Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Weird + Addiction

I’d like to state that my campus is a weird and an illogical campus. Why? Below are a few reasons which support my statement.

Firstly, the timetable. It looks normal when you first read through it. When you read through it again carefully and analyze it, you will realize that the groups you are assigned to (we are not allowed to choose our own group for lecture and tutorial this semester for some unknown reason) is very lame and stupid. For example: I went for an hour class ONLY and that’s it for today, I can choose to spend my time in campus or go home. Damn, what a waste of time.

Secondly, regarding lecturers. During English lesson classes (AR and RSaRW); we are encouraged to converse in English and English ONLY. But guess what? Our lecturer speaks to us with a rojak language aka mixed language. There’s English, then Malay, then English again. Weird huh? I thought English lesson lecturers are supposed to speak only English.

“Plagiarism is a serious crime in higher level of education. For example: In the internet, you took someone’s work and buta-buta take it and name it as your own.”

The above sentence might not be 100% same like what my lecturer mentioned to us but most of it is the same. No offence, just stating my point.

Because my dad had to work at 1.30pm, I went to campus at around 1.15pm and met with Shao Wee, Soon Ping, Shirley, Jeffrey and others. Had a short conversation with them and went to pay for my semester fees, after I returned, all of them went to their respective classes. Shao Wee and I went to the student lounge to waste our time while waiting for our class at 2.30pm.

I did promise not to play DotA anymore, so I just spectate the 2 players playing against AI then against each other. Also, I just started watching Inuyasha anime this morning.

Guess what? DotA IS addictive and should be avoided at any cost. Why? I’ll explain…

It’s silly but please bear with me.
I-nu-ya-sha leads to, Inu-yasha, where Inuyasha is sometimes called Inu-kun. -End-

As for Yasha, it leads to Sange and Yasha, which leads to DotA, and that leads to thinking the items needed to combine together to create a Sange and Yasha. Then it leads to which heroes are best suited with Sange and Yasha, and bla bla bla bla… -Will never end-

DotA is addictive and it will find its way to you when you are deep into it. No big difference compared to drugs, cigarettes and alcohol. Ugh.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Here are some links that I believe will be interested