Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Thievery again

Another case of thievery, but an extremely serious one, at least, to me. This friend of mine M lost his laptop, his bag and all his belongings (TI calc, HRW textbook, important notes, files etc.) were also taken away by the heartless thief. Same goes to his two friends too – they lost their laptops at the same time. I was told that it must be the work of Swinburne students. Why so?

They drove to King Centre yesterday afternoon for lunch, during the time they had lunch, the car was broken in and the ones who took the laptops were completely sure where M and his friends kept their laptops at. It took only a short while for them to take everything away from them. It was as if they were already targeted on the moment they left the campus. How could anyone besides the students know of the laptops anyway?

It seems that M came to Swinburne and had lost a number of valuables. I do pity him sometimes. From his outer appearance, he smiled as if nothing had happened, but deep inside, I could sense the sadness and sorrow inside him. How could he have such a cruel fate?

Anyway, the moral of the lesson is: keep your valuables with you, big or small, priceless or not, wherever you go, whenever you go. The devil always lurks behind you, waiting for an opening when you are not aware of it.

This summer semester is… unsettling.
It's 5.30am in the morning. Maybe I should get some sleep now. Good night dudes!

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Shame on you.

This is the 3rd week of my summer semester for moral studies. We touched on euthanasia on the 1st week, child abortion on the 2nd week and we touched on the so-called taboo topic - premarital sex and extra-marital sex today.

Obviously, I’m blogging this because of the annoyance and irritation caused by a group of ah bengs talking loudly, annoying many students who kept quiet because they were given no chance to ask the tutor any questions and making stupid jokes on the topic we had today which was not funny at all, at least to me.

My focus is on a was-good-student whom his name I will not mention. Anyway, before I continue on. Many bombarded me with this question on why had I stayed single all the while and never even looked for a partner or anything. Well, today I shall present to you my answer and I hope that you would pardon me for not answering to you last time.

I understand how you felt when your girl left you for some reasons which would be best if left unknown to the public and I know how awkward it is for you to see your ex in the same class as you are, all the 3 subjects. A friend of mine said you were so agitated yet excited on the topic that you bombarded the tutor with a number of questions which the answers were obvious and stupid. The 2, or should I say 3 of you really could just learn to control your tongue. Maybe you felt great for talking so loudly and questioning the tutor with questions over and over and disagreeing with almost everything the tutor lectured us about. I’d just say the more you talk the more stupid you look. No offence, honestly.

From a good student in your parent’s sight, you’ve changed totally, if not, almost completely. You never smoked at all, from what I’ve heard, the day she left you, you smoked a number of cigarettes in a morning. Are you trying to run from your problems? Are you not willing to face your problems? Are you not a man, full of respect in the eyes of us? If a girl alone could change you so much, how the hell are you going to face the working world next time? Are you going to force alcohol and drugs unto yourself to escape from your problems?

Seriously dude, learn to be more optimistic. It will benefit you greatly in the long run. Smoking is not the way to solve your neverending problems. Try facing it instead?
See what I mean by being single? A breakup can cause so much damage to a person's life, both male and female. Many said they knew of the consequences of failing a relationship yet they still involve themselves in it. Why?


I missed two classes since last week and today. WTH is wrong with me? I know I have short-term memory for many things but this is out of the mind, I even jot down the dates for the extra classes and yet I forgot them. What is wrong with me??

Oh ya, I had 'upgraded' my blog to the so-called blogger beta but had no idea how to use the new functions. Anyone out there is kind enough to teach me? =/ I had become quite blur recently for no reason. Maybe I'm getting old?

Anyway, I’m looking forward to the Christmas gathering, sort of reunion for everyone I guess. I really hope I won’t forget about the party too. Sigh…

Saturday, November 25, 2006

I’m telling you, boy, to show some respect to we students who wants to study. Even if you do not respect us, do you even have a slightest respect for the lecturer? You were lucky not to get sent out of the class unlike a friend of mine who was sent out for talking in a lecture hall during the 2nd semester, I need not reveal his name anyway. Try not to take the lecturer’s kindness for granted, you wouldn’t like it when things do not go your way.

I was told that it was you who promoted yourself as a candidate for SSSC 2007. A friend of mine said you do not even have the basic necessities of becoming a leader. I couldn’t agree less as you were nothing more than a pest in the class. From your outer shell, you looked knowledgeable and wise, but once you opened your mouth and started yapping non-stop, I knew I was wrong. I’ll let you know that you were hated by a number of students during the prom night as the MC (if I had not mistaken your face, which I doubt I have). Out of respect for those of my friends who knew you and treated you as a friend, I kept quiet.

