Saturday, June 17, 2006

Memories of the past..

Alone at home, sitting in front of the computer, thoughts drifting far far away...
Recalling the days of my secondary school life... Wondering how is everyone doing...
I miss all the fun and laughters in my secondary school years, all wild and natural. Until the PK HEM came to 'visit' us as well.

5 BeTa

Alan, Daniel, Donny and Timothy,
The usual gang I am with.
When Alan and Donny is around, laughter is guaranteed. Gotta learn to master the art of sleep-studying from Donny, the teachers never realized that he is sleeping all the time. Also, He's a master of Wushu.
When you have something in heart which you would like to share with someone but do not want that person to spread that secret, Daniel is there to listen to you and talk with you. He's also a pro in drawing anything, just a glance and comes insight for him to draw. A future architect.
Timothy, having the same tuition class in Physics with me, the class goes wild when Izzudin and Timothy are around.

Mei Sien and Irene,
Known as the god-daughters of Siong Kwong.
Mei Sien and Irene are from Japan and China respectively. Yeah, thats a joke, because they are from Malaysia. Just that they look like Japanese and China girls. They helped me countless times in my school work and Projects. Gotta thank the two of you for helping a lot, especially in Science subjects.

Catharine and Wei Ling,
Catharine (is said she's from Korea, because she looks like a korean) is also one of the god-daughter of Siong Kwong, same class with me in tuition for Physics too. She was the one who talked me to join Mr. Mok's physics tuition class since Form 4 and I joined in Form 5 mid-year *_*
Wei Ling, Wei Liang. A difference of an 'A' only. Some teachers always got messed up with my name and her name. She will be going to Singapore to further her studies in July. Greetings from Swinburne. All of us wish you good luck in your studies, do remember to come back to visit us sometimes when you are free :D
Both of them are my god-sisters. Gotta thank both of you for helping me a lot in my school work too! ^^

Alex aka Ah Jian Ai Sian, Pei Pei, See Liong, Sharon, Sing Hui, Stephanie,
Usually the talkative bunch.
See Liong and Pei Pei, the class monitors. Very helpful and respected by many. With just these two words, "Jangan Bising" the whole class became quiet.
Ah Jian, a handsome guy. Many gals are after him (thats what I heard) very kind and helpful, never once breaking the school rules (maybe) .
Ai Sian, a girl that always jokes around. But when it comes to studies, she's serious. (Forgive me for last time's incident ya, was quite immature that time during Form 1 to Form 2)
Sharon and Sing Hui, although I do not know the two of you for a long time, heck, its fun to have the two of you around. Your voices could be heard miles away~ (don't kill me >.< ) Stephanie, now studying in Swinburne. How's Swinburne compared to our secondary school (Form 6) ? Do you miss your friends?
Valenri Ten and Shirley Yeo,
The two of them seated in front of me. Always argue with them most of the time over small simple matters.. Realized that they are just jokingly talking with me only after some time.. Argh! Thanks to their coaching I am able to do well in some of my subjects, especially writing reports for science subjects. Shirley you owe me Pizza~! (stomach rumbles)
Wan Yan and Lee Lee,
The two shy girls of 5 Beta. Always giggling but when asked why, they said nothing funny. Talking to them can be just a while or hours, depending on the topic. They look very kind and innocent, but when provoked, you can see a drastic change. I shall not elaborate further (don't kill me please >.<)
Jasmine, Luan Jia, Pei Sze and Siaw Wei, Siew Yong and Ee Sze,
Jasmine, being the quiet girl can be very very helpful when it comes to mathematics.
Luan Jia aka Jay Chou, why Jay Chou? Because her name is Chou Luan Jia, and the name printed on her name tag is LJ Chow, so we got used to call her Jay Chou. Very smart girl, got many A1s in her SPM (envy)
Pei Sze, my god-sister too. Had been in the same class with me since Form 1. Also very helpful when it comes to school work and homework.
Siaw Wei, another smart girl in additional mathematics, she got the highest score in SPM mock test. Very chatty and helpful too.
Siew Yong, a very quiet and smart girl. A girl i would recommend if you are to ask who could give a tution for all the subjects.
Ee Sze, known her since Primary school but rarely talk to her for some reason that I do not wish to recall. She's one of the best students in our class.

Jorge Alvarez, Galvin, Ian and Eben.
Jorge, known as the outstanding one in our class. Had been used as an example for our Physics teacher when he had to demonstrate inertia, momentum and many more.
Galvin, Ian and Eben, Good with guitar notes and football. You can hear them singing in classroom sometimes when they have their guitar with them.

I still have a long list to go, will continue on next time when I am free again.
P.S: Forgive me if the spelling for your name is incorrect, I have bad memory sometimes =/

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