Saturday, September 30, 2006

GunBound and DotA

Played about 10 rounds of gunbound with Aurelia and Ek Guan few hours ago. Before playing, of course I reinstalled the whole game and let it update itself. Took around 10 mins.. Maybe my comp is slow after all... I had so much fun while trying to focus and aim.. Took some scoldings from other players (2v2 game and we had only 3 players) but didn't care about it, after all I come to relax and enjoy not to stress myself out. Right? This reminds me of the fun I had when gunbound was still popular 2 years back then. Hi QE! Do you still play Gunbound?

After that, I had a short break and studied awhile for my assessment tomorrow. I login Bs3 to had a game of DotA before I end my day with a sleep. As usual it was a normal 5v5 game.
The matchup is as stated.

Centaur Warchief (Rafe)
Blood Seeker (leaver)
Soul Keeper (me)
Necrolyte (MvM) - Disconnected
Vengeful Spirit (-noobmoon- aka Ben)


Chaos Knight
Skeleton King
Obsidian Destroyer

1 of our friend disconnected, then followed by another leaver (someone we don't know) as we assume that he predict the game will lose so he just PP (pull plug). Opponents began to say cont cont cont or continue as it was obvious that they had stunner type heroes and those had an upper hand against those who doesnt have any. Anyway we played on, of course we were getting owned badly in the early middle-game and lost our middle barrack tower. Honestly I wanted to give up on that game, but seeing how my 2 friends tried their best to farm and win the game, I told myself to play on and try my best to make it the best game even if we are to lose. Then a miracle happened, the 2nd time our opponents push our middle lane, we defended and they had 5 hero casualties. Of course, we paid the price too. Centaur tanked and died to save our base from being overrun by our opponents. After around 10 mins of farming, they pushed our middle lane and had 5 hero casualties again. This time, we had no heroes sacrificed so we pushed on to their base and break the towers and barrack in a go. After middle lane barrack was destroyed, we headed for the top lane and break their barracks like how we did on the middle lane. Our opponents said gg or good game, trying to tell us that they surrender. Remembering that our opponents wanted to continue just now, we just played on and so did they. Killing Roshan happened around 5 mins later before we pushed their bottom lane and break their base completely.

I think I'm too lo so already. Gotta take a good rest, had a test coming in 7 hours time. Goodnight!

Thursday, September 28, 2006


As title above. Few hours ago when I helped to prepare dinner. I did not realize the wok still had water in it.

What happened next? I poured cooking oil unto it immidiately and turned on the gas stove.
What happened later? The cooking oil goes "pik pak pik pak" and I became a victim of it, gotta mop the floor and clean up, which doubles what I was supposed to do.. =/

Nevermind that. What bothers me is how in the hell can I be so careless not to dry out the remaining water in the wok before pouring oil. Sigh...

EM test tomorrow. Oh well...

An old friend

There was something in my mind that I wanted to blog but kept forgetting. Now that I had recalled everything I needed to write on, I’d better write it down while it’s still fresh in my memory. Besides the other incident, this one is also bothering me… sigh.

A girl by the name of Audrey, Audrey Hii.

I doubt most of you would know who she is. Well, she’s a kindergarden classmate of mine and was also my good friend. After graduating from kindergarden, we both part ways. After my classes, I went for tuition for my English. That was the time when I still had my tuition classes (not for long). Well, since it was the first time I enter a tuition class, I felt nervous and shy and kept pacing around outside the door. Then the name list on the door caught my attention. I scroll through the names and saw mine, and then I saw hers. She was in this class too. Well, that was nothing since she was just a friend of mine. Through her I get to know more friends of hers. I remembered one of her friend’s name is Samantha, forgot about the rest. Then I still remembered the time when we had to write an essay (composition). The title is “My best friend”. Well, that time, I was still err… new to English, so I wrote the two of them into my essay while the requirement of that essay is BEST FRIEND. In the end, I was reprimanded by my teacher and she laughed jokingly at me for doing such mistakes. Well, those were the times. After grade 1 (first year), we went to grade 2. Again I met her in the same class again but nothing really happened since the word “feelings” does not exist in my dictionary. A normal friend was all she was to me. Many small things happened during this year but none were clear to me so I’ll just leave this part for the time being. During the next year in grade 3, I never saw her anymore. I ended my tuition in 4 years, 8 months time. Still couldn’t forget my grade 4 teacher, though he is strict, he’s a nice person actually. The only person in grade 4 I could remember is Karen Chee, Jacqueline Chee’s eldest sister. You might ask me how come I only remembered her. Well, its nothing actually, it’s because I was in the same class with Jacq and Karen used to pass the umbrella to her during class hours (around 11.30am-12.00pm) Primary school year 1, 2, 3 and 6 is in morning while year 4 to 5 is in the afternoon.

