Tuesday, April 29, 2008

School Days - "Eternally"「永遠に」

Requested by Tung Ing:

This is how Kotonoha died. Well, suiciding to be more accurate. (Taken from Wikipedia)

[Quote]Sekai and Makoto are in love and decide to tell Kotonoha about it. Kotonoha handles it very badly, even begging Makoto to date her again in Makoto's apartment. He apologizes to her and declines. Afterwards, Kotonoha quietly tells them that they will never be happy together. As Sekai and Makoto leave the apartment, Sekai worries aloud about Kotonoha's reaction, but Makoto reassures her, saying that Kotonoha will understand in time. Kotonoha's phone then falls and shatters on the sidewalk, and Makoto and Sekai witness Kotonoha jumping off the ledge of the apartment; just before she hits the ground, Sekai and Makoto see briefly how her eyes are completely lifeless and how her face is contorted in an insane smile. The epilogue shows Makoto in front of Kotonoha's grave, some time after her suicide; it is revealed that he broke up with Sekai, finished high school, is now working with his mom as a nurse and has never had a girlfriend since, having decided to never fall in love again. [Unquote]

Let the pictures do the talking:

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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

School Days (red blood) - Part I

This is an extension of "Of blood and nice boat"

WARNING: This entry is not for those with hemophobia.

This is the original of the death of Sekai Saionji. (Taken from Wikipedia)

[Quote] ...which in turn emotionally destroys her. She spends several hours on her own, emotionally dead, until she suddenly snaps in the snow and laughs maniacally. The next day, as Makoto and Sekai leave the train station, they meet Kotonoha on an overpass beside the station. There is an awkward moment as Sekai lets go of Makoto's arm, greeting her. Kotonoha says a few words before revealing a saw hidden behind her school bag and swiping it beside Sekai's neck. After a few seconds, Sekai suddenly bleeds violently and collapses in a pool of blood in front of Kotonoha and Makoto. Kotonoha starts laughing hysterically again, her lifeless eyes revealing that she has completely broken down. [Unquote]

A saying goes by: "A picture is worth a thousand words", so let the pictures describe the scene.