Monday, June 25, 2007

Kolo Mee anyone?

Chen revived his blog around 20 days ago and claims that no one knows about his blog.

Though there are only 2 posts so far, let’s give him a surprise shall we?

Visit his blog

He seemed ecstatic after getting his blog url back xD


“I’m going out for lunch with Chen later, somewhere around 1130.”

“Where to?”

“Carpenter Street.”

“Sounds good, so what are you having?”

“Kolo Mee.”

*A brief moment of stillness*

Let’s tag along.

Chen, Dennis, Kelvin, Shao Wee, Zhi Wei and I set off to where we agreed to had our lunch earlier – Carpenter Street.

My 1st impression on our destination was just another common eating place with no air-conditioning (take note that I got used to the air-cond in Swinburne and almost could not live without it especially during one sunny afternoon).

Okay, the 6 of us were seated on one of the tables and waited for them to take the order of drinks and of course, food.

10 minutes passed. It sure is strange since the place isn’t large and yet there’s no one taking our orders.

Another 10 minute passed. A few of us began to feel uneasy due to the fiery hot weather.

After another 10 minute passed by, someone came and took our orders for drinks. Nothing tastes better than chilled Sundrop with extra ice cubes. At least we felt rejuvenated. Now for the Kolo Mee…

10 minutes passed. Most of us were very hungry and demanded asked Chen to place our orders. He rejected, saying that it is not a wise choice to do so.

Again another 10 minute passed. We waited patiently as Chen told us that we have to wait for our turn. My glass of sundrop is almost empty.

It seemed like eternity waiting for the next 10 minutes, we were left with some hope though – the spoon, chopsticks and chili with soy sauce were placed on our table and our orders were taken.

Luckily, the noodles and soup came at almost the same time. We waste no time devouring the noodles and the soup placed in front of us as if we were starved for days.

Chen was right; it isn’t a wise choice to rush our orders. Someone became the sacrificial lamb and rushed his orders and the owner said something like this:

If you cannot wait, you cannot eat; if you can wait, you can eat. UNDERSTAND!?

The portions served are definitely enough for anyone, anytime unlike the Swinburne cafeteria and ChiliPepper. 3 of us ordered a RM4 portion and another 3 ordered a RM6 portion. The RM6 portion is like enough to feed a family of 3 or even 4.

I’ll definitely come back to have Kolo Mee again in this shop. By the way, the name of this shop is Min Joo.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Da Capo - The Bells of Happiness

One common difference between the real world and the anime world:

In the anime world, the girls fawn over a single guy.
In the real world, the guys fawn over a single girl.

I wonder how true this statement is...

I rushed through both season one and two of Da Capo.

The 1st season was about Asakura Junichi and Asakura Nemu. They were more than just siblings – lovers. Don’t misunderstand; it’s not the forbidden love. From the storyline, it was said that Nemu lost her parents and was adopted by Junichi’s family.

Junichi to Nemu: “Everything I have, I give half to you.”

Asakura Junichi and Asakura Nemu

Besides Junichi and Nemu, there are other characters that play an important role in this anime and they are:

Yoshino Sakura, Junichi’s cousin and first love,

Shirakawa Kotori, the school idol and star singer,

Amakase Miharu, who loves eating banana and adores Nemu,

Sagisawa Misaki, a young girl who stays at home with Yoriko, her cat,

Mizukushi Moe and Mizukushi Mako, both can be seen enjoying nabe at the rooftop,

Suginami, Junichi and Nemu’s classmate,

Saeki Kanako and Morikawa Tomoko, Kotori’s close friends,

Not forgetting Utamaru, Sakura’s cat who is often seen hopping instead of crawling.

Sakura was jealous of Nemu because she loved Junichi. There is this magical sakura tree planted by Sakura’s grandma that grants anyone’s pure wishes. To her horror, the tree granted Sakura’s wish and caused Nemu to fall ill, coughing sakura petals all the time. In the end, she resolves to wither the magical tree, breaking the enchantments placed on Nemu.

The first season ended when Sakura moved back to America again after putting the magical tree to a deep slumber (withered). The withering of the magical tree caused a devastating effect to those who possessed magical powers. They lost the enchantments or abilities they used to have. 

In the second season, the storyline is set two years after the events of the previous season. This time, it is centered on Aisia, a young witch.