Honestly, you are nothing in the sight of the majority. Like a lecturer of mine said before, learn to respect others if you wish to be respected by others. You coming late for class is pardoned by the lecturer, but not showing proper behavior and attitude is unpardonable.

Anyway, in case you are reading this. I’ll just get it straight with you.

You and your friends are not alone in the class; there are many students who wished to study.

If you dislike the subject, just get out of the class.
If you think you are smart, just get out of the class.
The class would be better off without you. Seriously, change your attitude, it sucks. Period.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Anime fever

Recently, I picked up a habit of my brother of watches animes and nothing else but animes almost every day, every hour, every minute, every second, every moment... bla bla bla yada yada yada...

I couldn’t agree less that Japanese are good producers of the animes. Animes like Naruto and Bleach are kinda popular in Swinburne, why so? Well, I could see some of them performing the seal imitated from Naruto, luckily no one imitated Bleach by carrying unique swords/katana around.

These are the few animes I had watched.

Ouran high school host club

The story basically tells of a new girl, Haruhi who was a poor tomboyish student entering the Ouran high school where all the filthy rich students are. She could not even afford the uniform but was able to attend the school because of the scholarship. The story starts at where she was looking for a quiet place to study as most of the places are filled up and too noisy. In the end, she stumbled across the peculiar but popular Ouran Host Club. She tried to leave but broke a priceless vase accidentally and was unable to pay for it. Then, she was told to stay and do odd jobs/work till she graduated. Without realizing she’s a female due to her appearance, they gave him; I mean her, a male uniform. She was the bomb, instantly popular among the girls eventhough she’s a girl herself. It was only then the whole host club knew she was a girl, but not the whole school. Haruhi found herself accepted in a new environment with many new and close friends. This anime is more to the comedy type of anime, love and romance but more to creating laughter to the spectators.

Gunslinger girl

The story tells about the Social Welfare agency, a government sponsored corporation is in the business for saving orphaned or abandoned children who are terminally ill or injured beyond the point of saving. Using cybernetic implants, the Agency uses a process called 'conditioning' to turn orphaned children into emotionless killing machines with hardly any memories, no human comfort and worst of all, no free will. The girls who make up the assassination unit within the Social Welfare agency are Henrietta, Triela, Claes, Rico and Angelica, all whom have shady backgrounds which led to their involvement with the agency. Each girl is skilled in martial arts, weapons and tactics, demolitions, foreign languages, espionage and counter-terrorism, skills that are necessary when dealing with terrorism, illegal arms deals or even crime organizations that have a serious stranglehold on the country of Europe. But while these girls are the perfect weapons against these types of everyday problems, they must constantly do their best to hold on to what little pieces of their humanity they have left, as they are being forced to commit cold-blooded murder, sometimes even killing innocent people who get in the way. Jose, Henrietta's handler doesn't like the way she and the other girls are being treated as tools for massacre and it pains him everyday to see Henrietta and her friends having to go through this type of life. But if Henrietta and the others want to live to see tomorrow, they have to play the guinea pigs and earn their keep, by getting their hands dirty for the Social Welfare agency, which is responsible for giving them their second chance at life. (Credits to Keno Reeves - spywatcher459)


This anime is about mages and the normal people. I’ve watched till the 2nd episode only so couldn’t tell much about it. It’s about a girl named Kamisaka Haruhi from the magic department, a genius of Mizuhosaka academy. Somehow the magic department burned down and those who were in it were transferred to the regular department. It was then she gets to know Kohinata Yuuma in person. There’s also a gal, I mean guy, by the name of Jun, a genuine guy but somehow look completely like a gal… weird but intresting, I’m expecting more to come from the coming weeks.

Yoakemae yori ruriiro na - Cresent love

This is my favourite among the rest I’ve watched. It tells about the princess from the moon – Feena Fam Earthlight who is coming for a home stay at Tatsuya Asagiri’s house. Somehow, Tatsuya met a girl from the moon few years back after his mum passed away. He had developed a liking for the girl and was interested in lunar studies in his school eventhough the subject is not included in the examination just because he wanted to go to the moon to see her again. “I will study as much as I can, so that I will be able to go up to the moon.” was what he said. There are quite a lot of chibi parts which was funny IMO. It also tells about the Trattoria Samon, a restaurant where Tatsuya, Natsuki and Jin worked at. Natsuki always whacked her brother Jin who’s a pervert. The result of that was that her brother, Jin’s debt is mounting up due to the damage done to the window panes. (When she does so, Jin usually flies out of the restaurant, damaging one window panes during the process. “Jin, I’m cutting your salary for repairs.” Would be what his father would say.) During the 5th episode when they were stranded in a no-man-island. Tatsuya found out that the girl he met during his childhood times was none other than the princess herself. His heart shattered when he found out that the princess is already engaged to Jürgen Krüger. Despite that, with the support of his close friends and his elder sister, he went out with hope to get her back. Currently waiting the next episode now.

