Monday, October 22, 2007

The four seasons, Part II

I’ve started to use the chat program – mIRC that I had ignored all these years. Not for chatting but for high speed anime downloading. I never knew that such programs could be useful if torrent fails your targeted speed.

Are there any other uses for ICQ (I seek you) ?


Regarding The four seasons, I was right about meeting another part of the four seasons. Just that it is not in order.

4 years ago, I met Summer. She was the one who taught me about love.

1 year ago, I met Autumn. She has changed much since.

And today, I met Spring. Accidentally. She happened to be someone important to me.

I was wondering when I will be meeting Winter... I'll gladly stop at Spring. IF that is possible.

Oh ya, Kenny Sia came to Swinburne today. Was told that he came to give a talk on Business issues if not mistaken. Didn't get to see him in person, not that I mind anyway.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Unexpected Telekom + Streamyx service

Physics B test 2 just ended not too long ago. I think that’s the first time the points given in MCQ questions are equal to subjective questions. C’mon it’s Physics B, not some common subject like KMT – 80 MCQ questions.


This will probably be my last entry until the final exams ended.

My internet connection was down last Sunday. It happened somewhere near 8.30am and somehow, I have a feeling that it happened abnormally. The reason I said this is because I remember praying to God to allow me to have self-control on myself to not touch a single game of Dota until finals ended 4 hours ago.

Without my internet connection, I cannot login to Bs3 and play Dota like usual. Knowing that this way will not work for me – I realized that I cannot go on normally without internet connection. My dad called Telekom to fix the problem and the first thing that came to my mind is: this will definitely take days or even weeks.

So again I pray to God for my internet connection back, with the promise that I won’t touch a single game of Dota.

Again my prayer was answered – Telekom workers came to fix the problem but the problem persists. 2 hours later, Streamyx workers came like 3 times to check on everything until my connection was restored then only they left.

God played His part, now’s my turn to play my own part. I wonder how I will go on without Dota until my finals ended. It’s like severing a part of me away unwillingly but for the sake of passing my exams… I’ll just have to do it – I don’t have any other choice, do I?


Here’s something to share with everyone:

If you don’t understand what this picture meant, please visit here: -Click me-

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Happy Birthday Winnie!

We celebrated Winnie’s birthday a day earlier at Pizza Hut again.

Thanks for making me realize that I am a cheese freak, along with some other guys. I am positive the waitress got frightened of us for finishing all the cheese powder provided and still asked for a refill.

Maybe we should think again before playing with food.

1st up: 7-up with chili sauce, tomato sauce, pepper sauce, cheese powder (actually anything that is available in pizza hut is thrown inside).

Looks like carrot juice and tomato puree added up. We assume that it will definitely send the one who drank it to toilet for hours and hours.

Sadly, this prototype failed to yield any results as no one dared to give it a shot. Or maybe Robert did take a tiny sip. But from the look of his face, it looks like he went through hell and back.

2nd up: 7-up with 111.11% MSG (or salt). Guaranteed to work for certain people who like to be bald, permanently. This is also a total failure as test subject realized the change of color in his drink before he even took a sip.

3rd up: Garlic bread with pepper sauce, chili sauce, pepper etc added. Oomph guaranteed!

║Happy Birthday Winnie║


I felt that I am going back in time again.

This time, I miss the ABC and Ice kacang that 2 hawker dudes sold at the back of my secondary school. Setting up a humble stall by the roadside, whatever you ordered will be done in less than a minute.

The ABC they sell has a variety of flavors and you can choose to add whatever you want into your ABC. Of course, it will cost more that way. I can still remember students surrounding the stall; they sure earn a lot of money just from the secondary school students alone, excluding the students in INTI College and passersby.

Part of me wants to grow up and be matured in all aspects while the other part of me wants to stay as a secondary school student forever, no stress in finals, creating chaos in school compound, jumping from floors to floors and doing everything that I am allowed to do in secondary school that I am not allowed to in Swinburne any more.

Sometimes I wished that I can take this year and integrate it with the past so I wouldn’t have suffered back then. Anyway, everything that had happened back then will be in my mind for eternity because no matter how I reason it, at the end of the day the fault is still mine.

All I can say is: “I wish I have the power to reverse time.

I intend to write more but maybe it would be better if I save it for the next time, assuming that I can still remember about it.

P.S: Can anyone send me this song "神话" sang by Jackie Chan and another girl? I’m looking for the complete Chinese version, not the one mixed with Korean… Thanks.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

A touching story worth reading

║ Touching ║

Dear Patrick,

I was then an only child who had everything I could ever want. But even a pretty, spoiled and rich kid could get lonely once in a while so when Mom told me that she was pregnant, I was ecstatic. I imagined how wonderful you would be and how we'd always be together and how much you would look like me. So, when you were born, I looked at your tiny hands and feet and marveled at how beautiful you were.

