Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Kelvin and Chen (HolyKnight) came with their PC and laptop today. Chen complained of his slow internet connection while Kelvin was unsure whether his PC needs reformatting or the fault lies in his internet connection (extremely slow ul/dl, more to 56kb modem). After testing his computer with my connection, it was concluded that the fault lies in his internet connection and not his PC. I took some tv shows and movies from the both of them (since I seldom download/torrent)

Apparantly, my room became a mini cyber-cafe for the 3 of us. We played 3 rounds of DotA today in Bs3, only then I understand why many players complained that if friends are together, there's no point playing on. Teamwork was completely perfect and our opponents did not stand a chance at all... Not bragging ok?

I do enjoy the moments of shouting and excitement when we are in a game. Thanks for dropping by guys!