Saturday, September 30, 2006

GunBound and DotA

Played about 10 rounds of gunbound with Aurelia and Ek Guan few hours ago. Before playing, of course I reinstalled the whole game and let it update itself. Took around 10 mins.. Maybe my comp is slow after all... I had so much fun while trying to focus and aim.. Took some scoldings from other players (2v2 game and we had only 3 players) but didn't care about it, after all I come to relax and enjoy not to stress myself out. Right? This reminds me of the fun I had when gunbound was still popular 2 years back then. Hi QE! Do you still play Gunbound?

After that, I had a short break and studied awhile for my assessment tomorrow. I login Bs3 to had a game of DotA before I end my day with a sleep. As usual it was a normal 5v5 game.
The matchup is as stated.

Centaur Warchief (Rafe)
Blood Seeker (leaver)
Soul Keeper (me)
Necrolyte (MvM) - Disconnected
Vengeful Spirit (-noobmoon- aka Ben)


Chaos Knight
Skeleton King
Obsidian Destroyer

1 of our friend disconnected, then followed by another leaver (someone we don't know) as we assume that he predict the game will lose so he just PP (pull plug). Opponents began to say cont cont cont or continue as it was obvious that they had stunner type heroes and those had an upper hand against those who doesnt have any. Anyway we played on, of course we were getting owned badly in the early middle-game and lost our middle barrack tower. Honestly I wanted to give up on that game, but seeing how my 2 friends tried their best to farm and win the game, I told myself to play on and try my best to make it the best game even if we are to lose. Then a miracle happened, the 2nd time our opponents push our middle lane, we defended and they had 5 hero casualties. Of course, we paid the price too. Centaur tanked and died to save our base from being overrun by our opponents. After around 10 mins of farming, they pushed our middle lane and had 5 hero casualties again. This time, we had no heroes sacrificed so we pushed on to their base and break the towers and barrack in a go. After middle lane barrack was destroyed, we headed for the top lane and break their barracks like how we did on the middle lane. Our opponents said gg or good game, trying to tell us that they surrender. Remembering that our opponents wanted to continue just now, we just played on and so did they. Killing Roshan happened around 5 mins later before we pushed their bottom lane and break their base completely.

I think I'm too lo so already. Gotta take a good rest, had a test coming in 7 hours time. Goodnight!


Anonymous said...

Of coz i do and you always break from 10-11am for your cartoon. haha..

Wei Liang said...

Haha yeah.. those were the times.. that cartoon was digimon world II lor.