Friday, November 17, 2006

Wednesday is movie night!

Went for a movie at Wednesday with Daniel, Timothy, Kelvin, Wan Yan, Siew Yong and Pauline.
The movie we watched was 'Boo' or something close to that. A movie filled with horror, considerate amount of blood and gore, violence and violence and more violence.

The movie tells of a Halloween day where a group of 5 teenagers (3 guys and 2 gals) wanting to have an exciting and memorable night. Actually it was the guys who wanted it, not the gals. The scene takes place in an old abandoned hospital where the living entered and never came out alive. One of the guys when in with his dog to set up the ‘tricks’ to scare the living hell out of the gals, courtesy of the 2 guys. After he finished setting everything and was about to leave, something happened and his dog acted strangely. Usually, we humans wished that our dreams come true, but for this movie, you would wished that your dreams were never coming to reality, the unseen becomes visible and no longer ethereal Soon, screams filled the air as the spectators opened their mouth and trembled in terror. Mark this number – “333”.
There are a total of 8 persons entering that abandoned hospital. 5 teenagers went in for fun, and only 1 came out alive. The other 1 went in to search for his missing sister and her friend and the last one was a cop. He found his younger sister, who had gone in earlier with her friend. Sadly, none of them were alive. Her friend was dead and animated while she herself was possessed by a ghost, Casper! (Good ghost I say, but not Casper). The blood and gore effects are nice… in a way. Enough spoilers, go watch the movie yourself if you are interested! (lol, is this called promoting?)

Alright, maybe you would think I am exaggerating. But hey, I had a good scare of my life though I did not scream or shout. (Forgot how many years ago when I watched ghost/horror movie). Anyway, the movie gets a 3/5 rate from me if I were to rate it because the storyline is going from perfect to normal to bad which is predictable again as usual. Anyway it is worth watching. Go grab your tickets!

Met Ah Seng with his gang of friends, Ah Jian with his gf, Phoebe and my old gang of friends - Jorge, Galvin and Raziman when we stepped out of the cinema. After a drink and Hui Sing, all of us headed back home to have a good nights sleep.

I was lucky not to have nightmares that night, I wish I don’t have nightmares after I blog this as the scenes from Boo is coming back to me…

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