Monday, July 10, 2006

Just another day

Well, Italy won. Congratulations to Italy (though I support France).

Today marks the day of the beginning of my 2 week holiday. Not in the mood to get crazy yet.

Here's something funny. Mind you, only 18 and above are allowed to read it (I know nobody cares, even a kid of age 9 also reads such stuff).

Local Delights
Once there were 3 prime ministers having a meeting,
They were PM of Japan, Indonesia and Malaysia,
Each of them was pretty proud of every sector of their respected conutry,
In the middle of discussion...
The PM of Japan started to get arrogant,
So he undressend his secretary blouse and revealed a white perfect breast...
And the PM of Japan said "Mount Fuji".
Next the PM of Indonesia said "That is no big deal",
And he removed the skirt and panties of his secretary to reveal the 'bush'...
And PM of Indonesia said "Hutan Hujan Khatulistiwa".
Finally the PM of Malaysia who did not have a secetary with him,
Unbuckled his belt and 1 minute later...
He said "Susu Getah".

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