Tuesday, February 13, 2007

of Misunderstandings and Harsh Words

After a game of DotA today, I gained an old friend back, whom I had lost quite a few months ago. The reason behind it is misunderstandings and more misunderstandings, including an abundant exchange of harsh words. This reminds me of the separation of Singapore from Malaysia that I had studied in Malaysian studies weeks ago.

Here I’d like to express my utmost gratitude and appreciation to both Robert and Jeff for being the middlemen during this cold war between me and him. Let’s call him Y. Robert had been the middlemen since the time when he and I had our own so-called cold war and had been trying very hard to advise me to understand Y’s nature and personality despite that fell into deaf ears.

Till today; when I was invited by Jeff for a game of DotA through Hamachi, it was arranged for me and Jeff to be in a team while Robert and Y in the other. The game started moments later. I was lagging so I told Robert (the host) that I’m lagging. The conversation goes like this.

Me: Robert im lagging
Y: Comp problem?
Me: Not talking to you
Y: …

Then the exchange of harsh words began. Both of us talked casually like nothing had happened, but actually, our words are forged and shaped into piercing knives or anything sharp you could think of.

In the end, they put both me and Y in a chat room in msn to settle the problem between me and him. At first, it looked like putting two fighting cockerels in a cage. But then, I followed what Robert advise me to do - No usage of harsh words and to do it the gentlemen way. He(Y) followed suit too. Everything went well and apologies are exchanged.

If it had not been for both Robert and Jeff, the current relations between me and Y might have decline into a terminal stage. Thanks again, to the both of you!

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