Sunday, July 30, 2006

Thinking of you

I received a sms today.

Sometimes I sms you,
Sometimes I don’t,
Sometimes I reply,
Sometimes I won’t,
But no matter how many times that sometimes is,
You are my friend… not for sometimes but forever…

Be it a forwarded sms or a sms from you yourself,
It may mean nothing to you but it does bring a smile to me.

Actually, I wanted to take biology in Form 6 and not to further my studies in Swinburne. But I was told that all biology classes are all young ladies, which means there is a very high chance that I will be the only male in the class. So I changed my mind and went to Swinburne instead.

I know it is weird for a guy to like biology as I understand all my guy friends took physics and even gals took physics. Well for some reason, I like biology more than physics. I’m not trying to say that biology is easier than physics as it is the other way round for most people.

Fell sick today, running nose and sore throat sure is annoying. I always told myself that running nose and sore throat is nothing; maybe it is something to me this time.

Sometimes, I am thinking of you, wondering if you are thinking of me too. Have not seen you for the past 4 months, I wonder how are you doing now…

Friday, July 28, 2006

Don't test me.

Like I said to a person months ago - Don't test me.

I may smile at you even when you commit retarded actions,
I can still smile at you even if you write or say bad things about me,
I will still smile at you even when you stab me from behind,
If and only you are a stranger to me, I wouldn't give a damn,
But if you are someone I knew and someone I could say I am close to, watch your back.

If you go overboard, you MAY NOT be able to see the next daylight. Don't think you are the boss of me and you can do anything you like without any restrictions.

You are still young and inexperienced, your position at the peak of a mountain and the head of a pack does NOT make you the ruler of the oceans.

Take note that those words above are just to symbolize a situation. If only you are too stupid to understand it.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Weird + Addiction

I’d like to state that my campus is a weird and an illogical campus. Why? Below are a few reasons which support my statement.

Firstly, the timetable. It looks normal when you first read through it. When you read through it again carefully and analyze it, you will realize that the groups you are assigned to (we are not allowed to choose our own group for lecture and tutorial this semester for some unknown reason) is very lame and stupid. For example: I went for an hour class ONLY and that’s it for today, I can choose to spend my time in campus or go home. Damn, what a waste of time.

Secondly, regarding lecturers. During English lesson classes (AR and RSaRW); we are encouraged to converse in English and English ONLY. But guess what? Our lecturer speaks to us with a rojak language aka mixed language. There’s English, then Malay, then English again. Weird huh? I thought English lesson lecturers are supposed to speak only English.

“Plagiarism is a serious crime in higher level of education. For example: In the internet, you took someone’s work and buta-buta take it and name it as your own.”

The above sentence might not be 100% same like what my lecturer mentioned to us but most of it is the same. No offence, just stating my point.

Because my dad had to work at 1.30pm, I went to campus at around 1.15pm and met with Shao Wee, Soon Ping, Shirley, Jeffrey and others. Had a short conversation with them and went to pay for my semester fees, after I returned, all of them went to their respective classes. Shao Wee and I went to the student lounge to waste our time while waiting for our class at 2.30pm.

I did promise not to play DotA anymore, so I just spectate the 2 players playing against AI then against each other. Also, I just started watching Inuyasha anime this morning.

Guess what? DotA IS addictive and should be avoided at any cost. Why? I’ll explain…

It’s silly but please bear with me.
I-nu-ya-sha leads to, Inu-yasha, where Inuyasha is sometimes called Inu-kun. -End-

As for Yasha, it leads to Sange and Yasha, which leads to DotA, and that leads to thinking the items needed to combine together to create a Sange and Yasha. Then it leads to which heroes are best suited with Sange and Yasha, and bla bla bla bla… -Will never end-

DotA is addictive and it will find its way to you when you are deep into it. No big difference compared to drugs, cigarettes and alcohol. Ugh.

Monday, July 24, 2006

2nd Semester

Woke up early today and prepared myself for my 2nd semester. I went to settle all the amendments and changes on my lecture classes due to time clash. Don’t ask me why the time clashed, I do not wish to explain it. Sigh.

