Friday, May 18, 2007


One week ago I promised Jacq to join the Yoga Club founded by her not too long ago...

But I never showed up because I was working during that day RM50 >all.

After having lunch with my gang of friends, Jeff sends me back to Swinburne because I wanted to try out the activities provided by the Yoga Club. Since I had more than 3 hours to go, I went to the library hoping that I will meet some friends over there to kill those 3 hours.

I saw SP using one of the computers and we proceed to translate blogs from English to Chinese and vice-versa. Direct translation can brighten up ones life for sure. We laughed non-stop until the librarians kept staring at us. She must be thinking that these two students are definitely from jungle and had never seen a computer before in their life.

When it is almost time to attend the club, I went up with Keith to room 4.01 and was shocked to see that I'm the only guy outside waiting for the instructor (Keith went to the water closet). So I turned back and pretend that I went into the wrong class until Keith came out from the WC. Only then I have the guts to step into the designated hall.

Honestly speaking, I was quite worried when the thought of being told to do those tougher moves came into my mind. Luckily the instructor did not initiate any hard moves unsuitable for my level. Maybe it's because she saw a newcomer - me, so she decided to let me go off for the first time.

I like stretching though I am not good at it. After the training session, everything was fine for me. Apparently, I was wrong. Very wrong. I experienced neck pains and muscle pains today.

My parents especially my dad is against me on joining the Yoga Club. When questioned why, all he said to me was to search in the internet. I did as told then only I understood why he disagreed with me on joining the Yoga Club.

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Anyway, I still thank him for giving me the freedom to join the clubs I wanted to join.
Ah Seng, Wish you One Road Straight Wind! Remember to buy gifts for us hor.. xD!


Anonymous said...

Read this instead. And Ah Seng better bring something back for us... :P

고독한 소년 said...

Ah Seng po liao la...
and no time shopping lei...
so all of u no present...

~Laura~ said...

Y kenot join???

PaNdA said...

"Sth will not have a meaning unless you give a meaning to it."

I think it's okay to take up Yoga for the good of your health. For me, i don't really care to what religions sth relates to, if it has a real good purpose. (I have my own thoughts, why bother about others', unless i am doing sth wrong.)
I kinda dislike things when they get related to religions.Coz someone will be potesting about it.

Besides Yoga, i think Meditation is good too. To relax your mind and soul. =) Once again, it's related to Buddhism.

Like what i said, something has no meaning unless you put a meaning to it. I don't quite know how to explain this sentence... LOL.