Tuesday, February 27, 2007


As I had promised earlier, here are the photos taken during Irene's Birthday. Thanks alot Esther :)

We are one big happy family :)

The young ladies enjoying their pizza. Mmm... Yummy! Laura, what are you looking at? o_O

Jeff, Kelvin, Jason and me. Jeff and Kelvin still munching on their pizza...

Me and Birthday girl Irene; she took pics with everyone for rememberance :D

Took another group photo before Irene opened her presents...

Look at the... Curtains? The girls are smiling sweetly and the guys are... distracted. Somehow. Reminds me of this. - Click Me -

The CNY group visitation photos had been uploaded by Esther. Do stop by her blog.

- Esther's blog -

Degree students had started their semester since this Monday while a number of students (including me) had to wait for another semester before entering first year degree.

In the past, students who failed those subjects are able to skip them and take on their degree program. After that, they are free to choose when they would like to take their LAN subjects again. Recently, I was told that all the students are required to pass their LAN subjects that consist of Study and Information Literacy Skills, Malaysian Studies and Moral Studies.

Our LAN subject lecturers warned us again and again that no matter what, we must not fail any of these 3 subjects. I believe those lecturers’ words fall on death ears as the majority of the students only came into the class to talk and play (including me also, sadly). Some students even brought in their laptops and played games like DotA and CS; quite a number of students brought cards to play ‘Big Two’ and any card game you could think of.

Wondering how the students are able to do all these while the lecturers are teaching? Well, the lecturers don’t really give a damn about it; they just play their part – teaching those students who are interested and paying attention to the lecture.

Jeff failed one subject and took the re-sit paper today. All the best of luck to you brother!

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