A 2 hour class for today and that’s all. That happened during the 1st week of my 1st semester. I still remember the time I waited for the tutorial classes for Engineering Maths A with Kelvin, after 30 minutes, a lecturer passed by and questioned us what were we doing. We told that lecturer we were waiting for the tutorial class and was told that tutorial classes start only on the 2nd week so we went home earlier.

We were allowed to pick our own time for lectures and tutorials during the previous semester but for some weird reason unknown, the admins arrange our timetable this time. Sigh.

I made a promise to myself that is to quit playing DotA after our team won the 3rd place in the WCG competition, lets see if I am able to keep the promise or not. If I failed to do so, feel free to give me a slap to wake me up. Thanks.

Sunday, July 23, 2006


Since Saturday 10am, I was called to Central Park area to participate in a DotA competition. Hosted by WCG and held at T1 Cybercafé. Our team consists of Ping Seng as the team leader, Kelvin, Stanley, Bryan and me.

Day 1, Saturday; yesterday, single match, either sentinel or scourge.

Because Kelvin and I went there late (woke up late actually... paiseh), our match was changed from 10.45am to 3.45pm in the afternoon. A thousand thanks to the marshal who allowed the time change, if not, our team would be disqualified. We met Jin Thad too and watched a few games of Counter-Strike aka CS. Since it was only 11am and our match time was changed, we went to Mcd to have a light snack. Went back to Central Park again at 12.30pm and went to a nearby café and had a drink while waiting for time to pass by (what a waste of time).

We spectate other DotA matches while waiting for our match. When the clock struck 3.45pm, we felt excited and nervous because it is our turn now, and also my first time participating in such competitions. To our disappointment, we had to wait another 55 mins. By then it was already 4.40pm. Then only we had our match. It was quite an easy match as we owned that team real badly. The first game in competition to break a throne perhaps? Usually game ended by counting the loss of towers in the game. After the game ended, it was already 5pm ++. So we headed back home and took a rest, thought that was the end for the competition, but I was wrong.

Day 2, Sunday; today, double match, sentinel and scourge.

Kelvin called at 8.50am, telling me to get ready for the competition. I was like WTF at first because I wanted to go to the church today, nevertheless, should a person failed to show up during the competition time, the whole team will be disqualified. I wouldn’t want that to happen, so I took a bath and told my parents about it, promising that this will be the last time I am playing such games.

When we reached there, we were told the match time was changed from 10am to 1.30pm because one of our opponents had tuition till around 1pm maybe? Because of that, we went to train our scourge hero lineup with a clan named Aveon by adding other heroes into the lineup and removing a few old ones which we used during the training at Friday night (also training with Aveon back then). All for the sake of winning the game, as we had many problems with our hero lineup in scourge team. It was decided, our team replaced 2 heroes from both top and bottom lanes. Confident that it will work out good because we won the game against Aveon.

Never ever be overconfident. This is what I get to know today, during the match our opponents chose sentinel first so we took scourge. It ended up in a big disaster as there are countless errors and mistakes during the game. A hero feed non-stop during the game and insufficient amount of teamwork lead to the failure of the game. Before the 2nd game, we are given a 5 minutes break to cool down ourselves. During the 2nd game, everything went well and the game was going for a tie soon but we worked things out during the last minute and it was a victory. Due to the fact that both sides won once, a coin toss match was given by the marshal. We choose heads for sentinel while our opponents choose tails for sentinel (gosh sentinel is so damn popular). I could say our third match was won by luck because the coin toss results in heads, which makes things easy for us. We are the 1st team to kill Roshan during a competition match if not mistaken, not to brag.

After another short break, we were to play against a clan named UC. I felt like vomiting during the break and wanted to ask my friends to find a replacement for me. But there isn’t enough time, so we just played that game and waited for the ending time. It was obvious our opponents level are a lot better than us tired ones. They had great teamwork too. After the 1st match, we surrendered and went for a longer break as there was no reason to play the 2nd match because we played almost the whole day. That was around 6.45pm.

We had a short meeting on our hero lineup and it was decided that we play –random mode for ourselves while they pick their heroes. We were also told to treat it like a normal –tr aka team random game and to treat the heroes our opponents have as the heroes they get in random mode in Blueserver 3. Sounds confusing but maybe I’ll explain it later.