There are more characters introduced in this season and they are:

Konomiya Tamaki, a miko/priestess at a local Shinto shrine, possess the ability to see the future,

Kudou Kanae, actually a girl but dressed as a guy. A classmate of Junichi and Suginami,

Saitama Nanako, a shoujo manga artist. Suginami is one of her biggest fans,

Tsukishiro Alice, the daughter of the family of circus acrobats and

Aisia, who always screwed up her use of magic, wreaking havoc.

I thought to be fair, the second season should be the story about Junichi and Kotori since the first episode is mainly about the two of them but I was wrong; Nemu appeared again as a nurse trainee a few episodes later, meaning that there’s no chance for Kotori. Sakura also returns to Hatsunejima (the crescent shaped island where the storyline of Da Capo begin) somewhere in episode 18 or 19.

The conflict of the second season was the difference between the two wizards (witches) view of magic – Aisia’s idealistic view of magic versus Sakura’s realistic view of magic.

Aisia insist on resurrecting the magical tree to grant the wish of every girl but was told off by Sakura because magic is dangerous and can cause a devastating effect. After many attempts with the desire to grant all the girls who love Junichi a fair chance, she (Aisia) manages to revive the magical sakura tree.

Thus, a reset happened – everyone had forgotten the relationship of Junichi and Nemu. Soon, all the girls fawn over Junichi. It is obvious that Kotori will definitely win Junichi’s feelings but Sakura says it doesn’t work this way – everything will stay in a reset status until it is Aisia’s turn to gain Junichi’s feelings. She also said that Aisia had not realized that she harbored feelings for Junichi, which is why she was able to resurrect the magical sakura tree.

Aisia, seeing Junichi and Nemu suffering realized that like what Sakura had warned her – the tree will not hold back against hurting Nemu to grant her wish and comes to the same conclusion like what Sakura went through two years ago. She pleaded upon the tree to stop both Junichi and Nemu’s sufferings but was in vain. Finally she resorts to the final move, sending the tree into its deep slumber again and disappeared along with the petals of sakura, apologizing to everyone for the trouble she caused.

After Aisia disappeared, life goes on normally with Misaki joining in the gang. The seasons passed by swiftly and during spring, the wedding bells rang. Yeap, Junichi and Nemu appeared in front of the crowd consisting of mostly their friends, apparently just married.

At the ending of the episode, Aisia appeared as a hooded figure and visits their wedding as a more capable wizard without screwing up again that is – she caught the bouquet of flower Nemu throw and turned it into mini bouquets of flowers on each of the girls’ arms.

Overall I was quite disappointed with the ending…

Personally I prefer Junichi choosing Kotori over Nemu as I felt that both Junichi and Kotori are more suiting compared to Junichi and Nemu. But then who am I to criticize? At least I did enjoy the anime.

Found this in

Forgot where I found this...

Credits: Random Curiosity for the pictures.

While waiting for SK for the .avi versions of Da Capo, it's time to study... I have been slacking too much =/

Saturday, June 23, 2007


Few days ago, Jeff, Martin, Robert, Kelvin and I had our dinner at KFC.

Wondering where and how KFC originated from, I looked up for the history of KFC and found this:

This is the original KFC logo.

I didn't know we have KFC 300 - Spartan Fried Chicken or Kentucky Fried Spartans.

Anyone know any SFC outlets? =S

Friday, June 22, 2007


This is taken from SK's blog.. I tried it out of curiosity and this is what I get.. :S

You Are 50% Left Brained, 50% Right Brained

The left side of your brain controls verbal ability, attention to detail, and reasoning.
Left brained people are good at communication and persuading others.
If you're left brained, you are likely good at math and logic.
Your left brain prefers dogs, reading, and quiet.

The right side of your brain is all about creativity and flexibility.
Daring and intuitive, right brained people see the world in their unique way.
If you're right brained, you likely have a talent for creative writing and art.
Your right brain prefers day dreaming, philosophy, and sports.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Mini update

Qing, it’s been awhile since I last called you or smsed you.

Do you know that I inherited something from you during that 2 years period with you?

My friends said that I am always blur and usually lagging behind whenever they talked about certain topics.


I have been searching high and low for torrents containing Da Capo 1st season animes but gave up when the values of UL/DL showed up. Going for DDL in the end, oh well…

It started when SP introduced DC to me. At first, I was reluctant to add another anime to my list of animes-to-watch as I spend most of my time gaming. One day, out of curiosity, I visited faithful old youtube and streamed the anime. I got attracted, almost immediately.

Sakura, Kotori and Nemu

The degree students are currently having their final exams, study hard and all the best guys and girls!

