Sunday, June 29, 2008

This clip is almost 1 year old and I'm sure many of you have seen it.

For those who have not, scroll down.

This kid got BALLS!

Do you?

Saturday, June 28, 2008

A bad premonition

Last night, I had two dreams.

Both dreams are completely unrelated to each other but the only thing that makes me shiver is that the two dreams share the same message or warning.

That I am going to either misplace my laptop or it will be stolen.

One will usually tell himself / herself that dreams and reality are two parallel worlds and will never cross each other. But given the fact that there are a couple of times that my dreams actually came true, (as in what I had dreamed of before waking up actually happened like what I had in my dream) how can I not be worried of it?

Sometimes my dreams really make me turn paranoid even though it sounds silly if you try to think of it logically…

Online games…

Brings back countless pieces of memories when I was a hardcore online gamer.

Reminds me of those I befriend with,
Reminds me of those both happy and sad moments,
Reminds me of those I hurt and lied to,
Reminds me of those I cheated and being cheated by,
Reminds me of my foolish mistakes,

And lastly, reminds me that what I have achieved in online games is actually nothing in reality and that I was a fool to place online games first instead of my loved ones.

Below is one of the many scenes that I wanted to get rid off but it stubbornly resides in my sea of memories…

R.O.S.E. online.
She needed money to buy her own equipment and...

Me: “I just found (insert item name) and will sell it for
1mil later and the money will be mine.”

Her: “…”


The phrase “learning from mistakes” is so true, isn’t it? I guess those memories of mine will always keep me company to refrain me from doing the same mistake again.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Honor your parents

I saw this clip in youtube and wanted to share it with everyone.

Credits to itifanny101 for making this clip.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

No more turning back

There's a saying that goes:

Quitters never win and winners never quit.

But then:

This saying is more logical, isn't it?

I realized my own limit, maybe it’s time to stop lying to myself that I can do it…


Just finished downloading <神鵰俠侶 2006>.

It took me months to download the whole 41 episodes, inclusive of download crashes. But I got what I wanted in return so it’s all good.

Starring 黄晓明 & 刘亦菲

Personally, I think this one is the best among the rest.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


My physics teacher once said to our class:

In the exam hall, if you crack your brains and still have no idea how to answer the questions, look around you. There will be 2 cases:

Case 1:
If everyone around you looks clueless, that’s a good sign because nobody knows how to answer the questions.

Case 2:
Always pray and hope that this will never happen; if you are the only one who is clueless while the rest are writing furiously on their answer sheet, that’s a bad sign because you know that you are screwed. Die lah!


EM1 is over.

Presenting the Bosu -> Chut Su -> Chiu

Before entering the exam hall:


In the exam hall, flipping through the question sheets; something is very wrong here…:

Chut Su!!

Exam ended, everyone is leaving the exam hall; gather up with friends and ask around:


How was the exam guys?
The only assuarance I have, at least I know that I am not alone...

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Where is my turning point?

I know I should be studying now but… When finals are closing up, people like me usually lose the mood to study. I’m always tempted to do anything except burying myself with books.

This world is so unfair, why don’t we have computer games for finals? I’m sure majority of the students will be very pleased if such is implied into the syllabus.

For the leaders of the future, yes?

Ok, back to reality. If you don’t study, you fail. No matter how much I hate studying, I still force myself to do so.


Words spoken can never be retrieved back,
Actions done can never be undone.

Friendship is like a rubber band, there’s no end in it.

You play with it by stretching it and its elasticity will always return it back to its original shape. Sometimes, stretching it too much or too many times will cause that rubber band to break, no longer holding its original shape.

If you feel like it, you tie both ends of the rubber band so that it becomes whole again, but of course, it will never be a perfect one like it used to be.

Conflicts that happen between friends is like a person stretching a rubber band. When you stretch it, you are applying stress unto it. There is always a invisible limit in friendship unlike the rubber band, whose limit is clearly shown.

Applying too much stress unto it will cause it to break. Once it breaks, thus ending the friendship between those who are involved. Such is the mistake of humans, who rarely consider the effect of his/her actions.

There are times when regrets overcome you; there are times when telling yourself “time will heal everythingdoes not work anymore, you will usually let go of your pride and find ways to befriend the friend you lost. Such is when a person ties up the broken ends of the rubber band. But then, how many people in this world are willing to do so, especially guys?

Before any misunderstandings happen again, I’ll declare that this post is a neutral post, I am not flaming anyone indirectly. Those words above kept appearing in my head be it when I’m studying or not these few days so I thought to leave it here.