Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Err... What a day.

Woke up fresh early in the morning @ 3am. But for some reason I went back to sleep again and woke up at around 3.30am++ Watched 微笑 Pasta epi 15 before going to study. After studying till around 8am (exam at 9am), I went to prepare and went to Kelvin's house at around 8.15am because of car pooling. I was surprised and nearly fell down when he told me the exam is at 2pm. That shows the importance of 'exam' timetable (my research topic)

So I went back home and.. watched some anime with my bro :D . Then studied a little more before going for the exam. I went through a question on Makrov Process (which the majority of the class failed to answer during the 2nd assessment) but did not really understand the method of answering it, thinking that it would not be out during the finals - same like Jacky. And to our horror, that question (number 3) smiled at us when reading time commenced (10 mins reading time for all exams). I was wordless and tried to smile at other questions but I couldn't... not because the questions were hard, but because question 3 alone is 15 marks out of 108 marks. How could I smile, knowing that I will lost lots of marks in that question alone?

As if that is not enough, I timed my handphone to end silent mode after 5.10pm (ending time of the exam paper) and guess what? My hp ring at the exact moment the timed silent mode expired and everyone stared at me. How embarassing could that be?

I could only sigh and wish that time would just pass by quickly...

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