Wednesday, January 31, 2007

An invitation

This entry is an old one, it’s just that I’ve just received the photos from FY and decided to blog about it.

Few weeks ago, Jeff asked us if we want to join Lip Wei’s dinner. I was told that he moved into a new house and held a dinner for all his relatives and us as his friends were invited personally by him. His house is HUGE! Too bad I had not taken a photo of it...

There are more than 10 kinds of dishes and we all ate to our heart’s content. Since Chen and Jeff brought their laptops along with them, we had decided to link Lip Wei’s PC and the 2 laptops together and play in Bs3. I went to set up the connection using my router to get into the internet. The PC was able to use the internet but the 2 laptops failed to get into the internet no matter what configuration was used.

In the end, it was decided that we link the PC and the 2 laptops together and form a LAN network. The only game we played was DotA and it was with the AIs. All of us complained about it as the maximum number of players for each team is 5. And 5 AIs were not enough for 3 people to kill.

We played a number of games, taking turns to play as they were 5 of us. Time does not wait for anyone. It was already past midnight and we were still gaming. Chen fell asleep and FY took some pictures…

Jeff and Chen, Peace!

A close-up of Chen and Jeff . It seems like Chen is sleeping happily and Jeff is enjoying himself... XD

Chen woke up feeling irritated and uses the bolster to hide his face; Lip Wei with the peace symbol and... whose leg is that?

This is what we had for our supper.

Reached home at 0230 and my family was sound asleep. I dozed off moments later after letting my torrents to download.

I’ve noticed that there is a difference between playing DotA with a human and with an AI. There are many students in Swinburne playing DotA with AIs and the item builds were different for most heroes. It is possible for the students to perform very well in a 1v1 or 1v5 game as they had 3500 gold pieces to get the necessary items for their heroes to score last hits (gaining gold).

Most of them would brag around on how great they are with their skills and so on. Of course, most of us DotA players just give short comments or keep quiet when they brag about their skills to us. I’m not trying to say I’m better than they are as I know a few who are better than me in Swinburne; it’s just that they need to play with more real players instead of just Insane AIs to see the real picture.

AIs are programmed and will keep using the same waypoint and method as they depend on the triggers to perform, which makes it very easy to clean them up if a player memorized their paths whereas human players are different, an experienced player will always surprise one with nasty surprises and if the victim was caught off-guard, they must be prepared to wait for the revival of their hero.

Offtopic: There was this colleague of mine telling me that his skills are as good as mine. Since then, I had been waiting for his challenge but he never talked about it anymore. Oh well.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

A dream

Dreams, how does it really work? Does it link all the previous happenings all together into a piece and happen right before your eyes? According to Wikipedia, a dream is the experience of envisioned images, sounds, or other sensations during sleep. The events of dreams are often impossible or unlikely to occur in physical reality, and are usually outside the control of the dreamer.

After I rushed for my study info essay in the afternoon, I managed to finish it in the evening and played some games before having my dinner. After dinner, I felt like lying down on the bed and I did so. My eyes were still open and I’m wide awake, staring at the ceiling and thinking of what to say to my old friend if I met her again this Sunday. Suddenly, I went blackout and it was then the dream appeared to me.

That dream resembles nothing and I’m positive about it. I was thrown into a magnetized field like a time-portal which we always saw in sci-fi movies. I couldn’t move my body nor speak out a single word as I had no idea where I will be going to. Many weird people passed by including the faces of my friends and her.

Then, I was transported into a dark building, it looked like it had not been used for a very long time or it had been used but was never maintained. That place gives me the creeps as the surrounding looked like it was taken directly from the movie ‘Boo’. The building also had similarities with the hospital in the Tabuan Laru area as I had been into the hospital before except that it wasn’t lighted as it was supposed to be. The whole place was pitch-black and only a few lights worked but were flickering.

I only knew I was thinking of her and what to say to her before I reached here. Suddenly I saw the possessed lady from the movie ‘The Possessed’ appearing in front of me. Of course, I was taken aback. Considering what she might do as had happened in the actual movie. Strangely, she passed by without even stopping. Maybe she couldn’t see me. That was all I could think of.

I walked along the hallway alone and suddenly out of nowhere; I saw Kelvin, Jeff, Soon Ping and Shao Wee. I was wondering what they were doing here before I met Pauline, Esther and Jia Jia as the five of us walked down the hallway. Curiosity invaded me as I wondered why Robert and Siew Yong weren’t with their gang of friends. Soon Ping and Jeff were carrying their notebook with them as usual because he is the only one with the so called schoolbag that is bulging from behind and Jeff is holding his black bag with his right hand.