P.S: SK, I'll do the tagging thingy when I have the time :)

Monday, June 11, 2007

Happy Birthday my friend!

Happy 19th Birthday Shao Wee! May all your dreams and wishes come true!


Many things happened today.

Jeff received a summon *cough* bribe *cough* because he talked to Shao Wee on the phone while driving. How did that happen? Below is a made up conversation told by Jeff himself…

After receiving ‘extra pocket money’ from a victim… He caught Jeff talking on the phone.

English Version

Policeman: *Points at Jeff * You! Go there (to the side of the road if not mistaken).
Jeff: *Obeys and park his car at the side of the road; attempting to get out of the car to receive his summon but was stopped by the policeman*
Policeman: Don’t get out of the car. *walks to his car and points out his mistake*

Few moments later…

Policeman: Do you want to get summoned? (Cool, you have a choice)
Jeff: (Of course not) *Begins to negotiate with that policeman*

In the end, Jeff paid 50 bucks and is allowed to leave. Typical policeman of Malaysia.

This is also known as a pastime for thieves. The procedure comes in 4 (3 actually) simple steps:

– Smash your target’s (any car) window,
– ‘remove’ the radio,
– Leave no traces of evidence and
– Enjoy your loot (by selling it of course).

If you are lucky, you won’t get caught, and if you are not, too bad.
But no matter what, they (theives) are always lucky. Until now, none of them ever got caught before.

It takes less than 30 seconds for someone to wreck another person’s day. This afternoon, it was Kelvin who noticed something amiss. Today’s not the day for the owner of vehicle Q SK 56 Toyota Altis - one window pane is missing.

It was fine when we last saw it, that is somewhere between 30 seconds to 1 minute. The window pane was smashed, leaving bits and fragments of glass hanging on its frame. Luckily the radio still stays in its original position. Maybe the thief is not after the radio?

Friday, June 08, 2007

Exam fever

A million thanks to Omar Amaro for sending me this song- Allegretto ~そらときみ~. I had been hunting for this song for months as it is an old song and also one rare piece by Kotoko.


There is one coming up in less than 12 hours time and another in 2 days time yet I am still here blogging and listening to songs. Geez, this is not the first time.

There are times when I just feel like ending my own life when my thoughts run wild. I hate exams, how nice if there are just assignments and more assignments as long as there are no exams. “Cool down” “Relax” “Chill” “Take things step by step” These are what both my friends and net friends said to me whenever I sighed again and again. No matter what comforting words I hear, I just could not take away the burden that is stressing me.

There are times when I regretted stepping foot into Swinburne but I always remind myself that Form 6 is many times harder. I always told myself that there is still time when there is barely any left. It seems like I am just a coward hiding from the reality.

Quoting a friend: “Ah Seng is more stressed than we are, he have assessments/tests almost everyday since few days ago.”

Ok, maybe my case isn’t that serious as I thought it is after all…

When my finals are approaching, I will always look for something else to do. A few examples would be playing computer games, reading novels, hunting for food, surfing the net, taking naps and many more. I’ll do anything as long as it is not related to studying.

Sigh. That explains why I failed 2 subjects during my first semester in Swinburne. =/

Off topic: I met my Study Info lecturer – Mdm Lye Mei Yin today, twice. Once is on my way to ChilliPepper for lunch and the other is somewhere around 9.30pm at Jalan Song when I am going out for some fellowship with friends.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

DotA 6.44b is out

I visited the WC more than 7 times yesterday.

Food poisoning?
6.44b Changelog:
* Fixed Pit of Malice tooltip
* Fixed issue with Templar taking Geomancer's spot as an Agi hero in -allagi
* Fixed a bug with Storm's Overload that made its attack counter inaccurate at higher attack speeds
* Fixed the issue that caused a checksum error to appear
* Killing a courier's image no longer announces the message as if it was real
* Fixed a bug with respawning that would respawn you faster if you had boughtback right before dying again
* Clarified Plague tooltip
* Fixed Cleave, Scattershot and various other spells from affecting Psionic Traps
* Fixed Boots of Travel working on Psionic Traps
* Fixed Vacuum from working on various exploitable areas
* Improved Plague visual effect
* Nerfed Plague damage amplification by 5% and changed the duration from 7/9/11 to 7/8/9 seconds
* Reduced Reverse Polarity mana cost and cd per level
* Lowered hp/armor on Raise Dead summons and increased bounty a little
* Fixed a bug that caused Plague to slow more than intended and said in the tooltip
* Displayed the player name when a tower is denied instead of his team name
* Clarified Life Break tooltip
* Nerfed str gain on Dirge
* Reduced Dirge model size very slightly
* Fixed Electric Rave from triggering Essence Aura, CotS
* Fixed Plague from giving the kill credit to the Dirge instead of the damage dealer
* Improved Luna base damage
* Fixed some issues with Meld
* Clarified Soul Rip tooltip
* Inner Vitality manacost is the same at all levels now (a nerf)
* Rebalanced Dark Portal. Aside from stat changes such as manacost/channeltime/duration, it cannot be cast from/to base and you can only transport through it once, not back and forth.
* Reduced the pause effect on vacuum considerably
* Added visual effect to transporting units through Dark Portal
* Changed the Storm soundset
* Fixed misc other minor issues

