Thursday, July 09, 2009

Road accident

Girl girl, few days ago you asked me to update my mushroom-grown blog.

But I had nothing to blog about, until today (past 12am).

Road accidents, how do they happen?
Until now I still don’t know, do you?

This is my tale, my first accident right after my probation period ended, first hand.


It began this evening when I went to watch Transformers 2: ROTF with Steven, Annie, Angel and Dayang. As usual, I asked and pray for journey-mercy each time I leave home. All went well, the movie was nice but the ending is not as good as I expected (just the end). Overall, I’d give it an 8.5/10.

So instead of staying back to ‘limteh’ and hang out with the rest, I went home immediately. And again, all went well while I was driving UNTIL I reached the cross road near my housing area. (The road from Jalan Song to Tabuan Laru)

Green lights, I drove on.

A car stormed my way, the moment I noticed it, it was too late already. So I tried to avoid it but still, it was in vain…

CRASH! That was all I heard. The car had already rammed directly unto the driver’s side. (Right side)

I lose all my senses, touching, hearing, and feeling. My car was spinning; I thought that would be the end of me. But NO! After my car came to a stop, then only did I realize that I am still breathing so I began to panic and tried to recall what is happening…

So I was driving home and there’s this car that appeared out from nowhere and rammed unto me. I am ‘awarded’ a sort-of-merry-go-round spin for at least 1 or 2 rounds before my car came to a stop. (Just like those you see in the movies, but this one happens to me)

3 men came to me while I tried to open my car’s door. But no matter how hard I try, I just couldn’t open the door. While stuck inside the car, this conversation took place (in Hokkien) :

Them: "Are you ok?"

Me: "Why did you crash on my car?"

Them: "Not us, (Pointing to the dented Kancil) That’s the car that crash unto you. We are just here to see whether you are ok or not."

Me: (Dazed) "I can’t get out from the car."

Them: "Use the other side." (Why didn’t I think of it?)

After I got out of the car, I was overflowed with nervousness and worry. Knowing that the damage is serious, I immediately called my dad while they told me not to worry and not to pick any problems with the other party. Also, they keep saying that as long as I am uninjured, all is well…

The other party came (a young guy, probably in his 20s or 30s) and apologized to me, asking me if I am ok or not. I can’t say much, since I am still stunned by what is currently happening to me…

Dad arrived few moments later after receiving my call telling him that I had an accident. (Sorry mum and dad for making you worried…)

We proceed to lodge a police report before heading home.


Now you might ask, what is the use of praying for journey-mercy if I met an accident anyway?

That was what I questioned myself just now. Instead of being upset with God, I should be grateful.

Many people kept saying ‘Count your blessings’. Today’s the day I fully understand that phrase.

Those guys who came to help or observe mentioned that if I am late for maybe a split-second, I would be in deep trouble since the car will ram unto the driver’s seat and probably kill me off. Imagine the amount of momentum inflicted to make my car spin for a few rounds and its a Kancil that rammed me.

Thank God and praise God.

Then again, if I still had my ‘P’ or probation on, I’d be in deep shit. But no, few days ago, my probation period came to an end and I got my new driving license.

Again, Thank God and praise God.

I came out of the accident in one piece, still alive and breathing, still able to walk, still able to swing my arms around and stretch myself, with the exception of a few bruises on my arm and leg and also a shock of my life. Maybe there are some internal injuries? I don’t know, it’s not visible to the naked eye so maybe I’ll go for a medical checkup later…

So once again, Thank God and praise God.

Who says that watching a movie at movie day is cheap? That movie cost me a figure starting from 'thousand' now. Sigh…

P.S: I was too nervous and worried to even bother to take a picture of my car’s current state… So there won’t be any pictures. Maybe it might appear in the news later?