From then on, what happened later became blur to me. The few scenes I remembered was hearing someone teasing Pauline by saying the name of A., she had no response and suddenly disappeared into thin air. Strangely, we moved on without even looking for her. Then we came to a lift and Esther said she had to go. When the doors of the lift opened, there was no lighting inside the lift too – pitch-black like the whole building. Despite that, she stepped into the lift and wave goodbye to us continuously. Before the door closed, I knew I saw 2 dark bloody glowing eyes slightly above her staring at us and what horrified me was that the lift stopped at the 3rd floor and stopped moving.

Immediately, I realized this building is haunted. The scene from the movie ‘Boo’ all came to me at once. I recalled the whole movie and what happened to those people who ventured in – a gruesome death befall on them. Somehow, no one wanted to leave the building and went on, deeper into the core of evil itself. There was a stairway at the end of the path we headed. One could stare at the gap of the stairway and see nothing but darkness and a deep-red glow; it was as if the stairs were made for souls to travel to hell.

Before the stairway was a vending machine, a few of us were thirsty and went towards the vending machine. That machine does not accept any coins but notes only. We tried forcing a RM5 bill into it but it did not work. Then a piece of hell note appears out of no where and one of us used it on the vending machine reluctantly. The machine accepted the note and we pressed the drinks we wanted and there was an ear-piercing shriek. Something swift and massive was coming towards us and I fade into darkness again.

I woke up and wondered if I am already dead. I’m lying on something soft but not too comfortable. It was my own bed. It was 2300. The dream happened during 2030 to 2300. I only knew that some pieces of my dream came from the real world.

It was Thursday 1930; Kelvin, Jeff, Jin Thad and I were outside waiting for Francis. While waiting, Pauline, Siew Yong, Esther and Jia Jia along with their friends came out and waited at the lobby for their own respective cars. Someone teased Pauline on A. but she ignored it and went off with Siew Yong. I waved goodbye to Esther after Kelvin greeted her which I misunderstood it as a goodbye wave. She said she’s not going yet and my friends laughed at me. Jeff took us to Tabuan Jaya’s marketplace for dinner and while on the way home, we passed by the new hospital in Tabuan Laru area. He said that the movie ‘The Possessed’ happened here. So that explains why I had these in my dream.

I doubt I would be able to sleep right now while I blog this entry as I was still wide awake and my right kneecap colored in red. Usually, when I was afraid of something, I would purposely inflict pain on my right kneecap as there was a wound on it. Just squeezing the wound would not work even though it is painful. I had to use a needle or safety pin to pierce into my skin until the tip of the needle come out, only then I will pull the needle upwards. Blood and peach-colored substance came out together sometimes as the wound bursts. Only then will I overcome the feelings of fear within me. That was also one of the reasons why I am immune to pain even though I acted like I was in pain when my friends ‘greeted’ me with slaps on the back as I was already so used to severe pain and slaps to the back were nothing compared to that.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Jeff misplaced his wallet today; the possible location of the wallet is in the lobby, the library and the 5th floor. Please do return it to him if you found it. A million thanks!

Btw, a friend of mine showed me this: The real Superman is from India

Enjoy the short clip :)

Edit: Jeff found his wallet, no worries.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Should I or shouldn't I?

I saw her again. It has been five years since I last talk to her, and to make things worse, the last sentence I spoke to her was to scold her. There are many things I wanted to tell her, including an apology.

Should I approach her or shouldn’t I?


I did not sleep last night. Maybe I did, maybe I didn’t as I kept waking up after closing my eyes for 1 or 2 hours. I stole a few hours of sleep at noon before going out for a movie with my friends. Around 1430, I received a call from Jeff. The only words I heard from him was inform SP, SW, ZW and Robert that we will be watching movie at 1630 and to be at the cinema at 1615 because I was only half-awake.

I purposely called my dad home to send me to the cinema and we left home at around 1600. On the way, my parents asked me “Isn’t that Jeff’s car?” then I realize that I must have missed what he had said earlier to me at 1430 about picking me up. I apologized to my dad and hop on to Jeff’s car and whispered a quick goodbye to my parents before going off. Luckily he did not mind. During the journey to the cinema, my friends said luckily they came earlier, if not things would have messed up.

The movie we watched was Death Note 2: The Last Name. “The human whose name is written in this note shall die.”Light Yagami is an elite university student and a genius. When a shinigami (God of Death) dropped 'Death Note' on Earth, Light picks it up and decides to keep it.

With his father being a police inspector, Light has a strong sense of justice and is determined to wipe out all criminals using the Death Note. Dispersing justice obsesses him and he envisions himself as a god in the crimeless utopia he plans to create. As criminals continue to die in unexplainable ways, people start saying that it's the work of a 'messiah' who they call, Kira.

International Criminal Police Organization (ICPO) deploys its best 'weapon,' L, the genius investigator to solve the mystery. L's superior intelligence seems a sure bet in cornering Kira. Light evades L though, by utilizing his intelligence and the mysterious power of the Death Note. As attempts to catch Kira become more elaborate, Light makes a daring move. He devises a way to be part of the 'Kira Task Force' with his identity concealed. But L has been waiting for this opportunity. Light and L finally meet. Now their psychological duel enters a new phase. Whoever is careless for even a split second will lose.