Grab your copy -here-

Monday, June 04, 2007

Smoking, huh?

Geez, two entries in a day. This might be late - DotA 6.44 is out, featuring 6 new heroes and many miscellaneous changes. I had been trying out the new heroes with clan mates this afternoon so was late to update it.
Go grab yours -here-.
Warning: Flames and vulgar words detected.

Ok, there’s this person who made known himself/herself as condom spamming in my chatterbox.

I don’t mind you spamming; at least I know I have ‘fans’ reading my blog, the more you spam, the happier I am. Why, you ask? Personally, I enjoy watching those who named themselves after something else scolding blog authors. It just shows how lame a person behind his/her monitor can be.

It started after I blogged the BBQ night entry, voicing out my dissatisfaction over it and Mr/Miss/Idiot condom started the fun by saying:

Quote: “Condom: so wad??? smoking oso wrong? suck ur own kuku lar!!!! tat might taste nicer!!! bodoh!!!”

My first impression is that Mr/Miss/Idiot condom probably had sucked (his?) own or someone else’s dick before and compare it to smoking. You probably like blowjobs and/or/while smoking but I don’t. Suits your nick anyway.

I thought this is the last I see ‘condom’. Who knows, he/she appeared again recently. I’ll just reply everything in one shot, whether you like it or not.

Quote: “Condom: whahahha...whose tat soonkiong...kepoh lar......i lovesssss calling myself condom so wad??”

From the way you talk, I am able to narrow down the list of suspects down to 2 guys and 2 girls. I don’t mind, you can call yourself condom all your life. Here’s an example of what will happen - PA system: Attention Mr/Miss Condom (insert desired surname here) Ah Beng/Ah Lian. The headmaster/headmistress calls for you.

Quote: “Condom: why u ppl thking so kolot type de??? dun u have any relative who smoke too??? or one day u might addicted to smoking den u know!!!!!!”

I do have relatives who smoke, and there’s nothing wrong with them smoking. One of my uncles left this world few years ago because he is a chain smoker. The veins inside his brain burst and he was screaming in pain before he fell into a coma. If you intend to end your life this way, by all means go ahead. You might say that won’t happen to you, neither did my uncle predicted that too, it came suddenly on one afternoon. The angel of death came and took him away from us. So there’s no chance I’ll ever be addicted to smoking.

Quote: “Condom: smoking its not killing myself!!!!!! my grandma smoke till now she is 90 still can lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

I would like to meet your grandma, period.

And finally,

Quote: “Condom: unlike u!!!!!! kolot !!!!!!! benci lar!!!!! delete aja blog kamu lar!!!! Sound so old and kolot!!!!!!!”

From the way you write/talk, it seems like you’re just a kid, if you’re not, then you’re a girl, and if you’re not, you’re a transvestite. I would like to ask you, whose blog is this? Mine or yours? If you think it’s old and conservative, why are you here? GTFO my blog.

It’s true that I am not able to track down the person using the nick ‘condom’, I do not want to anyway as I am quite positive that you are someone who was in 5 Beta before. Also, I do not wish to shame you by stating your name here SO be smart, step back and leave silently. I won’t mind if you insist on staying here and tell your friends to help you by flaming me. The more the merrier, no?

They say ‘Money keeps the world goes round’ but I say ‘Idiots like you keeps the chatterbox alive'.

Thanks for stopping by. You’re qualified to be my jester clown, whether you like it or not.


Yesterday, I shudder at the thought of joining the victims who lost their TI calculator and became very depressed. Before I am about to give up, a simple prayer lead me to my misplaced calculator ^ ^


Wisdom Tooth (since there’s only 1 for my case)

That vertically impacted tooth had been causing me a lot of problems like uneasiness and pain, there are times when my gums bleed because of it.

Ouch. =/