Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Holiday is coming to town!

Much had happened during the past 3 days. The 3 days mentioned were the days of final exams. I realize a number of things during these 3 days too.

It was Study and Information Literacy Skills final paper. Before the day of the exam, I know many of my friends were still relaxing as most of us had more than 25/50 marks for the assignments and tests. Most of us aimed for a pass for that paper and nothing more, I’m one of them too. The duration of the test was 3 hours, and I thought I could finish it in 2 hours. I was wrong about it; I ended up using up all the 3 hours and rushed during the last minute to write the last sentence.

Then in the afternoon, I told myself to take a rest and study for my Moral Studies at night. But again, I did not keep to what I had said and played some computer games in the afternoon and slept early at night, waking up at 0300 in the morning to study.

Moral Studies paper was supposed to be 3 hours but it was shortened to 2 hours only. It was no problem for all the students as the tips were already given by the lecturer – word by word, telling us where to focus on and where not to. In the afternoon, all of us (8 in total) went to the T1 CC at 3rd mile. Not long after that, Johnson and his group of friends joined us too; this makes up a total of 17 players. We played CS aka Counter-Strike. Most of us are screaming, shouting and laughing at the top of our voices.

It had been almost 3 years since I last shouted and laughed that much. I was into online games during my Form 4 and Form 5 years and played games like GunBound, Pristontale, ROSE, FLYFF and many more. I’ve met many new friends and new people, including my first girlfriend online. Though I had already broke up with her for almost 2 years from now, the fun I had with her and my gang of friends in the online games will never fade away.

After we finished gaming, all of us had planned to play together again after Malaysian Studies paper, which is the last paper before our own self-declared holiday starts. I told them that if I am able to do well in that paper, only then I will have the mood to play CS again. I began to worry about the paper because I had only started to flip through the pages of the reference book late in the night, knowing that that is not enough, I forced myself to wake up as early as 2am in the morning but in the end I woke up at 3.30am. Look through that damned book again and memorized the parts which was written in a piece of ‘tips’ paper given by someone.

I was quite nervous as I enter the exam hall, not knowing what kind of doom will befall on me. I was shocked and overjoyed when I flipped through the pages of the exam paper. Almost 90% of what I had studied and memorized were in the papers. I could hear the sounds of “Enemy behind!”, “Sniper!”, “At tunnel!”, “Counter base!”, “Terror base!”, “Bomb site A/B” and many more. I tried to write as fast as I could, skipping those I was unsure of. I took only 1 hour + to finish the whole paper when the time given was 3 hours. After I went out, many followed out too, all the students should be saying that the questions were too easy and were smiling all the way.

Johnson had booked almost the whole of the Ultimate CC for us, the total number of players were 27. After playing for 2 hours +, Kelvin was ranked the first, Chen the second and I was the third, Shao Wee the fourth and the fifth is in the opposite team if not mistaken. I guess it is time for me to polish up my CS skills. Again.

The 27 of us went to the 3rd Mile Mcdonalds to have our refreshments. Both Ah Yieng and Judieth challenged each other to play the slides and to squeeze in the ‘small’ tunnels in the children’s’ playground. It goes something like this, Ah Yieng first challenged Judieth to play the slides, saying that if Judieth plays it, she will follow suit. Judieth accepted and did so. Then it was Judieth’s turn; she challenged Ah Yieng to squeeze herself through the ‘small’ holes but it seems impossible for anyone of us at this age to squeeze through that hole as it was meant for children only.

As a number of my friends know, I have an online girlfriend by the nickname Berry. I had known her since I was in my ex-clan – v3. I had forgotten how we started the relationship but I only remember she started calling me ‘dear’ for no reason, so I’ve decided to play along. We exchanged HP numbers and she usually call or sms me to share her personal problems.

Recently I had been evading her because she told me that she liked someone else and THAT someone else wasn’t too pleased with her calling me ‘dear’ all the time. This had been going on until recently she joined a DotA game with FY, Chen, Jeff and I. My 3 friends said the same thing to me – she had been very supportive (she was playing omniknight), in the early game, she kept healing FY (both of them were in the same lane). During mid-game when it is the season of gangbanging, I was in trouble for not observing the missing heroes in the map and all sprang unto me, she came all the way from other lanes (top lane if not mistaken) by using a town portal scroll to get to the nearest tower to me and healed me while taking all the damage given by all the enemy heroes and died while I was able to escape safely upon the team and her request - run la, 1 die is better than 2 die.

It is that incident and what my friends said to me made me woke up and realize my mistake and the coldness towards her. So I changed my ways of talking when conversing with her and gaming with her around. It sure is nice to have a supportive friend around; you won’t know when you need her/him the most.


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Eric said...

first of all, at t1, ur weakest team member(siew chein) kill my team's strongest player(me during that particular game) the most..
oh yeah, i'll let u watch the video when i upload it.. the one at McD.. don worry, it's too blur to see anyone's face.. but we can still recognize each other's colours..