While the geniuses are busy dealing with each other, another Death Note drops to Earth. Rem, a shinigami, brings the second notebook and Misa Amane comes into possession of it. She is a pop star and a Kira worshipper. Now becoming a Kira herself, she accepts the offer to have the Eyes of the Death. With the Eyes of the Death, one can know the name of any person without being told.

With this special ability given by the Eyes of the Death, Misa offers to work with Light.
Together they intend to find the true identity of L so that his name can be written in the Death Note. But L intervenes with their scheme and succeeds in capturing Misa. Light surrenders so that he can be nearer to Misa. But of course, he has incredible plans to turn around the situation with the Death Note.

Sakura Television Broadcasting has made a name with its sensational Kira coverage. Kiyomi Takada is one of the news journalists who have been following the case for a long time. One day her life alters forever when she becomes the third person to possess the Death Note.With the disclosure of the new rules of the Death Note, the mystery becomes so complex that even the geniuses Light and L are perplexed. Amongst this chaos, only one person sees through the whole thing. Wondering who will win and who will die? The answer is written in Death Note 2 the Last name! Go watch it!

The ending is not what the majority wanted including me, even though I knew how it would end before watching the movie. The movie lasted for almost 2 and ½ hours, I wanted to answer nature’s call during the climax of the movie but resisted till the end because I do not wish to miss any part of the story.

Offtopic: Erika Toda is a beauty!

We met up with Ah Seng, ZW, KT, DL and ES. Everyone including me tried out archery. RM3 for 12 arrows, it’s worth a try. In return for the experience in archery, I was rewarded with a couple of bruises on my left arm because I had no idea how to attach the arrow to the bow and fire it. We had our dinner at Tun Jugah after using up all the arrows.

After everyone filled their stomachs, we went to the lifts as Jeff’s car was in B2 floor, Tun Jugah car park. Somehow, the lift we went in to was jammed and the door won’t close no matter how hard we press the ‘close’ button. There were 2 young ladies going into the lift too and waited patiently for us to press the ‘close’ button. It was futile. In the end, we (all 7 together) headed off to another lift and luckily it worked. But the drawback was that the lowest floor the lift could reach is the 1st floor. One would have to take the stairs if he/she does not want to wait.

We walked towards a path that leads to 2 doors which we thought were the stairs. Instead, it was for authorized personal only and we had to turn back. The two girls were following us blindly all the way all the way. They decided to take the lifts and we guys took the stairs. On the way down to the basement floor, Chen said something like “later the girls will follow us into the car.” Unfortunately, the stairs only reached the 1st basement floor and not the 2nd one so we waited for the lifts. Luck was on our side as the arrow pointing downwards appeared in the panel of the lift.

When the lift’s door opened, we saw those 2 girls again and they were giggling and we laughed, somehow. It was quite a funny and silly moment to me because we could just wait awhile for the lift since that’s the only way down to basement 2 besides taking the long walk of circling around the car park to reach our target.

The next few hours were spent in Dotcom CC. Despite the popularity of the CC, it was my first time stepping into it. The games played were DotA, CS, SDO and some other unidentified online games. I chose not to play as I was not familiar with the PCs. My friends played a round of DotA using –spar mode as all the players are friends. From here, one would comment that a tiny mistake can change the tide of the game. The Sentinels were being overpowered by the Scourge all the while and had lost 2 out of the 3 sides of their base.

Personally, I’d praise Chen for his extremely high morale. Despite one of the players in Sentinel complaining that there’s no hope to play on. He played on, throwing all he had with him even though the odds of winning are 5 out of 100. In the end, the Sentinels won the game. The Scourge was only 1 or 2 seconds slower to snuff out the life from the World Tree. Besides Chen, the credit also goes to Jeffrey, Aaron and the other 2 players for putting up such a fight.

I had to go back home earlier as I forgot to take out my house keys. Sigh.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

When there's a will, there's a way

Recently I started watching Hana Yori Dango 2; I get to know about that series in Randomc. Going through the screenshots and I felt tempted to watch this series even though I rarely have interest in Japanese movies. There are times when I regretted for not learning Japanese language when I had the chance because I am watching a number of animes and always have to wait for the ones with subtitle, including Hana Yori Dango 2. It would have been better if I understand Japanese language and just go for the raw series/animes/movies… =/

Late afternoon, I met an old friend of mine from Mr. Mok’s tuition at the lobby. He is Mohd. Izzudin aka Izzo. Seeing him makes me recall those who were taught by Mr. Mok during the fifth year in secondary school and they are Johnny, Cui Han, Frieda, my godsister Catharine, Luan Jia (nicknamed Jay Chou because her name tag was L.J. Chow), Jonathan, Timothy, Mohd. Izzudin. The guys are usually wild and I was influenced by them. Mr. Mok once said “the class is quiet when Izzudin isn’t around, how nice could it be?” But heck, a quiet class isn’t what we want. The class was boring without Izzudin around as he would usually crack up jokes and questioned Mr. Mok with irrelevant questions at times that could make all the students burst out laughing.

