Thursday, October 12, 2006

Stressful week

My semester exams coming in 2 weeks time, 3 assessments (1 on Friday and the other 2 on Saturday). There will be an IT presentation for every students next week... Video shooting included (need meh? you will only stress your students lah Miss! )
Prom night on 21st of October. That will be my first time attending such party... Anyone going?
Evans suggested that we (all of us) play a game. The game is, each of us must get a date during that night. Those who fail to get one must treat those who successfully get one a drink. Lets say IF everyone get a date except me, then I'd have to treat all of them a drink of their choice. I don't mind simple drinks, but what if they ordered liquor?! That would definitely nuke my wallet to shreds. T_T... Luckily, many of us had our own reasons not to get a date. As for me, I want to be single (yea I know, its a stupid reason). Kelvin says he's too quiet to initiate a conversation. Too lazy to type all the reasons of those who disagreed. LOL.
Can I not participate? Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee? = ="
Kelvin and I finally persuaded Pauline to join that prom night. Pardon me, not persuade but force. I know this is not right but she did promised to join and since to book a table, we need to have 10 persons but we had only 8 person. So... Its not totally wrong right? Wanted to ask (I mean persuade) Stephanie to go too, but then, she said that we did not asked her to go earlier on. Oh well.

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