Sunday, September 03, 2006

Please, don't try this at home.

The pictures were taken from SP's blog. He took those pictures when we had a short break during Academic Writing class... Wasn't prepared to jump but then many asked me to. So...

Surveying the jump-spot... From left, Kelvin, Fung Yun, Shao Wee and me.

Preparing to jump... Martin coming out (next to Shao Wee)

Short moment of satisfaction, endless moments of laughter at me @ 2nd pic. All my friends said I look funny and silly =/

Although no bones were broken;
Please dont try this at home. - WWE

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Anonymous said...

Actually you looked like the national basketball player who's performing dunk... hahah.... It's just a different that you jumped from up to down where they jumped from the ground up to, nice stunt n u look proud... :p