Apparently, Izzudin took foundation in engineering course along with other students during the January intake. As far as I know, the total number of new students was 58 – 18 taking FND ENG, and the remaining took FND BUS. There might be more new students during the March intake as there were over 300 students during the March intake last year. Well, it depends. You see, the only twin lifts are still left untouched after the fire outbreak at 11th December and that worsened the current situation in Swinburne as the notice said that they had to wait for the cables from West Malaysia to arrive, only then will they be able to repair the damaged lifts.

Around 1900 in campus, 3 friends of mine met up with me and my group of friends. They complained about one of their group members for not doing his part of the assignment given by the lecturer. He had been skipping classes since early January, and recently, most of us were like strangers to him. He is a complete opposite of who he was last time. The reason behind his change of behavior would be his girlfriend as most of us had agreed. We began to talk in unison about the couple.

Obviously, they wanted to help the couple, especially the guy. I won’t talk further about this. All I know is that he had been missing most of the time when his own group wants him to do his part of the group assignment. They knew about him and his girlfriend too as the news of the couple spread like wildfire. Somehow, they dislike the girl because of some reasons which shall not be mentioned here. Even though I am friends with them, there are times that I cannot cover for them all the time when things go ugly.

Here's a better picture of the story. - Chen's new blog.

I’d like to advise them too but my conscious told me not to butt into other people’s business so I’ll just say everything here. From the bottom of my heart, I do sincerely hope the relationship between the both of you will blossom. But then, you must learn to be rational. From what I had observed, the relationship grew too fast. I’m not trying to say that’s not good, but my previous encounter on the same situation in secondary school taught me a valuable lesson.

There was this couple whom we thought they would last till they get married or w/e anyone name it. Their relationship grew too fast, in fact, out of control. Within the 1st month, you could see them in the world of their own. They just do w/e any couple would do to each other, which includes kissing, hugging, touching and the list goes on but not sex as far as I know (I know this might tell you all that I’m a busybody but actually I’m not. Ask anyone in the same class with the couple and they will give the same answer). They care not of those around them so you could just picture a couple in front of you hugging, kissing, w/e.

On their 2nd month anniversary, something went wrong. Nobody noticed it until it had turned really bad. The guy is trying to break up with the girl but she doesn’t want to leave him. I remembered clearly that it began in the chemistry lab. She was holding and pulling his hand tightly pleading with him while he looked ignorant and tried to shake her hands off futilely. The girls in the class saw what happened and tried to calm that girl down, telling her that it is a shame to do so. After school had ended at 1200, the students headed to the canteen for lunch as there was an EST class at 1300.

During the EST class, a number of the students including me slipped out of the class and went to our own classroom (we had our EST class at another class). Those who slipped out of the class were concerned for the couple, especially the girl as everyone saw her actions in the chemistry lab moments ago. Apparently they (the couple) were still in the class talking loudly (more like quarreling). No one wanted to step up and stop the couple until we heard footsteps from behind. It was our EST teacher.

Apparently someone must have told her (the teacher) about the couple. She heard the quarrels and shakes her head before getting other teachers to break the couples up. I knew nothing on what happened later but our teacher told us that the couple was troublesome. The girl was holding on the guy’s hand tightly when they were escorted to the teachers’ office. They were given a period of counseling by the teachers-in-charge before sending both of them home.

When questioned, the reason given by the guy was that she was too controlling and it made it hard for him everyday as his girl friends kept away from him, saying that he already had a girl himself and they would not want to get in his way. The declarations of “I love you forever” from the guy to the girl and from the girl to the guy became a sweet memory of the past.

They never realized that in a relationship, nothing is forever. Even the beauty of roses does not last forever; they will wither and die after a period of time. Being hasty doesn’t bring any positive benefits to a relationship; instead, it might bring what you would never ever expect. A relationship is like wine, it gets better when it grows older. Provided it is kept in a good condition. If it is not, it turns into vinegar, sour to the taste and becomes worthless.

To write out everything would take hours and hours so I’ll stop here.

My friend, are you abandoning your own friends for your girlfriend? Almost everyone felt a gap when conversing with you. Of course, we are not asking you to leave her because of us, nobody would do so. We just want to wake you up from your wonderland, you can choose to listen to those who care for you or just ignore us. We won't force you to go with our will. The finals are at the edge, skipping class will only raise the percentage of your failure rate for the 3 subjects you took. Right?

Sunday, January 14, 2007

The Pirate Bay

TPB or The Pirate Bay is planning to buy the Micronation of Sealand as this article here mentioned that it (Sealand) was for sale recently.

