Tuesday, June 13, 2006

To whoever it concerns. Shame on you! Leaver!

Even from the title you can infer that I am pissed/angry with something/someone.

Here it goes. A few of us, which includes me, my friend Kelvin and Robert were sort-of-challenged to play a game of dota. If you do not know what is DOTA, click here. Fine with that. We accepted the challenge. A handicapped match of 3 vs 4. Honestly, i'm not bragging, I dont mind 2 vs 5 either. I prefer a team with less players. Why? Thats my style. I wont explain why. Lets move on. The game started around 8:15pm. We went into our respective teams and the game started.

All was going well, no leavers, no scoldings, no pinpointing, no whining. TILL someone whom I don't wish to mentioned whined and whined asking for remake (restart game) and guess what? They leave themselves without the approval of us, their opponents. Fine, 1st round? Let it be. Let's proceed to 2nd round, this was in our minds. So we left the game and started a new one. All goes well again till they started to grumble and whine non-stop saying we should go Bs3 and play there instead of playing in Hamachi, which are for kids. After saying so and a few moments later, one by one of you leave the game as if you are playing with no one. Fine with me too, since I had met many players like you in Bs3.


PARDON ME? Bs3? Then why the heck did you challenge us to play dota? Hamachi are for kids? How old are you all then? Or do you freaking mean you are kids mentally and adults physically?

In DotA, I respect every players. Which includes both good and bad ones. From the 1st game till the last game I played with you all. I kept giving chances over and over for you to escape from certain death, It is you who do not treasure the chances given and continue to go on eventhough almost everyone know that staying on that spot will bring nothing but death. Yet you ignored it and died on the spot. I will say it here, I AM calling you a NOOB not because of your game performance, but because of your freaking attitude of whining, being a leaver and persuading the other players to leave the game.

To conclude? Change your freaking attitude, you are leaving teenage years in a few years time to adulthood. It is time for you to think maturely and act maturely. I have no further comments on those 2 games. If you want the replay of those 2 games. I have them.

No harsh feelings, I'm writing my thoughts out. If you don't like it. Don't read it. This blog is created by me (courtesy of blogger.com) to write anything I like. And you have your own freedom not to look and read it.


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