Sunday, July 23, 2006


Since Saturday 10am, I was called to Central Park area to participate in a DotA competition. Hosted by WCG and held at T1 Cybercafé. Our team consists of Ping Seng as the team leader, Kelvin, Stanley, Bryan and me.

Day 1, Saturday; yesterday, single match, either sentinel or scourge.

Because Kelvin and I went there late (woke up late actually... paiseh), our match was changed from 10.45am to 3.45pm in the afternoon. A thousand thanks to the marshal who allowed the time change, if not, our team would be disqualified. We met Jin Thad too and watched a few games of Counter-Strike aka CS. Since it was only 11am and our match time was changed, we went to Mcd to have a light snack. Went back to Central Park again at 12.30pm and went to a nearby café and had a drink while waiting for time to pass by (what a waste of time).

We spectate other DotA matches while waiting for our match. When the clock struck 3.45pm, we felt excited and nervous because it is our turn now, and also my first time participating in such competitions. To our disappointment, we had to wait another 55 mins. By then it was already 4.40pm. Then only we had our match. It was quite an easy match as we owned that team real badly. The first game in competition to break a throne perhaps? Usually game ended by counting the loss of towers in the game. After the game ended, it was already 5pm ++. So we headed back home and took a rest, thought that was the end for the competition, but I was wrong.

Day 2, Sunday; today, double match, sentinel and scourge.

Kelvin called at 8.50am, telling me to get ready for the competition. I was like WTF at first because I wanted to go to the church today, nevertheless, should a person failed to show up during the competition time, the whole team will be disqualified. I wouldn’t want that to happen, so I took a bath and told my parents about it, promising that this will be the last time I am playing such games.

When we reached there, we were told the match time was changed from 10am to 1.30pm because one of our opponents had tuition till around 1pm maybe? Because of that, we went to train our scourge hero lineup with a clan named Aveon by adding other heroes into the lineup and removing a few old ones which we used during the training at Friday night (also training with Aveon back then). All for the sake of winning the game, as we had many problems with our hero lineup in scourge team. It was decided, our team replaced 2 heroes from both top and bottom lanes. Confident that it will work out good because we won the game against Aveon.

Never ever be overconfident. This is what I get to know today, during the match our opponents chose sentinel first so we took scourge. It ended up in a big disaster as there are countless errors and mistakes during the game. A hero feed non-stop during the game and insufficient amount of teamwork lead to the failure of the game. Before the 2nd game, we are given a 5 minutes break to cool down ourselves. During the 2nd game, everything went well and the game was going for a tie soon but we worked things out during the last minute and it was a victory. Due to the fact that both sides won once, a coin toss match was given by the marshal. We choose heads for sentinel while our opponents choose tails for sentinel (gosh sentinel is so damn popular). I could say our third match was won by luck because the coin toss results in heads, which makes things easy for us. We are the 1st team to kill Roshan during a competition match if not mistaken, not to brag.

After another short break, we were to play against a clan named UC. I felt like vomiting during the break and wanted to ask my friends to find a replacement for me. But there isn’t enough time, so we just played that game and waited for the ending time. It was obvious our opponents level are a lot better than us tired ones. They had great teamwork too. After the 1st match, we surrendered and went for a longer break as there was no reason to play the 2nd match because we played almost the whole day. That was around 6.45pm.

We had a short meeting on our hero lineup and it was decided that we play –random mode for ourselves while they pick their heroes. We were also told to treat it like a normal –tr aka team random game and to treat the heroes our opponents have as the heroes they get in random mode in Blueserver 3. Sounds confusing but maybe I’ll explain it later.

Our final opponents are the NoobZa team aka nZ. I saw a Swinburne senior playing in that team too. They wanted to play scourge first, but we told them we wanted scourge first. They agreed. When the game started, we went random and get nice heroes but all the heroes we had are unlikely to match each other. We had no time to think twice and obeyed our leader – treating the game like a normal game, not a competition game. We were losing during the beginning of the game but the tides changed at the end of the game. We won by breaking another tower from the opponents which was during the 53rd minute and used the remaining 7 minutes to defend our own towers. The result of the game is another victory. The main reason for us to play scourge, which is our weakest combo is to get our minds of the heroes we kept using in the sentinels.

Another short break was given to us and we felt very relaxed after that game. Following the same hero lineup for sentinel’s team, everything went well but we were pressured during early game, it was okay for us, as we had almost all the items we needed. Another match won by breaking more towers than our opponents. We were given the 3rd place while the battle for 1st and 2nd place is still on the line. Both teams, Fallen and UC played well. But I do not know the results yet as they were only having the 1st match.

Met Sharon and Sing Hui outside the cybercafé. Had a short chat with them and told them about the results of our team. Sharon jokingly said she was supporting our team that’s why our team won the 3rd place. After bidding farewell to the 2 young ladies, our group of 5 walked to a nearby bus stop to wait for our transports. After reaching home, my dad and brother were already sound asleep while my mum was still awake. I was bombarded with questions on why I went out for such a long time 9.10am till 10.20pm. I explained everything to her and started to blog about my day, which is a tiring and a nice one.
Yawn... time to sleep, I have school tomorrow, which is after 8 hours time. Oh well.


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