They (TPB) are currently seeking donations from everyone – Donate and you will become a citizen of their new country.

— It should be a great place for everybody. With high-speed Internets access, no
copyright laws and vip accounts to The Pirate Bay, press officer of ACFI says.

Amazing idea... imagine what you can do... without copyrights.. knowledge will
be growing in a super fast way.. thepiratebay is really writing the history......

To read more about it, click here.

Is it something good or bad? Opinions anyone?

Dota v6.40 is out

Previously I did mention that someone leaked out the information of DotA v6.40. Well, that one was a joke actually; I hope no one took it seriously.

Now this is the real thing, its out at late afternoon but I was too lazy to blog an entry.

Get it Here

6.40 Changelog

Reworked Neutral Creep abilities and mechanics to better balance them out

Improved Leshrac's base str

Reduced Chen and THD movement speeds

Mangus's Shockwave cooldown reduced from 12 to 11/10/9/8

Increased Shadow Fiend's movement speed

Improved Berserker's Call AOE by 25

Increased base armor on Harbinger

Lowered initial wait time before drafting starts in -rd

Improved Presence of the Dark Lord AOE

Lowered level 1 Hawk ms and vision

Removed entangle from level 1-3 of Spirit Bear

Reduced Sanity's Eclipse cooldown from 200 to 160

Fixed Radiance Effect in center of map when Spirit Bear dies with it

Improved HP on Spiderlings

Lowered Siege units armor

Increased Razor's base damage a bit

Reduced Watcher's cooldown

Fixed some bugs with Shallow Grave not workling properly on units that morph

Sent and Scourge are now colored in -rd text display

Lowered Hawk HP and gave them bounty

Fixed a rare but serious bug with Geomancer leveling up

Satanic life steal increased from 23% to 25%

Increased Eye of Skadi slow duration from 2 to 3 seconds when used by melee heroes

Restored normal hero name display

Fixed roshan exploit with Geomancer

Reworked Shallow Grave a bit, it has a duration now

You now see a decline message when someone refuses to swaphero

Fixed an old bug with level 3 Elder Form attacking gem

Fixed a few typos


Edit: Forgot to include the title for this entry.

Saturday, January 13, 2007


Friday’s the day for all students taking LAN subjects to hand in their SIaLS task 2; it was no exception for me too. But somehow, the deadline had been changed to the coming Tuesday. Meaning to say that if a student hands in his or her work during Saturday to the coming Monday, he or she will still get the total marks of 8/100.

After my class had ended, I asked my friends to wait for me while I help my lecturer to carry the entire task 2 from other students in my class to her car. On the way, she told the main reason she came to teach part-time in Swinburne was to learn referencing herself. I guess the pay for all part-time lecturers are the same, no matter what qualifications one has – RM60 per hour fixed. Why had I said so? My previous EMA lecturer, Miss Voon also said she was paid RM60 per hour to teach us students.

After bidding farewell to her, I went back and joined my friends who were waiting for me in the lobby. We took a short while to think of a place for our dinner, in the end, we had decided to have it in Tabuan Jaya marketplace. Called Robert on the way and he tagged along too, Zhi Wei and Kheng Seng came too. I met my parents in the market and was slightly surprised. They came to get some cookies and cakes for tonight’s cell group meeting.

After we finished our meal, we headed over to High Vision CC and played an old time favorite game – CS for an hour. The sound of shouting and screaming overpowered the speakers of the PCs. After that, most of us had a glass of sugar cane before heading back to Swinburne to practice singing some mandarin songs for the upcoming February intake students. The training commenced and Robert used an old program – sound recorder to record our singing and did a playback, so it would be easier for us to locate our mistakes and correct them easily. I took my leave at around 2135 and reached home in a while.

I was downloading ‘The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi’ recently, thanks a lot Tung Ing for the torrent. Anwar passed me a DVD this afternoon, containing ‘The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi’ and all the soundtracks. He happened to met me last night in MSN and I told him about it, and was glad that he did have the anime I wanted. Even so, I left the torrent to download as it was nearly halfway done. As I am typing now, the download is reaching its final stages - 99.4%. The reason I download that anime even though I have the copy of the anime was because the disc was a DVD type. Few weeks ago, Soon Ping and Tung Ing both passed me Tsubasa Chronicles Series 1 and 2, and sadly, I couldn’t watch a single episode because I don’t have a DVD-rom and I’m not sure when will I be able to get my hands on one. =/

Around 0030, Shao Wee told me about Chen’s blog and express his disappointment towards the choir club, I couldn’t agree less. This entry is taken directly from the blog, nothing is altered.

