Saturday, May 31, 2008

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


This is a part of a chat log that I received from a contact few hours ago, thought it to be epic.

Nothing is altered except the name of the one speaking. Here goes nothing:

Anonymous says:

Anonymous says:
just nw i saw xiao p when i on the way to carpark

Anonymous says:

Anonymous says:
she with her friends

Anonymous says:

Anonymous says:
xiao white is very pretty

Anonymous says:

Anonymous says:
pretty than xiao p

Anonymous says:

Anonymous says:

In this case, King Leonidas says:

Monday, May 19, 2008

Life goes on

Before continuing my entry, I apologize for letting my dark self out accidently this afternoon due to some misunderstandings…

As you read on, don’t get me wrong, I am not flaming anyone in particular as I never had any grudge against any of you.


The newcomers, many as they are, most were common, but a selected few were special in ones eye.

Friendships are brittle. It takes years to form a strong bond, yet it only requires one mistake done on impulse to completely damage it to the point of no return.

It’s true that wounds do heal over a long period of time. But then the part that is wounded will never be the same again as a patch of scar will replace it.

Why the pointing of a blind finger?

If things get worse, this happens:

Middle finger of the apocalypse

Where is the trust that we once had for each other?


We felt the distance between us getting wider and wider apart as each day passes by. If you have decided to choose a girl over us, I have no objections; I have no jealousy at all even though one by one, each of you are leaving our usual gang to spread your wings.

To be honest, I don’t mind our gang to be a stepping stone for the greater good, your greater good.

In fact I wish the best for you. Though saying so, that does not mean I represent our group in what I said above.


I know the risk of writing this part in my blog entry, but it should be safe because only a few friends know the existence of this blog.

It’s too late when I realize how dangerous it is when you get close to a person.

Just as I told myself that I will never ever have special feelings for another girl for no reason, it just happens again, all by itself.

When did it began, I am unsure myself. One thing for sure, I will not make any rash decision only to regret later.

I made her my god sister and she accepted without knowing anything, it is the best way for now. This will probably be the limit as I am positive that none will ever accept the fact that this is happening...

Que Sera Sera, Whatever will be, will be…

Pictures from SYEC St. Joseph charity sales

This clip is a fairly old one but...

If you are offered 1 million bucks to participate in this show, will you take the offer or reject it?

The Slap-o-matic 2000. Do you want to try it?


Just received a packet of photos from SP not too long ago…

This post is a continuation of -St. Joseph Charity sales-

Starting from the hall…

People Mountain People Sea

Proceeding to our stall…

Our stall, Selling Sugar Cane and Coconut Juice

Lip Weoi working hard…

Behind our neatly arranged stall lies...

It’s kinda messy, but we did clean it up later.

The one and only Self-Chokeslam..

Winnie n’ Jeffrey

Another team heading out to sell drinks…

The remaining ones without the lid (cup number 470+ onwards if not mistaken)

Free drinks for everyone participating, definitely refreshing on a hot sunny day.

We finished selling all the drinks we have 2 hours earlier than predicted so its time to calculate the coupons and money.

Winnie completely immersed in counting…


Once done, its time to clean up

Cleaning in progress…

Lip Weoi and me looking bored…

Chia Chia and Pauline

Zhi Wei: No smoking!

Jolly Siew Yong

Cherie sleep-walking.

Once the cleaning is done, it’s time for group photos!

Someone is missing, Martin and I are pointing at a certain direction…

Compare this picture with the picture above

There will always be a free-style pose. Look at the sky!

Reminds me of the good old days.

Note: While selling drinks, we were tipped to be on a lookout for fake coupons. How low can a person go? This is a charity sale, and yet people still chose not to buy the tickets but instead print out fake ones so that they don't have to spend a single cent on whatever they intend to purchase on that very day. What a shame...

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Que Sera, Sera (Whatever Will Be, Will Be)

Dear Friend,


You spread your hidden wings and soar up unto the azure skies with your beloved one...

I believed many of us are reluctant of your departure; a few are even angered by your actions. But then there’s no point to hold you back as you know what is best for yourself.

The remaining few of us will just gaze at the clear azure skies.

Even though the path ahead the both of you is long and might even be harsh too but as long as both of you promise to help each other in times of peril and overlooking the faults of the other, there will be no difficulties that can bring you down.

As for me, I wish all the best to you.

Persevere and prevail,

Where twilight and earth unites


No doubt teenagers of my age group had experienced love. Most are reluctant to tell their peers of their failure but there are some who willingly spill it out with the condition of the one listening is their one of their ‘close friends’.

As for those who are reluctant to talk of their failures… no worries, Mr. Alcohol is your best friend. Feed him/her with it and you won’t be able to catch everything they are going to blurt in time.

For me, I did experience such kind of feelings before. That is where I realized my weakness. For that, I never have feelings for girls randomly. This is the reason why, my friends, I always said no even though majority of you all said yes.

