Sunday, February 11, 2007

God will make a way

God will make a way
Where there seems to be no way
He works in ways we cannot see
He will make a way for me

Suddenly this part of the hymn came into my mind. Indeed, God showed me his greatness today.

Few weeks ago I did mention that there’s this childhood friend of mine whom I had scolded her and we never talked anymore. In that entry, I asked for everyone’s opinions and everyone gave the same reply; to approach her and apologize.

Weeks after weeks I waited but she never showed up in Church and I had reached my limit of being patient while waiting for her to showed up. After the church service ended, there is always a moment of silence for everyone to say their silent prayers while the Reverend and Pastor walked through the aisle and stand outside the entrance, shaking hands with everyone who is on the way out and giving their blessings.

In the end I prayed to God and told Him that I longed to meet her and talk to her, apologizing to her too as I could not see her again today.

To me, a miracle happened. After shaking hands with both the Reverend and Pastor, I saw her outside with her mum and sister. My prayer had been answered but it would definitely be weird for me to walk to them just to approach her only. So I prayed and hope that she would leave her family for a short while. Then my prayer was answered, she passed her bible to her mum and went to the washroom.

Suddenly my heart began to beat in an extremely fast pace as if I had just finished running a marathon. I had forgotten what I wanted to say, so I tried to calm myself down by drinking a glass of water at the water dispenser located outside the sanctuary while waiting for her.

It seems like an eternity just to wait for her to come out. In the end she came out and I called her by her name. She turned and faced me, with a “Yes?”

“I wanted to say sorry to you for scolding you last time.”
“Huh? When was it?”
“5 years ago, in Sunday school. I guess you must have forgotten it.”
“Oh, it’s ok. I had forgotten it already.”
“Ok, talk to you next time, See ya.”
“See ya.”

With that, we parted ways. Luckily I did not stammer, but I had forgotten a number of things that I wanted to say to her. I guess it must have been a surprise for someone who never talked to her for 5 years approaching her and apologizing to her suddenly. Her voice hardly changed, still the same old one which I last heard 5 years ago when I scolded her, except that her voice became softer. Oh well…

Anyway, one task cleared from my list of “TO DOs”.


jayne said...

siapa tu?

WeiLiang said...

Kawan lama ah~ you dono de..