Disappointed to Choir Club

Well... as part of the Choir Club staff members... I really
disappointed to the way Choir Club decide things... We keep singing... but we
dont realise that we are having internal problem too. The best example is when
we are having presentation, we always do things in last minutes. Giving me less
than 12 hours time to finish a power point works, practising a song in last
minute, and also creating unneccessary posts like powerpoint designer, singing
assistant, and more. Well... what can I do? lol... whatever opinions come out
from little people like us... will never get accepted. Well im out from the
staff members. i rather be normal member.
And one more last thing is a new
member who only attend the practise for 2 times, and now they are thinking to
elect her as leader... wow... what the hell is going on here? Have you ever
think of how the old members feel? and furthermore everyone doesnt like her at
all... talk so loud and act like a leader...i dont see any good things from her
besides shouting all the time... =.= and they still suggest her to be a
leader... gosh... i rather let her to be rubbish collector than be a leader

Not that I’m complaining but there are many things that I agree with Chen. For example, do things during the last minute. Well, the majority of Swinburne students do their work like assignments and tasks during the last minute, some even asked for an extension. The 2nd thing I would like to stress is my disappointment towards my superiors.

How sad... jordan and Judieth are planning to elect her as saprano
leader... lol... dont you think our committee are giving too many nonsense
suggestions? like... powerpoint presentation designer, singing assistant ( laura
is going to be ) , electing unneccessary people, and others... actually we can
give these job to any of us right? and the troublesome Dual-sex human is dream
to be a leader, come on...? She can never be leader with that stupid F*CK
attitude. tulan...

This new member, whom I do not even give a damn to find out her name, is a pain to the eye. Whatever Chen had mentioned in the quote is true or not, I would hope for the latter. I do not disagree with those positions like powerpoint presentation designer, singing assistant and so on, actually, if we look it on the other side, these position gives more members a chance to hold a position in the club, which will likely raise their morale in a way, to make the members come more often, knowing that they had a position in the club. Well, that’s my POV.

What I disagreed with is this new member, who claimed to have lots of talents and experiences in singing is going to become one of the leaders. What I’m trying to convey in my message is not that I do not believe in what she says BUT the majority DISLIKES her. I'm sure that there are many who dislikes her but the majority kept quiet. Some Swinburne bloggers like me and Chen are likely to blog about our disappointment and disagreement of appointing her to be the head of us which is going to bring disunity among our members and wreck the choir club, completely. I had seen that she is already taking control – during practice, she tends to take lead and correct us, give instructions on this and that which I find it very annoying.

Imagine a junior coming from other state and joined the choir club after leaving her criticisms and is now trying to teach us how to sing. It's not a matter of pride or dignity that I dislike younger people to come and teach us; we have our own tutor, Irene. She is tenfolds better than you are! It is the moment she shouted at us all changed my view towards her completely. I had thought that maybe she wasn't that bad after all, giving constructive criticisms but shouting at your seniors is out of the mind.

Sometimes, I wonder why they would want to elect her to be a soprano leader. Her voice is so dry and old to begin with – a complete 180 degrees compared to the current soprano members. Anyway, IMPO, her voice doesn’t even blend in with the altos, what to say the sopranos? If our choir club happens to perform outside the campus again, I’m sure you could see the number of birds falling from the sky increasing steadily.

Well, like it or not, we can only obey our superiors. There is no point to go against them because of one f*cked-up attitude junior. I might change my mind, IF and ONLY she changes her attitude 1st. Like I had mentioned in my previous posts before; your position at the peak of a mountain and the head of a pack does NOT make you the ruler of the oceans. C’mon, it’s just your 3rd time attending the choir club practice and you are trying to be in charge? That’s some guts you have there.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Just another day

My day in campus begins at 1321, after returning a book and borrowed another new one in the library, Kelvin and I went up to room 5.03 for our choir club gathering. Irene questioned me about the presentation on last week.

It all began on last Friday. We choir members were called up to come to campus at 0830 even though there are still some who came as late as 0930. The objective of this meeting was to perform for the orientation for the January intake Foundation level students. Irene came with a black plastic bag containing around 40 copies of song notes and lyrics, everyone performing was given a copy of it and we began immediately after a quick warming up. It took us less than an hour to get the tune right and around 2 hours to sing the song till the end. The title of the song is “Pass it Along!” We had our lunch break at 1130 and were told to come back before 1300. The majority went to Expert food court located at Jalan Song.

Around 1330, the freshmen were called to enter the auditorium where all the Presidents or person-in-charge of the clubs in Swinburne are to introduce and promote their respective clubs to the new students. After a number of presidents and PIC came up to the stage to give their speech on their club, it was the choir club’s turn. After a short introduction, all the singers began to walk up the stage into their position, preparing to sing to the audience. It was all messed up as Irene did not come up to conduct us, so we choir members were on our own. Only then I realize that our group of singers could not perform well without her. Even as I write this, I am not blaming her for that. It was over.

Despite that, criticisms came in soon, one girl from Perak came and commented on our performance – the performance is short of instruments, the singers’ voices are too soft, and the list goes on… bla bla bla, yada yada yada. I said nothing and took what she said as constructive criticism. She joined the choir club though as she said she represented her state in choir competition.

