Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Two in one

Two test continuously for 3 hours tomorrow. They are IT practical and EMA. Everyone is busy studying for those two subjects and yet someone out there is still doing nothing. Sitting in front of the computer, listening to musics and blogging. Who is that person? He is none other than me.

When me and my mind have different thoughts...

Me: "Oh well, I'll study after dinner." (Let's do it)
Mind: "Are you sure you can do so?" (Look of doubt)
Me: "Of course I can. What makes you think i cannot do so?" (Curious)
Mind: "Games (DotA), chatting with friends, surfing net -" (Interrupted)
Me: "Alright alright! Stop listing those out. " (Annoyed and irritated)
Mind: "That's temptation. Aren't you going to try out the new build for-" (Interrupted again)
Me: "I'll switch off the comp before dinner and will not play any games." (Confident)
Mind: "We'll see who is right then." (Laughs)
Me: "..........." (Not confident anymore)


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