P.S: Those I had written above might not be complete so you have to watch the anime yourself to get the whole picture and somehow i'm unable to upload pictures to blogspot... anyone knows how to solve it?

Friday, November 17, 2006

The results are out!

It was released today morning. Go grab yours here.
(you have to login to the blackboard to get it)

I thank the Almighty One above who had watched over me, guiding me and helping me in my papers because I did last minute studying and what I had studied wasn't even in the paper.

1 D, 2 C and 3 P

I wasn't too happy with it but what can I say? These are the results for last minute study (the day before examination).

But... I'm HAPPY today!

Wednesday is movie night!

Went for a movie at Wednesday with Daniel, Timothy, Kelvin, Wan Yan, Siew Yong and Pauline.
The movie we watched was 'Boo' or something close to that. A movie filled with horror, considerate amount of blood and gore, violence and violence and more violence.

The movie tells of a Halloween day where a group of 5 teenagers (3 guys and 2 gals) wanting to have an exciting and memorable night. Actually it was the guys who wanted it, not the gals. The scene takes place in an old abandoned hospital where the living entered and never came out alive. One of the guys when in with his dog to set up the ‘tricks’ to scare the living hell out of the gals, courtesy of the 2 guys. After he finished setting everything and was about to leave, something happened and his dog acted strangely. Usually, we humans wished that our dreams come true, but for this movie, you would wished that your dreams were never coming to reality, the unseen becomes visible and no longer ethereal Soon, screams filled the air as the spectators opened their mouth and trembled in terror. Mark this number – “333”.
There are a total of 8 persons entering that abandoned hospital. 5 teenagers went in for fun, and only 1 came out alive. The other 1 went in to search for his missing sister and her friend and the last one was a cop. He found his younger sister, who had gone in earlier with her friend. Sadly, none of them were alive. Her friend was dead and animated while she herself was possessed by a ghost, Casper! (Good ghost I say, but not Casper). The blood and gore effects are nice… in a way. Enough spoilers, go watch the movie yourself if you are interested! (lol, is this called promoting?)

Alright, maybe you would think I am exaggerating. But hey, I had a good scare of my life though I did not scream or shout. (Forgot how many years ago when I watched ghost/horror movie). Anyway, the movie gets a 3/5 rate from me if I were to rate it because the storyline is going from perfect to normal to bad which is predictable again as usual. Anyway it is worth watching. Go grab your tickets!

Met Ah Seng with his gang of friends, Ah Jian with his gf, Phoebe and my old gang of friends - Jorge, Galvin and Raziman when we stepped out of the cinema. After a drink and Hui Sing, all of us headed back home to have a good nights sleep.

I was lucky not to have nightmares that night, I wish I don’t have nightmares after I blog this as the scenes from Boo is coming back to me…

Wide awake

Sometimes I wonder why a ranked top-5 campus is so... lousy. Why had I said that? It was because the administration did not even notify the students in the BB that the lecturer will not be coming to the class and we students do not have to come and wait outside the class for nothing. Imagine almost a hundred students waiting for a lecturer and he did not showed up. Worse still, the admins did not even know that lecturer isn't coming today. Sigh.

It is 1 in the morning and I could not even get my eyes shut.
It was I, who decides how you would be,
It was I, who had decided to ignore you,
It was I, who in the last minute tried my best,
Just to get you to look bright, radiant and perfect,
And now, it would be you, who decide on my future,
Whether good or bad, this I have no rights of say.

17th November 2006, the feared day of many students of Swinburne, has arrived.

Monday, November 13, 2006

The timetable sucks!

I'm going to rant again.

The timetable sucks, my nightmare came true; I will have night classes for this semester (7.30pm - 9.30pm) on Thursday.

Sigh... I thought my previous semester's timetable was terrible, never knew that this is even more terrible. =/

Sunday, November 12, 2006

The last day of holiday

As title says.

Today’s my last day of my 1 week holiday. Nothing much had happened (so I didn’t blog anything at all but I'm not slacking ok? XD).