Our final opponents are the NoobZa team aka nZ. I saw a Swinburne senior playing in that team too. They wanted to play scourge first, but we told them we wanted scourge first. They agreed. When the game started, we went random and get nice heroes but all the heroes we had are unlikely to match each other. We had no time to think twice and obeyed our leader – treating the game like a normal game, not a competition game. We were losing during the beginning of the game but the tides changed at the end of the game. We won by breaking another tower from the opponents which was during the 53rd minute and used the remaining 7 minutes to defend our own towers. The result of the game is another victory. The main reason for us to play scourge, which is our weakest combo is to get our minds of the heroes we kept using in the sentinels.

Another short break was given to us and we felt very relaxed after that game. Following the same hero lineup for sentinel’s team, everything went well but we were pressured during early game, it was okay for us, as we had almost all the items we needed. Another match won by breaking more towers than our opponents. We were given the 3rd place while the battle for 1st and 2nd place is still on the line. Both teams, Fallen and UC played well. But I do not know the results yet as they were only having the 1st match.

Met Sharon and Sing Hui outside the cybercafé. Had a short chat with them and told them about the results of our team. Sharon jokingly said she was supporting our team that’s why our team won the 3rd place. After bidding farewell to the 2 young ladies, our group of 5 walked to a nearby bus stop to wait for our transports. After reaching home, my dad and brother were already sound asleep while my mum was still awake. I was bombarded with questions on why I went out for such a long time 9.10am till 10.20pm. I explained everything to her and started to blog about my day, which is a tiring and a nice one.
Yawn... time to sleep, I have school tomorrow, which is after 8 hours time. Oh well.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Two more days and my holidays will end, semester two will be greeting me soon,
That, i do not mind as my mind is temporarily blank and blurred.

But, the student admin department will be rubbing their hands with glee,
Because each student are to pay RM5000+ to further their studies.
That is just for foundation program students, degree program students will pay around RM15k and above if not mistaken.

Late enrollment for 2nd semester? No problem!
1st week, all you have to do is pay RM100.
2nd week onwards, you just need to fish out RM300.
Simple right? Luckily I do not have to pay those extra fees.

Sometimes I feel like giving up on living and just go and die. There are many things which do not go your way no matter how hard you prayed and hoped for it. Is it me only or others are also facing the same problem? Anyway, this is the world today, take it or leave it. Had not been blogging for almost 1 week, not because I had nothing to blog, but because of some personal problems. There are loads of words which I had in mind to leave them here but all of them are jumbled up. Maybe next time, maybe next time...

Although I am terribly stressed, I still thank God for guiding me during the moments of my life. Somehow when I came across a road split to 2 ends, I always had the correct one. This I am satisfied.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Break time

Spent almost all my past 2 days watching Bleach and reached episode 88 today. Gotta wait for episode 89. The storyline ain't too bad, slightly similiar to Naruto too. Both Ichigo and Naruto will sort-of change when they are in dire situations AND the author of the animes tend to drag the storyline which makes some episodes very boring, but overall, I'd give it a 4 out of 5.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Any Bleach fans out there?

Soon Ping told me that Bleach anime is cool, so I tried watching 1 or 2 episodes. Who knows, I spent the whole afternoon watching Bleach till evening and stop for a game of dota.
Will continue to watch the rest of the episodes later. Maybe...

Note to self: Watched 22 episodes in a row should take a break mah, unless you feel that wearing spectacles is nice.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Just another day

Well, Italy won. Congratulations to Italy (though I support France).

Today marks the day of the beginning of my 2 week holiday. Not in the mood to get crazy yet.

Here's something funny. Mind you, only 18 and above are allowed to read it (I know nobody cares, even a kid of age 9 also reads such stuff).

Local Delights
Once there were 3 prime ministers having a meeting,
They were PM of Japan, Indonesia and Malaysia,
Each of them was pretty proud of every sector of their respected conutry,
In the middle of discussion...
The PM of Japan started to get arrogant,
So he undressend his secretary blouse and revealed a white perfect breast...
And the PM of Japan said "Mount Fuji".
Next the PM of Indonesia said "That is no big deal",
And he removed the skirt and panties of his secretary to reveal the 'bush'...
And PM of Indonesia said "Hutan Hujan Khatulistiwa".
Finally the PM of Malaysia who did not have a secetary with him,
Unbuckled his belt and 1 minute later...
He said "Susu Getah".

