Friday, July 07, 2006

To sum things up

Today's the last day of exam. Everyone was overjoyed, maybe not all. I'm included in the one who is not too happy nor too upset. I had tried my best.
Before that, almost everyone assumed that Physics A paper is the hardest paper compared to all of the subjects we took in FoE course.
Wei Liang:

Physics A - Rank of difficulty (Easy 0-5 Hard):

Engineering Mathematics A - Rank of difficulty (Easy 0-5 Hard):

But now, it is the opposite. Engineering Mathematics A won the award of 'The most difficult exam paper'. Oh well... Looking at the bright side, I can meet a lot of new friends next semester for Engineering Maths... :(
I'll miss all my lecturers too, especially Miss Melinda. All students taught by her before will miss her too. Instead of having the feeling that she is teaching us during classes, I have the feeling that she is like one of us too but as a leader to lead us like we are in a discussion.
Semester II here we come!

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