Went out for a movie with friends on Wednesday and watched ‘The Stormbreaker’ the overall storyline is kinda boring and predictable but heck, I’d give it 3 out of 5 for some cool stuns and effect. I met an old friend Lawrence on the way to the cinema and chatted for awhile since we did not keep in touch, I also met Irene and her group of friends and the Anime club too (they were going to watch ‘DeathNote’). It was also the day I tried ‘kueh chap’ for the first time. It doesn't taste too bad though I specially ordered one without the body organs as I had a bad experience with them when I was still a child.

<-- They say he is very handsome to attract gals to watch this movie. What do you think?
I had my MUET exam yesterday morning till noon. It was easier than I had expected as I was only worried about the writing part since I heard many told me that for the writing part, you have to write 10 points and so on. I just hope I don’t screw this exam since I had not even took MUET tuition classes or even look through the reference books. Anyway, it’s over, no point to worry about it.

Looked through the timetable for summer semester and became wordless. It was then I understood why Jacqueline said the timetable sucks. Classes start at 8.30am in the morning and ends at 9.30pm at night when there are only 3 subjects for the coming semester (there are only 11 hours for a week which means there’s a chance you might or might not be assigned to the 6.30pm to 9.30pm time slot).

Recently, I realized that I had lost most of my feelings and emotions for those around me and always bury myself in animes, games, books and bowling to use up my free time and divert my attention to something else. So please don’t get angry or blame me if I don’t understand what the heck you are trying to say if you use emotions to talk to me. I’m still my old self though, I don’t smile, but I laugh. I was wondering – a guy without emotions is immune to feminine tears. I said that because there’s a young lady in my Bs3 clan which I am close with would always play around with us and usually say “I cry for you to see T_T…” to me when I laugh at her or make fun of her (I know I’m evil but it’s just for fun) such words also made me stop what I was saying and console her. She is attached in the real world (i think), just that I’m her ‘honey’ in Bs3. You know, the virtual relationship, but both of us know our limits and never go beyond the point. Coupling in Bs3 is as popular as in online games and I’m not the only one… XD

I never knew that my actions had caused trouble to a good friend of mine in secondary school (currently Lower 6) as he became the middleman for my problems and was teased by many people due to the misunderstandings and his popularity. Hahaha… I shouldn’t be laughing. Anyway he had his revenge on 1 of the many though. Well, I gotta be more careful with my actions in the coming days. Which means no more smsing her. (Well I had not even play smses with her since early September 13th ).


Those are old news and past happenings, which are untrue about me anymore. Don’t go around gossiping saying I’m with so and so when you do not even know what is happening around me. Let me tell you, you wouldn’t like it when others gossip about you and someone else right? Sigh, it is your mouth and tongue; I can deny what you say but I have no rights to stop you from saying anything. Makes me recalled this – “my love for you is true, you can reject it but you have no rights to ask me not to love you.” I wonder which movie that was from.

Pardon me. Just that sometimes recalling that incident in F3 really sparks my anger. Trusting friends to keep a secret seem impossible, then why the heck do you ask me to share with you all and promised to keep it a secret between us only? If history repeats again, we’ll see what happens then. I’m trying my best to prevent it from happening again so don’t try me. I’m serious with my words. What I am trying to say is that I’m single. Not attached to anyone. I’m unsure when I would be ready to involve myself in relationships again. Nobody knows when that would be, even I myself don’t know.

Jeffrey’s birthday fell on 9th November. So here I am again to wish you a very Happy Birthday and may all your dreams and wishes come true!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Another bad day

A paper in 9am in the morning. Everything went well, thanks to the past semester exam paper available in the library. Those who did not get the paper will definitely regret as 90% of the MCQ questions are completely the same. Worse are those who had the past semester paper and did not even bother to answer the questions. To cut things short, everything went well for the majority.

The blackboard was down at the days of exam when everyone needs to access it to get notes or anything related to their exams. I wonder what section is responsible for the blackboard doing all the while.

Something troubled me very much today - my next semester enrollment.

I had enrolled before the closing date but was not told that the subjects I am to take for the next semester (after this coming summer semester) must also be included. Went to enquire the student admin at the 1st floor and I was given a brief explanation and a sorry AND I have to pay RM100.00%^$*!@##!@#* to re-enroll as my previous one would be void and not accepted.

Edit: Did not appeal today, somehow, they removed the fines needed to be paid. YEAH!

This day marks the end of my exam days. Time to relax and enjoy~ *Dances around* I donno how to dance lol.
I'll have to learn to be thankful for during the last minute, God helped me through the paper. ^^