Football Finale and... Form 2 Ungu

The match between Italy and France will start around 1 hour and 45 minutes time. This is the day for all football fans. Who will win the match and walk away as the champion?

I'll place my bets on France, same with her too.

It's been a long time since I last met you; I wonder how have you been, are you well? I do hope to meet you someday, somewhere. Exchanging messages brings back the fond memories when we used to talk together in the small gang. The good old days of Form 2 Ungu. A few friends I can remember and they are...

Kok Pin,

A good friend of mine, we quarreled in Form 1 and had a cold war which lasted till Form 2, everyone who was in Form 1 Ungu should know about it. Strangely, we started talking again in Form 2 (gosh that was quite a long cold war). He’s awesome in History, super brain power. I’ll be seeing you in Swinburne in July right? Cya there buddy!


Another good friend of mine too, very cheeky too. (Don’t kill me >.<) always act crazy when there are no teachers around. How are you dude? Hadn’t seen you since Form 4.

Pei Sze and Mei Sze,

My 2 god sisters. They are also known as Sally and Rachel. Both are funny and playful but very sensitive when it comes to talking about girls and women. They will keep ‘shooting’ you till you are wordless if you used the wrong words (I guess that’s natural). So be wise when you engage in a conversation with them.

Hong Ngee and Ai Chen,

Another 2 of my god sisters, also known as Jayne and Sherin. It’s been awhile since I talked to the two of them in person. I had a crush on one of them in Form 3 and I made a terrible mistake by revealing it out to my friends who cannot keep secrets. Sigh… Oh well, it’s over and I’m glad that it’s settled. Btw QE, I want to apologize to you for lying to you on this part: -

Password: jowl88

I did told you before that jowl88 stands for Jolene Wei Liang, and 88 is the year I was born when you questioned me. Its does not stand for Jolene, just a coincidence that jo can also meant to be Jolene. It stands for Jayne Oh Wei Liang 88 actually. Again I apologize. Since you have a new bf of yours, I guess you won’t mind so I reveal it out here today.

P.S: To someone: I’m not using this password anymore, so don’t waste your time trying it out on any of my accounts.

Belony, Karvier and Patrick,

I had not seen you guys lately, how are the three of you? It’s sad to see that 2 of you smoked in school. Well, who am I to advise you not to smoke? You choose to smoke. No one can stop you except yourself. All the best to the three of you.

Mohd. Firdaus and Eddruce Zaid,

How are the two of you? I heard that two of you went to technique school. How is it over there?

Ian Bixby and Tranto,

The two of them are the class’s clown. Besides being funny, they are the teachers’ assistants too. There are certain conditions if they are to go noisy and crazy in class. Those conditions are:

There must not be any teachers in the vicinity.
The two of them must be around and not too far away.
It must be in Form 2 Ungu class ONLY.

Kwong Siong and Kok Chien,

The two seniors in our class, also the class clowns. Kok Chien is very talented in making us laugh, especially during English classes. Kwong Siong always comes up with something new to entertain all his friends. Both of them give teachers headache sometimes. But overall, it’s nice to have them around as friends. Get to know the gangsters well through the two of them. Both of them stop schooling since Form 4 and Kwong Siong went to Singapore to study with his relatives to be a hairstylist if not mistaken. No news about Kok Chien.

I’ll write about the rest when I am free. Any Form 2 Ungu reunion?

Friday, July 07, 2006

To sum things up

Today's the last day of exam. Everyone was overjoyed, maybe not all. I'm included in the one who is not too happy nor too upset. I had tried my best.
Before that, almost everyone assumed that Physics A paper is the hardest paper compared to all of the subjects we took in FoE course.
Wei Liang:

Physics A - Rank of difficulty (Easy 0-5 Hard):

Engineering Mathematics A - Rank of difficulty (Easy 0-5 Hard):

But now, it is the opposite. Engineering Mathematics A won the award of 'The most difficult exam paper'. Oh well... Looking at the bright side, I can meet a lot of new friends next semester for Engineering Maths... :(
I'll miss all my lecturers too, especially Miss Melinda. All students taught by her before will miss her too. Instead of having the feeling that she is teaching us during classes, I have the feeling that she is like one of us too but as a leader to lead us like we are in a discussion.
Semester II here we come!

