarrassing moment.

In the end we were seated at the lower left side of the auditorium and none of us were too pleased with it but what choice do we have?

Black and White.

Before everything began, we went ‘backstage’ to have a look at the cosplays soon-to-be-presented by the Japanese and Anime Club.

We spotted our ‘Pro Geng’ and his soon-to-be wife… :D

There were a lot more but we do not have the time to take each of their photos. Heading back to the auditorium, we were required to present our tickets again to prevent illegal comers from entering. Heading back to our seats, the MC began his speech. He said something like “Good Afternoon everyone. @%#$&@#!@” (forgot this part so just ignore it, its not swearing). I checked my watch for the time but no matter how I rub my eyes, it is still 7.11pm and concluded that the MC might have just waked up not too long ago and still blur about the time.

After a short speech, the MC passed the time to the game master aka Mr. Eko to begin the ice-breaking game. Everyone was required to swap their tickets or their seats to match the color of the balloon hovering in the middle of every table and the winner gets to eat sushi sponsored by Akira Sushi.

It was only then I realize that there were different colored stars printed on the tickets. 7 of us had the black colored ticket so we searched around for a black balloon table. ZW was the only one with a blue colored so he couldn’t join us. There was a black balloon table in the middle of the auditorium and all 7 of us rushed to it. I feel like cursing the game master because he was the one that told us to move our asses when we were sitting on the SAME table moments ago.

When questioned which table had all the members having the same color-as-the-balloon-of-the-table, we raised our hands and a small tray of sushi was delivered to our table. Since there’s only a girl in a table of ten, all the guys became gentlemen like for only a SHORT period of time by going the usual way – ladies first. After she picked one among the rest, there was no more order but chaos; everyone started picking sushi like we had not eaten for days.

Picky Picky…

Since we finished our sushi first, we hide the tray and asked for another, yeah I know this is not right in the eyes of God, but then we were doing it for fun only ok? After every table had their share of sushi, we were allowed to go and take our food, buffet style. The MC said something like “please line up while taking your food.”

But then, no one obeyed so why should I? Everyone crowded around the trays of food like ants around sugar. While we ate to our hearts content, the game master again called for attention as the next game is about to begin, he asked us to search the bottom of our seats for a piece of white paper. Those with the ‘white’ paper are required to go to the stage. They are identified as lucky winners. Well, they are lucky indeed… :P

SW was the lucky guy among us all as he had been given the privilege to appear on the stage. A total of 8 people went up to the stage and were told to find a partner for themselves after reading the contents inside the paper.

So here's the arrangement:

Shao Wee --> Esther
Jason --> Tiong Yieng
Eric --> Jacqueline

There are 5 more but I’m just too lazy to remember names.

Shao Wee blushing, Esther smiling… XD!

Jason waving his hand like a cat-welcoming-fortune, Ah Yieng smiling or laughing? o_O

Eric and Jacq, they look very natural… SW and Jason, learn from Eric! xD

Ok, this game is kinda lame to me, maybe just to me. After that, there are 4 presentations starting from Hazard Minor, they were doing some shuffle-or-whatever-it-is. I never favor shuffling so all I did was staring blankly at the 3 dancers, wondering what the heck they were doing. There are some people saying that they were repeating the same moves over and over again, and it’s the basic moves some more.

The next presentation is cosplay from both Japanese and Anime clubs. Now I really pay attention to this presentation. It starts with displaying the Japanese culture.

Featuring PG aka ‘Pro Geng’ and Jess:

To court a girl, remember to bring flowers and show your coolness xD! (OK, I know this is lame).

She accepted!

That’s all from the Japanese club; I thought I could see more of it. Coming up from the Anime Club is:

Kakashi vs Itachi

Kurosaki Ichigo with his Zangetsu (looks more like Cloud’s Buster Sword)

No idea what this is (someone fill me please)

No idea what this is (someone fill me please)

Cloud from FFVII

A closer view of Ichigo, if only he had orange-colored hair…

Once everyone clapped their hands, the stage belongs to Farah and Dale, she sang two songs: Behind These Hazel Eyes by Kelly Clarkson and Torn by Natalie Imbruglia. Next up is Alda soloing Its Your Love, he’s one good singer I’d say. Perfecto.

Alda soloing ‘Its Your Love’

Once these 4 presentations ended, it is time for the nomination of the Swin Prince n Princess. The eight couples were called up again.

Still shy ah, Shao Wee? Have some confidence in yourself mah…

Because there are too many couples, a slow romantic dance session is decided to eliminate some contestants.

Eric and Jacq dancing.

Sad to say, Shao Wee and Jason were eliminated because they didn't dance. Eric and Jacq prevailed! It seems like as long as you are dancing, you can stay.

The girls were told to make-up the guys. The guys will have their revenge later by raping wrapping the girls into a mummy.

Jacq: `,..,’ ; Eric: T_T (I’ll have my revenge later…)

Jacq enjoying herself ‘decorating’ Eric. XD!

A closer look at Eric… I couldn’t see the difference, maybe it was a light makeup?

Anyway times up! It is time for the guys to have their revenge.

Eric: "My turn now!" *Evil Grin*

Doesn’t look like a mummy. At least you did wrap her up.

The one on the right nearly resembles a mummy. The best one out of the rest IMO…

If I’m not mistaken, the MC passed the stage to ‘Blank’ to present their songs. The moment the singer sang out the first line, many people including me went out for a toilet break. Actually, the majority went out due to the unbearable noise pollution. The same goes for ‘House of Flies’

We met some anime characters outside the auditorium and took photos with them.

Cloud n’ Chen.

Cloud n’ SP.

The two swords clashed!

Someone: "Strike him down!" Chen: “Yes yes...” (Notice that the lifts are still out of order...)

Jeff: "Too easy for me." *Grins*

After that, we saw PG and Jess sitting at the seats located outside the auditorium.

It all starts with a kiss. Soft, sweet and passionate. SP: "Photo taken accidently!"

When we were told that Irene is going to sing, we went back.

Irene singing 'How Do I Live'

Check out this video:

Almost everyone sang along with her as she requested. Eric presented a bouquet of flowers to Irene, so sweet… the presentation was splendid.

After she finished her song, the eight of us left silently. Ah Seng, Sze Yun and Robert tagged along.