Tuesday, October 10, 2006

A good day?

Early in the morning at 1.50am, this guy woke up from his bed. Why that early? Because he slept at 10pm. -_- He wanted to go to his PC to check the downloads which had been left to download since 2 weeks ago. After crawling out of bed and landing his left foot on the floor, he went crashing down to the floor and injured his left leg. As he was about to scream in pain [and curse (insert foul language here)]<-- optional; his dad came to check what had happened as the sound could be heard even by the neighbours.
Yeap, that 'guy' is me. Somehow my left leg became numb due to the incorrect sleeping posture and injured my left leg. I was trying hard not to hobble in the campus despite the piercing pain. Luckily everything went well and no one noticed it... :D
We went to Da Lai (direct translation from Chinese is Big Come) @ King Centre for our lunch. After locating a place to rest our butts, we went to order chicken rice as usual. (Pardon me for my crude usage of language…) I Saw Lee Lee with her friend few tables away from us. Actually she saw me first and wave at me only then I noticed her and had a short conversation with her. Apparently she had extra classes if not mistaken so she took her lunch here since her campus is just a stone’s throw away.

After placing our orders, we went back to our seats and chit-chat while waiting for our lunch. Not long after our lunch arrived, Evans came too and joined our group. The cutlery surprised us as we thought that the worker might have made a mistake for giving us wood chopsticks and plastic spoons. Actually, I was hoping that it would be a mistake since I am not good with chopsticks no matter how many times I practiced. But it wasn’t a mistake! “Business too good, not enough time to wash cutlery” WTH is that supposed to mean? Dude, we ordered chicken + rice, not chicken + noodles damnit; at least give us plastic spoon and fork laaaaa~! Never mind that. A moth dropped into one of the bowl of soup and when I request the worker to change the soup while Tung Ing asked for Chili sauce (sort of chili sauce), the worker returned with 2 bowls of chili sauce and 0 bowls of soup. I guess the worker thought I wanted to change a bowl of soup with moth for a bowl of chili sauce. Oh well. What Tung Ing said was true. “This is like the older days in China.” I had a hard time using chopsticks to pick those pieces of meat let alone to pick rice… Well, I was the last to finish my meal even though Evans started later than me. After what seem like countless hours, I finished my lunch finally and we went back to the campus. (Evans drove another new car! I wonder how many cars does he have actually xD )

I wasn’t too pleased with my lunch actually but what can I say? We still have to be thankful for food on our table, unlike some other country without even any edible food. (Gosh I’m starting to talk like an old man); speaking of food, I suddenly remembered my uncle’s wedding dinner last Sunday. Relatives and friends were invited. My dad and his brothers sat together on the same table along with us. Everyone talked joyfully; well it’s a happy occasion anyway. Then one of my uncles noticed the boxes of beer placed on a side and called the waitress for 7 mug of beer. After what seemed like eternity, the beer was finally served. Even my bro drank beer, though it was just a few sips and he gave up. (Good start lah bro!) This was the 1st time I’m allowed to drink beer without any restrictions. It sure does taste bitter, and I mean REAL bitter as if I’m drinking medicine. Drank only 5 mugs during the whole dinner and when I look at the table next to us (my uncle’s friends) they drank non-stop. The waitress kept refilling their jugs with new beer, estimating that group of 10 had drank more than 10 jugs of beer. I kept wondering how the heck could they drank so much in just a short moment… never mind that. There are 8 dishes served to every table and they are:

Cold dish
Shark Fin soup
Peking duck
Abalone with Vege (+ unknown sauce)
Tilapia Fish (if I am right)
Roast duck and pork
Curry Tiger Prawns
Fruits and custard

Bad memory disease is attacking again; I couldn’t remember one of the dishes. That’s all I can remember for the time being. Time to retire to bed, I have MUET oral assessment tomorrow and need all the luck I can have… -_-!!
Edit: Partly correct QE :P , it does have vegetables; brocolli if not mistaken..

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Should be a vegetable dish.. haha.. that shows u didnt like veg too much ;p