Well basically, that’s what happened during the orientation day.

Before all the choir members are present, Kelvin, Ah Seng, Shao Wee and I went over to room 5.04 to give Jess a birthday celebration and a surprise. I was told that Jeff, Soon Ping, Shao Wee, Ah Seng and the rest went to get a black forest + fresh cream cake for her as a surprise. She came along with our “Pro Geng” aka Fung Yun. There’s a reason behind his given nickname, I’ll talk about it later.

We took out the birthday cake and Jeff lighted the candles one by one. As the usual birthday ceremony, we sang a “Happy Birthday” song, followed by her making a wish before taking the life out of the candles. Before I continue further, I shall announce a new couple in Swinburne – Jessica and Fung Yun. How long they had been together is unknown to me but I’m glad things turn out well for them and wish their relationship to blossom. We ‘persuade’ them to kiss each other before they cut the cake. Again we ‘persuade’ them to play “Pass the Cherry”. It is a simple game of passing the cherry with your mouth and nothing else beside your mouth. So… here’s a short clip of what happened. Credits to Soon Ping for uploading it to youtube for the convinience of viewing.

Pass the Cherry

We nicknamed Fung Yun as PG or Pro Geng because whatever he does is always outstanding. For this case, they kissed each other during the mini birthday party even though they were only coupled recently - last week Friday if I'm not mistaken.

After that, we went back to 5.03 and began practicing the same song again. Nothing much had happened during the 1st hour. After 1430, only then that girl from Perak came with her group of friends. I looked at her with disgust, she looked neither like a male nor a female; a mixture of both IMO. No offence, period. Irene then gave a short speech on how we should behave ourselves when everyone talked at the same time, of course, all of us are like close friends, excluding the new members. So we tend to be linear with each other, like playing around and making jokes (though we are supposed to be serious). Then suddenly, that bitch (the girl from Preak) suddenly scolds us all on the top of her voice because someone was talking. It goes like this “Can you shut up/keep quiet? Someone is talking!” everyone was taken aback but said nothing.

I’d like to clarify something; I kept quiet not because I am intimidated by you. If I had not shown any respect (give face in mandarin) to our president, Jordan and our conductor, Irene, I’d gladly slap you, not only me, but quite a number of us WILL SLAP YOU and throw you out of the room. Think of your own fucking position before raising your voice. You may be the conductor or w/e position you were in your previous choir group representing your state, but our conductor, Irene’s own group of singers represented Malaysia. There’s nothing great in you. Your action is giving a bad impression to all the senior members of the club.

As Jacq had said before, both men and women should be treated equally, I will treat you like how I would treat any guy who does so too. Indeed I do have soft spots when it comes to treating girls; I’m sure most of the guys out there have soft spots too BUT… I don’t have any soft spot for girls with the likes of you. I may be quiet most of the time but that doesn’t mean you can step on my head. I don’t show my anger easily, but once I've shown it, be prepared to go to hell; that is when I don’t give a damn whether you’re a guy or a girl, whether you are a ghost or a creature.

Reading my post and got upset over it? I’ll give you (the girl mentioned above) a solution to solve your problem. F*ck off, your not welcomed here.

Pardon me for the vulgar words used.

Monday, January 08, 2007

A friend of mine once said that his life was controlled by his parents; so is mine.

It gives a very irritating feeling like a leech draining your blood from your body, dry.

I have nothing more to say. Good night.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

DotA v6.40 changelog leaked!

6.40 Change log

* Two new items, the Ironwood Log and the Boots of Backdoor <-- !?

* Courier Chicken and Roshan models switched

* -em removed

* Every mod now has an invisible frog named after them

* Buffed Damage on Divine Rapier to 500, but now drops if attacked by the enemy <-- lol.

* If Roshan gets killed every hero in a 2000 aoe will get bacon in their inventory

* Roshan now patrols between the rivers now and then

* Reworked Hand of Midas and Helm of Dominator, both are now able to cast on trees

* Dagon now gives an extra 5 damage when upgraded (hopefully this will encourage players to upgrade Dagon)

* Heroes that have been removed from DotA (Invoker, Gambler, etc) now randomly spawn at creep locations as creeps

* Laguana Blade, Finger of Death, and Dagon can now be casted at allies (for denying purposes only please)

* Typing -newbie will show you a full list guide and strategy for the hero you are playing

* Typing -aion/-aioff will toggle the fully automated ai system for your hero (thanks to Cloud_str), useful for afking, laziness, or player incompetence

* Lich is now a melee hero

* Techies is now a strength hero

* Clinkz strafe reworked: when in strafe, every time clinkz attacks, he has a 30% chance to stun himself and deal himself 80 damage <-- the funniest of all!

* Geomancer is now compatible with the scepter (scepter enables his spawns to share all items) <-- godlike.