For those reading my blog, no worries, I’m not turning gay. I’m still the same straight guy you knew of, just being very strict with myself only.

No doubt my weakness is the difficulty or rather the unwillingness to forget and let go. Once I really really love a certain girl, I can openly declare that no friends of mine can change my mind by saying all the bad things about her, not even my parents. I know that this is a selfish attitude, but this is just how it works for me…

After all, loving a certain someone is accepting them whole-heartedly, purposely overlooking their short-falls and faults. Treasuring and staying loyal to each other.

Someone once told me that: You don’t have to place any worries about love, you just fall into it naturally. This is how the phrase ‘falling in love’ came from.

My parents were right about this: Developing the feelings of love is like watching over a young shoot. Too much water, sunlight or fertilizer is fatal to the young shoot, so is the same with insufficient water, sunlight or fertilizer. As it is fatal to the young shoot, so is it fatal to relationships you are engaged in.

But if we nurture it daily with the right amount of water and giving it enough sunlight, feeding it with fertilizer sometimes and showering it with your time and attention, it will grow into a very strong tree. From there, you get a very stable relationship that you and your partner will never regret.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A gentle request

Recently some of my friends were going hot on certain girls in Swinburne and later realized that it wasn’t a ‘really good’ choice.

Blogs are deadly; A blog owner will never know the aftershock his or her blog will inflict on the readers, especially those with ‘high hopes’.


I can’t remember when it all began – that my group of friends was put to believe that a certain girl and I had coupled up. At first, I kept convincing them that there is no such thing and expecting it to die off soon. How na├»ve of me, instead of the circulating rumors dying off, it went on hotter than before with each passing day.

Fine, I started to ignore whatever they say about me and her since one friend of hers told me to just ignore it whenever it happens. I even played along with them just to let everyone know that I am not a spoilsport and that I have the guts to play.

And now for no reason, they decided to couple me up with another girl. I wish I can read others’ mind so that I can know the reason behind why they intend to couple me up with someone else again. So now whenever they (my gang) saw any of those 2 girls, they will definitely embarrass me, sometimes to the point until my blood is boiling.

I know of my own temper, including you. I explode easily and anything can happen during that period. That is why I had been exercising self-control on myself which I believe is successful so that history won’t repeat itself again.

Today you chose to embarrass me in front of strangers inside the lift. I am unsure of your intentions of doing so. If it is to ruin my reputation, do stop it NOW, yes I mean NOW. I had been patient, very patient with such kind of jokes.

Personally I don’t mind if it is just our usual gang who is hearing it but don’t involve strangers. I hate others to misunderstand me. Tell me, what will their 1st impression be on me then? Definitely that I am not a good person, a two timer, and any other bad names you can think of WHICH I AM NOT!

You yourself said that 1st impression is very important so I hope that you will respect mine too.

There is a limit to everything. You wouldn’t want the same scenario to happen to you yourself too, right?

...::: Matang Trip - Batang Rembungan :::...

On the ferry (front view)

At the beach (back view)

Monday, May 05, 2008

Acting tough?

In our life, I'm sure all of us act tough before in challenges, in moments of sadness and pain etc.

Yesterday morning, I participated in a charity food sales event hosted in St. Joseph secondary school.

Time to give my muscles some exercise was what I told myself. Before thinking twice, I already carried two large bags of ice cubes voluntarily to another stall (from our stall to another stall at the other end).

Bad move WeiLiang.

After walking for quite some time, I realized my own limit but pride wouldn’t gave in so I endured the pain and carried those two bags of ice (it seems like the size of the ice bags are growing exponentially).

So I walked back to our stall acting like nothing had happened even though my muscles are throbbing with pain. That’s why I insist on staying at the stall (we were selling sugar cane and coconut juice, so some of us are assigned into pairs to carry trays of juice, selling them to passerby).

A big thanks to the hot weather, those drinks sell like hot cakes!

I'll upload the photos if I get my hands on them.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Another virus attack...

Got another virus attack and this time screwed me up real good. Took me one whole afternoon to format my laptop and backing up as many files as I can.

Note to self:

- To get a backup driver ready at all times (preferably a external HD)
- To sort out my stuffs from time to time

Data loss:

CNC3: Tiberium Wars
CNC3: Kane’s Wrath
Hitman 4: Blood money <-- likely where the virus came from.

Strange isn’t it? And a lot more minor stuff that got mixed up with other unwanted folders went missing.

Maybe it’s time for me to really start studying since finals are like 1 month away.


Looks similiar to Makoto's death in School days, but instead of being stabbed by someone else, he suicided (looks like Wataru).

If this came from School Days, I understand, but this is from DC2SC.

I wonder why is there a blood scene... Can anyone who played the game before fill me?

. . . . .