In my church, during those years when I was still in the Sunday school, I met another girl who resembled Audrey but I dismissed that thought since I thought it couldn’t be her. In my final year in the Sunday school (year 12/primary 6); there was a day which I went early to church. Maybe it was because it was my family’s turn to prepare the Holy Communion. I went to the Sunday school as usual, but since it was still early, there was no one except a girl whom I thought that she was my pre-school friend. We exchange glances and I went to my classes and she followed along to put her bag and stuff on the table. Then it dawned on me that she was my old friend. But then I did not talk to her because I do not know what to say to her… oh well. That was still fine. There was this one time when the teacher was busy and could not make it to our class. Our class turned wild and everyone began talking loudly and laughing here and there. Then Audrey and Happy (another girl from my church too) began to play a game of writing the most name of movies. It turned out that Benjamin and I went to help Happy and Audrey wasn’t too pleased with it. So she said “Don’t help la” or something similar to that. Of course, that time I never knew the value of friends completely so Benjamin scolded her first and she retorted back then the stupid me scolded her too and she kept quiet immediately but the game went on as usual. Ever since that day, we never talked to each other and I hardly see her in the church. Maybe she was busy with her studies or she had studied outside Kuching. I could say I met her less than 20 times in a year which was a great difference many years back then. Last Sunday, after the church service ended, everyone went out and had fellowship with one another. I was surprised when I saw her again with her family. She still looked the same; the only difference in her is that she had grown tall. Quite tall I’d say. She had dyed her hair to an orange-brownish color too. We kept exchanging glances; its either I stare at her for awhile or she stared at me for awhile. When our eyes met, we turned away immediately. She left the church after quite awhile. I couldn’t find the courage to talk to her and apologize for scolding her that time. Another sad case for me.

Maybe some other day I’d find the courage within me again and walk straight up to her and apologize. I wonder how many more parts of my memory are still missing. I had retrieved 2 parts, is this the last or are there more to come?

P.S: I just realized there’s another test this Saturday! Oh my… my head hurts

Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Wan Ding is back! Er, there would be a sort-of-reunion for all our ex-classmates at Hui Sing hawker center. Anyone going? I'd love to meet all my old friends again. I miss my secondary school badly :( The teachers were right after all; "You will surely want to come back to secondary school after you leave secondary school."
Just had FMB paper this morning, didn't turn out well but at least I had did my best... SSSC itself had set up an "online lounge" not too long ago. All students are recommended to at least visit the site and chat all you want :)
Gotta polish up my GunBound skills too.. Playing with TEG, Aurelia and others this Friday. TGIF?
More assignments + more homework + less playtime + less sleeping hours = A dull me. Sigh.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Many things happened during these 2 weeks.

Well, I had joined the bowling club (which is yet to be approved) and choir club. I was thinking, what the heck, I hate singing, why did I join choir club. Well, I was wrong. I went to the usual gathering at Friday and its fun.

2 tests coming up the coming week; EMA and FMB. Oh well.. Study study.

P.S: Anyone know of any site for me to upload a music file? Couldn't find a working one.. =/ TIA!

Thursday, September 21, 2006

I have recovered finally after 1 week + 4 days...
Had been coughing and sneezing like mad during the previous week...

Will update asap. My blog was growing mushrooms while I was away.. = =''

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Tagging Tagging

This is taken from Kimmie's blog...

Thanks for the tag Kimmie, you will have the pleasure of seeing your name in the random list. Muahahaha~ *cough* *cough*

OK, lets begin.

Instruction: Name 20 people you can think of at the top of your head. Don't read the questions before you write, and tag 5 people to do the survey.

1. Benjamin
2. Daniel
3. Timothy
4. Alan
5. Donny
6. Jayne
7. Kimmie
8. Soon Kiong
9. Yun Shen
10. Kenneth
11. Xiao Yun
12. Soon Ping
13. Shao Wee
14. Robert
15. Fung Yuan
16. Fung Yun
17. Johnny
18. Cui Han
19. Jacq
20. Shiang Yii

The next step requires me to tag 5 persons.. Hmm.. Benjamin, Daniel, Robert, Fung Yuan and Jacq. Pass it on guys!