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Day 4 Today's Obstacle:
Finite Mathematics A


Next Obstacle (paper):
Engineering Mathematics A

Rank of Difficulty (Easy 0-5 Hard):

Question Type:
No MCQ too. Oh well, University level. What can you expect? Like PMR again with all MCQs? Dream on. 5 questions all together. Number of sub-questions unknown.

Methods of studying this subject:
Practice makes perfect. Enough said.

What are you thinking right now?
Hopefully I can stuff everything I should know about Engineering Mathematics and…

Try my best for tomorrow.


Day 5 is coming soon! Day 5! Oh how lifted I am... Anyway, I’m sure everyone will be happy, especially students in FoE courses. The last day of exam, everyone will be happy for sure. But for how long remains a question in everyone’s mind. When the results appear in front of our eyes… I wonder what will everyone feel like doing. Is it...

1. We celebrate because we succeeded in the first part of the semester? Or…
2. We feel down because we failed in the first part of the semester? Or…
3. We do not give a damn about it, fail then fail lor, happy go lucky mah. Just repeat! Yeah!

P.S: Those who picked choice #3 may enroll yourself to other courses.

Engineering course is not suitable for you. It would be better if you enroll yourself to other courses available here. – Miss Adriana Lai

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Day 3 Today's Obstacle:
Physics A

Next Obstacle (paper):
Finite Mathematics A

Rank of Difficulty (Easy 0-5 Hard):

Question Type:
No MCQ like Physics A, will answer in booklets too. Number of questions to answer remains a mystery...

Methods of studying this subject:
Do the tutorials and understand them.

Chances of passing Physics A?
Slim chance, clinging on to faith. I've already prayed before and after the exams. I've tried my best, no more regrets. God knows best for me.


Day 4 is not here yet, at least I felt lifted up after Physics test. Do hope Miss Adriana Lai will show mercy to all of 'us'. Thinking of Finite Maths will lead to the most popular and golden phrase of our lecturer, Miss Grace Ting. - Total Silence Please.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Day 2 Today's Obstacle:
Information Technology I

Next Obstacle (paper):
Physics A

Rank of Difficulty (Easy 0-5 Hard)

Question Type:
No more MCQ, will answer in booklets. Expected to have around 8-10 questions. All subjectives.

Methods of studying this subject:
Understand the concept before you proceed further into the chapter - Miss Adriana Lai

What are your feelings right now?
Disoriented and worried.


Day 3. Nothing happened yet. Will happen in 2 hours time.

Note to self, planning to wake up at 4 in the morning to study and stuff whatever I can into my brain.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Day 1

Today's Obstacle (paper):
Reading for Academic Purposes

Next Obstacle (paper):
Information Technology I

Rank of difficulty (Easy 0-5 Hard):

Question type:
50 MCQ, don't give a damn about the rest.

Because I don't know the rest.

Methods of studying this subject:
Memorize the terms and do the exercises in the book.
Note to self:Damn, reminds me of the bloody History exam I had in secondary school.

Why are you still in front of ur PC?
.......................................................................... (wordless)


Day 2

(Empty, because day 2 is tomorrow)

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Discipline Problems

All students (boys and girls included) were very well-behaved in school. The teachers / lecturers / discipline masters / (insert name here) have no problem in handling students with discipline problem. Because students with discipline problems are very rare cases. Every student fears their teacher. Getting expelled from your own school isn’t nice. Being a teacher sure gives you an easy life isn’t it? So, if you have discipline problems, you are screwed, seriously. Ah yes, those were the students of the previous generation.
But today, Most of the students are getting out of control. Most of them are getting rebellious. Even discipline teachers have difficulties handling them. I would just say, discipline teachers think they made the right choice not to punish the students, especially those with brand new expensive cars. You see, students today are different from students from the previous generation. Try scolding or punishing a student for his wrongdoings and you will cry in vain because your ‘wife’ or ‘mistress’ will greet you with scars. You’d be lucky if it’s only a scar. Some serious cases will involve shattered windows and maybe a few punctured tyres.
My bro:

If you happen to be a discipline master, drive an old car to school. DO NOT
in any way attempt to show off your car, be it new or expensive to your
colleagues. It is better to be humble and drive your old 'wife'
or 'mistress' than to have scratches and scars on your new beloved
'wife' or 'mistress'.

