Tuesday, June 20, 2006


When feelings dominate you, you become emotional.
When feelings deserted you, you become cold-hearted.
Someone: "You have the heart of steel."
Me: "Heart of steel, cold as ever, loyal forever."
Oh well, that conversation happened many months ago. I went through those times when feelings dominate me and deserted me. I had cried before when there's a sad happening. I cried when my uncle went to be with the Lord few years ago, I hardly talked to him. Why? Because he used to work in Singapore till recently he came back to Malaysia. He is a very kind-hearted soul. Always smiling whenever I see him. He never shouts or talk loudly. He takes things easily. Like my mum said: "When our loved ones are around, we don't treasure them and hardly spend time with them. We ignore them sometimes too. BUT, when they left us, only then will the emptyness inside us crush our hearts completely without mercy." Yeah, boys do cry too. But they WILL NOT show it in front of anyone, especially in front of girls.
Recently a new feeling is growing inside me. I'm not sure what is that for, but i'm sure it has something to do with an old friend of mine. Be it any feelings. I have to ignore it, if not, history will repeat itself again... Haiz... To look at the bright side, she's an angel and a good friend of mine.

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PaNdA said...

We took many things for granted.
It's human nature. We can't deny this fact.
When we actually realise that something, by nature, will never come back again, it's already too late to regret..