Sunday, July 02, 2006

When imaginations run wild...

It’s just another normal Sunday and I’m talking to 2 persons. Let’s just call them Him and Her.

Me: Did you hear something?
Him: Huh? What?
Me: It’s coming from that side…
Him I don’t hear anything…
Her: It sounds like a crushing wave to me.
Him: Tsunami version 2?
Me: Well, I do hope I get swept away so I don’t have to take the final exams.
Him: I want to be carried away by the Tsunami too.
Her: Oh no! We’re going to die…
Me: I’m ready.
Him: So am I.

A great Tsunami came and swept me, him and her away.


Each of us opens our eyes…

Him: Hey this place looks familiar…
Her: Of course it’s familiar you idiot. Look around you!
Me: Oh my…
Him: What the…
Her: Yep, be prepared.

We were swept into the examination hall.

Examiner: The three of you are late, here’s your paper and your seat. You may start.
Me and Him: …
Her: :)
Me and Him: :(

Moments later… I felt someone poking me on the shoulder.

Examiner: Wei Liang, you have not even completed a question.
Me: What?!
Examiner: You have 10 minutes left, are you sure you can finish all in time?
Me: *Thinking to self* (I must have been daydreaming…)
Examiner: 4192257! Are you listening to me?
Me: Yes I am, Miss.

I’m dead.

*Chronosphere activated* (Taken from Red Alert) The clock is turning anti-clockwise and...

July 2, 2006, 3.00p.m. In front of my computer.

Sigh… Exams exams. Won’t they just disappear from my life?

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