* Neurbian Weaver's watchers are invulnerable and deal 30-40 chaos damage with an attack speed of 1.2 <-- everyone play nerubian weaver please.

* Naix Strength gain buffed slightly to 3.2 per level

* Stealth Assassin regains his death ward

* Lucifer's scorched earth now silences all enemies and allies in the area

* Pugna's Decripify is now usable on trees

* Vengeful spirit can only swap allied heroes or Roshan.

* Stealth Assasin permanent invisibility is now an active skill (drains 10 mana per second)

* Smokescreen now affects allies too

* Removed mana flare from Netherward

* Chaos Knight now deals chaos damage

* Furion's teleport now triggers a ping as well as a swirl

* Tinker no longer can refresh items

* Broodmother no longer gains permanent invisibility inside web

* Ursa cannot use Lothars (hopefully this will encourage some new item builds)

* Ursa range increased from 150 to 500 <-- deadly.

* Pulse Nova now affects towers <-- probably ranked the best tower wreckers next to death prophet.

* Meat Hook now homes into heroes (much like Tinker's rocket) <-- newbies playing pudge can own pros!

* Stormbolt mana cost decreased from 140 to 139 <-- wtf is this for?

* Fissure effect now lasts indefinitely, but can only have 1/2/3/4 fissure walls in play at a time <-- 4 walls is more than enough, 3 to block the entrance to your base, 1 for show.

* Removed 'Heal' from Liberated Souls, replaced with Meat Hook (auto casts) <-- mini pudges

* Removed the cap on Necromastery and Chen's Conversion

* Essence aura now regens HP as well as MP

* Sunder now swaps the heroes items as well <-- awesome.

* Increased smokescreen AoE. Is about the same as Scorched earth now <-- awesome.

* Laguna Blade with Scepter now bounces like chain lightning <-- HOT!

* Silencer intelligence steal tweaked to 10 per kill <-- awesome.

* Battle Hunger now lasts indefinitely until the target kills a unit

* Furion ultimate now bounces off trees if it has nothing better to hit <-- lol.

* Chicken now has suicide

* Nerfed inDe_eD

* Techies' suicide effect now sprays confetti <-- lol.

* Added a *massive* blood spray effect to units caught by Pudge's Dismember

* Harbinger renamed to 'Harby'

* Moved the color change effect from Morphling to Phantom Lancer

* Jakiro's turnspeed increased from .5 to .99

* Heroes who have the Divine Rapier without Aegis charges now have a '!' above their heads <-- cute.

* Divine Rapier costs 3 wood

* Fixed a bug where Faceless Void could walk in Chronosphere <-- lol.

* Fixed a bug that prevented Poison Nova from killing heroes

* Fixed an exploit that allowed a hero to control Roshan

* The snowman now has a snazzy top hat

* Smoe tyops fxied

I balanced DotA, lol.

The above was extracted from DotA-Allstars website.

<-- personal notes.

Anyone up for v6.40? Lolness.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

A case of thievery... again.

Yesterday, during one fateful noon, some jerk smashed the window of Jeff’s car and escaped with a PSP and around 800 Ringgit. Those items stolen belong to Jin Thad, another friend of mine. It happened in the compound of Swinburne! Can you believe that? Either the security guards were slacking or useless or they were the thieves of the missing items reported over and over since the last few months when the renovation began. The same thievery case happened to another colleague of mine few months ago, the item stolen was a laptop and the window panes was shattered by some barbaric brutes.

It must have been hard to accept it even though he still laughed and played around and he seemed unaffected by the theft when I met him after I finished my Malaysian Studies class. Indeed it was a stressful day – slept at 0400 even though I have a mid-term test for Malaysian Studies at 1330; I forced myself to wake up at 0830, not to study but to play some games and read books till 1130 then only I have the mood to run through the pages of the Malaysian Study text book.

I went to campus with Kelvin at 1300 and did some final revision before entering the exam room. The time limit for the test is 1530; even so, I saw a friend of mine, Vincent, left the exam room after 10 minutes. Maybe he studied well and the test was nothing to him. Nevertheless, I took around 30 minutes to finish the paper. Well, not totally. There are a few sections that I left blank as I had no idea what the question is talking about. During the next 20 minutes, one by one, the students came out and began to talk in unison on the questions. There were some debates on the answers of the question too.

After my usual gang came out, we went to the lounge for card games, monopoly and carom to burn the remaining 3 hours before our tutorial class at 1730. We skipped MS lecture at 1530 because no one was in the mood to listen to the lecture. I was told that our lecturer, Mr. Bujang actually gave answers to students who asked him on the questions of the test.

Are lecturers allowed to do so? That’s something new to me…

Monday, January 01, 2007

Why must my sleeping hours be controlled by you? This is 2007's 1st day. Can I not be excused? It is 3.30am now. You're tired and I can tell it. WHY NOT YOU JUST GO AND SLEEP AND LEAVE ME BE!?