Monday, September 17, 2007

Saturday Night Fever

After today, I won't be seeing her in msn for like 2 weeks. Good luck in your coming Mock STPM my friend.

Oh well, here comes Mr. Lonely =/

We celebrated Zhi Wei’s birthday 6 days earlier at Pizza Hut. Too bad Chen couldn't make it. I think everyone know what I mean by that...

There are around 20+ people who attended the birthday party. Firstly we have to thank Ah Seng and those involved for booking the tables for the 20+ people attending.

Money is still everything. Don't ask me why.

Somewhere around 7pm sharp, we arranged for the birthday boy to sit face to face with a certain someone. But then, Jeffrey called and gave us the bad news saying that the VIP is not coming. Disappointed as we are (not as serious as Zhi Wei.. xD) nobody bothered about the sitting positions anymore. Moments later, more people arrived.

Jeffrey was the last to arrive, but nobody blamed him. Everyone agreed that he took his sweet time driving the girls to Pizza Hut. The VIP was with him too. It turned out that Jeffrey told a lie, for a greater cause of course. But then, it had disrupted our original plan. Never mind that, the surprise element is still there. Anyway, it is not wrong to lie, as long as it is for a greater cause. (Lee 2006)

There’s this tiny bottle of pepper sauce, innocent as it looks, contains a hot, fiery, burning and passionate taste unknown to many. That bottle seated itself quietly on the serving tray, waiting to ‘pounce’ on the unwary. To Martin Lu, it is something common for him as he grew up consuming great amount of chili during meals.

Somehow, without knowing, Robert actually brought both the birthday boy and the VIP closer indirectly. I have no idea how it actually started but here’s a rough idea on what is going on:

Robert was challenged by the VIP (or the other way round).

If Robert is able to finish a piece of pizza topped with pepper sauce, the VIP will follow suit.

Robert ‘sacrificed’ his stomach and ate up the pizza; it is the VIP’s turn now.

Of course, everyone or almost everyone present knew that the birthday boy will definitely ‘assist’ the VIP in finishing the piece of pizza topped with more pepper sauce than ever.

Birthday boy is destined to finish the piece of pizza. With so many cameras surrounding him, he had no choice but to resign to fate.

It was time to leave the warm and cozy Pizza Hut.

Originally, we planned to spend the night at Friendship Park. But then there was a light rain so we changed our destination to the poikeeteo or Airport.

Zhi Wei and Dennis raced to the airport. Again, Zhi Wei performed his driving speeding skills but Dennis somehow overtook him and that surprised Kelvin greatly.

Many things happened in the Airport, it will be too long if I write out everything so I’ll just sum them up…:

Speaking of girls going to toilet in groups; all the guys - around 15 went into the toilet at the same time. Some went to answer nature’s call, some went to ‘set’ their hair, some went to chat and some went to fool around.

Again, Jeffrey took his sweet time driving to the Airport.

The young ladies were browsing through one of the chocolate shops. We (guys) knew something is going on so we played our role in their ‘special plan’; Martin performed his distraction skill unto Zhi Wei, taking him for a walk.

After quite some time, they finally decided on a box of chocolates for Zhi Wei and paid for it. Too bad it’s not Valentine’s Day. Nope, they did not give the chocolates to him in unison; it was for the VIP to give it to him. How sweet of them… Haha!

After what seems like hours, the girls managed to persuade the VIP to give the chocolates to Zhi Wei.

Outside, the guys are fooling around with Wei Kiat’s Hilux. That is to perform the so called mini ‘leap of faith’. Here’s an example:

Ok, maybe that is common...

Credits to Soon Ping for uploading the videos.

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