This case is a true happening which happened during my dad’s school year in St. Thomas.

Let’s name this student A. He’s the son of another teacher which happened to be teaching in St. Thomas too. He had discipline problems but many teachers were unable (choosed not) to do anything out of respect for their female colleague (Student A’s mother). One teacher knew he had to do something because he cared for student A, so he reprimanded student A. In return, student A punctures his car tyres. Yes, all four of them. Imagine how you will feel if it is your car. Put that aside, this teacher had been very patient and kind, he did not report it to his mum. The second time, again he reprimanded student A because of his attitude and behavior in class. You know what the FUCK student A did? He poured acid unto that teacher’s car. Guess what happened next? That teacher reported to his mum? No. He died of heart attack (if I remember correctly, will confirm with my dad later). Sad isn’t it? My dad said he does not respect student A’s mum even though she’s a good teacher. If I was in my dad’s position. I’d look down on student A’s mum too. One of the reasons is because she is in no position to teach other students. Why? She had already failed in teaching her own son, what more to teach other students? Agree? It really is a sad case. I wonder what kind of future does student A have, probably a dark one.

Recently, there are many fights happening in schools, secondary schools in particular. The first one happened in Johor, a schoolboy fight. A gang of students against one student. The next one happened in Miri recently, which is very near to Kuching, my hometown. Guess what? Instead of a schoolboy fight, it IS a schoolgirl fight. Surprising isn’t it? I used to think that girls are very gentle and graceful, except few I could think of in my secondary school (those with discipline problems but they never really picked up a fight) and this video changed my mind. I could only shake my head sadly and sigh. What had actually happened to the students of today especially female students? Oh well, I am in no position to judge the students. The parents are to take the blame because being the first tutor and mentor of their own children; they should educate them with knowledge and wisdom especially in moral values because moral values among students are deteriorating.
Picture taken from The Star
The Star:
This undated picture from a video taken from a website shows
a secondary school student slapping another girl at a beach in Miri, Sarawak.
The video, which also showed the other girls kicking, slapping, punching and
pulling the girl’s hair, was first circulated on mobile phones.
This is the video I am talking about, around 4 female bullies against a defenseless female student. How worse and sickening can it be when females act like animals? I can be sure that their parents will be ashamed of themselves when this video clip is exposed to them.
The Star:

A check with the police showed that there was no report of students being
SMK Joseph principal Marcus Gauliang said the school had
not received any report on the matter and that it could be the work of some
students trying to smear the school's image.

All I can comment on is that those bullies are immature brats and their parents HAD failed in becoming the role model for their own children. Sad case. Be it an acting to smear the school’s name or not. It’s not something to be played and act with.
Just my POV, this post is not directed to anyone.

When imaginations run wild...

It’s just another normal Sunday and I’m talking to 2 persons. Let’s just call them Him and Her.

Me: Did you hear something?
Him: Huh? What?
Me: It’s coming from that side…
Him I don’t hear anything…
Her: It sounds like a crushing wave to me.
Him: Tsunami version 2?
Me: Well, I do hope I get swept away so I don’t have to take the final exams.
Him: I want to be carried away by the Tsunami too.
Her: Oh no! We’re going to die…
Me: I’m ready.
Him: So am I.

A great Tsunami came and swept me, him and her away.


Each of us opens our eyes…

Him: Hey this place looks familiar…
Her: Of course it’s familiar you idiot. Look around you!
Me: Oh my…
Him: What the…
Her: Yep, be prepared.

We were swept into the examination hall.

Examiner: The three of you are late, here’s your paper and your seat. You may start.
Me and Him: …
Her: :)
Me and Him: :(

Moments later… I felt someone poking me on the shoulder.

Examiner: Wei Liang, you have not even completed a question.
Me: What?!
Examiner: You have 10 minutes left, are you sure you can finish all in time?
Me: *Thinking to self* (I must have been daydreaming…)
Examiner: 4192257! Are you listening to me?
Me: Yes I am, Miss.

I’m dead.

*Chronosphere activated* (Taken from Red Alert) The clock is turning anti-clockwise and...

July 2, 2006, 3.00p.m. In front of my computer.

Sigh… Exams exams. Won’t they just disappear from my life?