1. How did you meet #14? (Robert)
In Swinburne, 3rd week if not mistaken.

2. What would you do if you had never met #1? (Benjamin)
Hmm.. then there would not be the crazy me as I am today. (I prefer to be crazy and wild!)

3. What would you do if #20 and #9 dated? (Shiang Yii and Yun Shen)
I would like to know too... =O

4. Would #6 and #17 make a good couple? (Jayne and Johnny)
Err.... Johnny is attached. So the answer is NO!

5. Describe #3. (Timothy)
He's nice and kind, helpful too.. Always cracking jokes to brighten up those around him. =D

6. Do you think #8 is attractive? (Soon Kiong)
Its been awhile since I last met him, maybe Johnston or Yun Shen can give better opinions than me.

7. Tell me something about #7. (Kimmie)
Haha, she tagged me into these questionnaires. Erm, a nice and lively person, currently at Japan. Gotta learn Japanese language if I want to converse with her when she comes back.. @@

8. Do you know anything about #12's family? (Soon Ping)
Actually.. No. But he should have a nice and caring family that builds up his current character.

9. What is #8's favourite? (Soon Kiong)

10. What would you do if #11 confesses that he/she likes you? (Xiao Yun)
@_@!! That would not be possible.
First reason: She's in KL and I'm in Kch, 5 years my senior also.
Last reason: I do not wish for anymore LDR relationships.

11. What language does #15 speak? (Fung Yuan)
English and mandarin most of the time.

12. Who is #9 going out with? (Yun Shen)
She is going out with...... herself. Go ask her if you are curious..

13. How old is #16 now? (Fung Yun)
18 Years old.

14. When was the last time you talked to #13? (Shao Wee)
12 hours ago. It's 1.39am here

15. Who's #2's favourite singer? (Daniel)
No idea.. But he listens to any music that is nice.

16. Would you date #4? (Alan)
Well umm.. I'm no homosexual.

17. Would you date #7? (Kimmie)
As rumors fly, she's attached to someone.. So if i date her, that 'someone' would probably kill me.

18. Is #15 single? (Fung Yuan)
Currently yes (i think). Anyone intrested please call 012-3456789 Thank you.

19. What's #10's last name? (Kenneth)

20. Would you ever consider being in a relationship with #19? (Jacq)
Er.. relationship as in friends, yes.

21. What school did #3 go to? (Timothy)
SJK Stampin, SMK Stampin.

22. Where does #6 live? (Jayne)
Earth, South East Asia, *gasps for air*, Malaysia, Sarawak, Kuching.

23. What's your favourite thing about #5? (Donny)
He's a wushu master. Don't mess with him! Hyaaa!

24. What do you think of #13? (Shao Wee)
Black Horse King (in mandarin) a cool looking dude. A smart guy.

25. What do #4 and #19 have in common? (Alan and Jacq)

(3 hours later...)

Ah I know, they are from the same secondary school! (yea i know its lame)

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Please, don't try this at home.

The pictures were taken from SP's blog. He took those pictures when we had a short break during Academic Writing class... Wasn't prepared to jump but then many asked me to. So...

Surveying the jump-spot... From left, Kelvin, Fung Yun, Shao Wee and me.

Preparing to jump... Martin coming out (next to Shao Wee)

Short moment of satisfaction, endless moments of laughter at me @ 2nd pic. All my friends said I look funny and silly =/

Although no bones were broken;
Please dont try this at home. - WWE

Friday, September 01, 2006

This is a small small world...

I had stopped blogging recently, just because of a lame reason of being busy. Actually I'm not really busy, just lazy. Its common for people like me. Lazy as in not studying and playing games all day long (sometimes). Malaysia's 49th Birthday was over not too long ago. I did not go to the parade and wasn't intrested in it's procession too.

"This is a small small world" was what I always said to my friends and classmates in campus when we meet them.

e.g: My group of friends met another group of friends at the library, chit-chat for awhile and left for our own classes and stuff. Few minutes later, we met them again at the cafeteria and had lunch together.

Well, I met Prue aka Janrene few hours ago in Blueserver and played against her in a game. Many of you would wonder who is that person. She's a friend I met in Pristontale, Gunbound and finally ROSE. Makes me recall all those crazy moments in Pristontale, two knights, two atlantas. Both coupled up but now broke up. Yeap, i'm one of the knights, and Dristontale is the name of the other knight. No need for me to tell the names of the two atlantas, you'd figure it out real soon. Now I agree with Blueserver's motto - Where Real Gamers Meet!

Below are 2 pics from PristonTale, old, but full of memories.

The Guardian Saint.

Farewell Summer, its nice to know you.