We took you home and I showed you proudly to my friends. They would touch you and sometimes pinch you, but you never reacted. When you were five months old, some things began to bother Mom. You seemed so unmoving and numb, and your cry sounded odd --- almost like a kitten's. So we brought you to many doctors.

The thirteenth doctor who looked at you quietly said you have the "cry du chat" (pronounced Kree-do-sha) syndrome, "cry of the cat" in French.

When I asked what that meant, he looked at me with pity and softly said, "Your brother will never walk nor talk." The doctor told us that it is a condition that afflicts one in 50,000 babies, rendering victims severely retarded. Mom was shocked and I was furious.

I thought it was unfair. When we went home, Mom took you in her arms and cried. I looked at you and realized that word will get around that you're not normal. So to hold on to my popularity, I did the unthinkable ... I disowned you. Mom and Dad didn't know but I steeled myself not to love you as you grew. Mom and Dad showered you love and attention and that made me bitter. And as the years passed, that bitterness turned to anger, and then hate.

Mom never gave up on you. She knew she had to do it for your sake.

Every time she put your toys down, you'd roll instead of crawl. I watched her heart break every time she took away your toys and strapped your tummy with foam so you couldn't roll. You struggle and you're cry in that pitiful way, the cry of the kitten. But she still didn't give up.

And then one day, you defied what all your doctors said -- you crawled.

When mom saw this, she knew you would eventually walk. So when you were still crawling at age four, she'd put you on the grass with only your diapers on knowing that you hate the feel of the grass on your skin.

Then she'd leave you there. I would sometimes watch from the windows and smile at your discomfort. You would crawl to the sidewalk and Mom would put you back. Again and again, Mom repeated this on the lawn. Until one day, Mom saw you pull yourself up and toddle off the grass as fast as your little legs could carry you.

Laughing and crying, she shouted for Dad and I to come. Dad hugged you crying openly.

I watched from my bedroom window this heartbreaking scene.

Over the years, Mom taught you to speak, read and write. From then on, I would sometime see you walk outside, smell the flowers, marvel at the birds, or just smile at no one. I began to see the beauty of the world through your eyes. It was then that I realized that you were my brother and no matter how much I tried to hate you, I couldn't, because I had grown to love you.

During the next few days, we again became acquainted with each other. I would buy you toys and give you all the love that a sister could ever give to her brother. And you would reward me by smiling and hugging me.

But I guess, you were never really meant for us. On your tenth birthday, you felt severe headaches. The doctor's diagnosis - leukemia. Mom gasped and Dad held her, while I fought hard to keep my tears from falling. At that moment, I loved you all the more. I couldn't even bear to leave your side. Then the doctors told us that your only hope is to have a bone marrow transplant. You became the subject of a nationwide donor search. When at last we found the right match, you were too sick, and the doctor reluctantly ruled out the operations. Since then, you underwent chemotherapy and radiation.

Even at the end, you continued to pursue life. Just a month before you died, you made me draw up a list of things you wanted to do when you got out of the hospital. Two days after the list was completed, you asked the doctors to send you home. There, we ate ice cream and cake, run across the grass, flew kites, went fishing, took pictures of one another and let the balloons fly. I remember the last conversation that we had. You said that if you die, and if I need of help, I could send you a note to heaven by tying it on the string of any balloon and letting it fly. When you said this, I started crying. Then you hugged me. Then again, for the last time, you got sick.

That last night, you asked for water, a back rub, a cuddle. Finally, you went into seizure with tears streaming down your face. Later, at the hospital, you struggled to talk but the words wouldn't come. I know what you wanted to say. "Hear you," I whispered. And for the last time, I said, "I'll always love and I will never forget you. Don't be afraid. You'll soon be with God in heaven." Then, with my tears flowing freely, I watched the bravest boy I had ever known finally stop breathing. Dad, Mom and I cried until I felt as if there were no more tears left. Patrick was finally gone, leaving us behind.

From then on, you were my source of inspiration. You showed me how to love life and live to the fullest. With your simplicity and honesty, you showed me a world full of love and caring. And you made me realize that the most important thing in this life is to continue loving without asking why or how and without setting any limit.

Thank you, my little brother, for all these.

~ Author Unknown

This story is taken from Blueserver forums, I find it touching and hope that it is the same for you all.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

October the 2nd

Da Capo II is out!


That was the first time:

A blur princess, a cow and a girl stayed up chatting until the Big Ben strucked even though they have classes in the morning.