Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Shame on you.

This is the 3rd week of my summer semester for moral studies. We touched on euthanasia on the 1st week, child abortion on the 2nd week and we touched on the so-called taboo topic - premarital sex and extra-marital sex today.

Obviously, I’m blogging this because of the annoyance and irritation caused by a group of ah bengs talking loudly, annoying many students who kept quiet because they were given no chance to ask the tutor any questions and making stupid jokes on the topic we had today which was not funny at all, at least to me.

My focus is on a was-good-student whom his name I will not mention. Anyway, before I continue on. Many bombarded me with this question on why had I stayed single all the while and never even looked for a partner or anything. Well, today I shall present to you my answer and I hope that you would pardon me for not answering to you last time.

I understand how you felt when your girl left you for some reasons which would be best if left unknown to the public and I know how awkward it is for you to see your ex in the same class as you are, all the 3 subjects. A friend of mine said you were so agitated yet excited on the topic that you bombarded the tutor with a number of questions which the answers were obvious and stupid. The 2, or should I say 3 of you really could just learn to control your tongue. Maybe you felt great for talking so loudly and questioning the tutor with questions over and over and disagreeing with almost everything the tutor lectured us about. I’d just say the more you talk the more stupid you look. No offence, honestly.

From a good student in your parent’s sight, you’ve changed totally, if not, almost completely. You never smoked at all, from what I’ve heard, the day she left you, you smoked a number of cigarettes in a morning. Are you trying to run from your problems? Are you not willing to face your problems? Are you not a man, full of respect in the eyes of us? If a girl alone could change you so much, how the hell are you going to face the working world next time? Are you going to force alcohol and drugs unto yourself to escape from your problems?

Seriously dude, learn to be more optimistic. It will benefit you greatly in the long run. Smoking is not the way to solve your neverending problems. Try facing it instead?
See what I mean by being single? A breakup can cause so much damage to a person's life, both male and female. Many said they knew of the consequences of failing a relationship yet they still involve themselves in it. Why?

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