Friday, March 09, 2007

Sometimes I wonder...

Months ago you said that you dislike my current hairstyle as it looked untidy to you and preferred the previous one as i was told that my hair will coil randomly when it is long; I ignored it and let it be.

Then recently, our relatives and your friends all commented that I look good with my current hairstyle as I have those natural curves that I tried to get rid of but was in vain.

I wanted to know, is it that because of the good comments given by other people, only then you agree with my current hairstyle?

Or was it that you felt that it became suitable for me?

What if other people commented that my current hairstyle doesn’t suit me?

Will you tell me to trim it back to the previous one because of other people’s opinion?


Recently I had been hunting for Eyes on Me – Manami Kiyota. Searching high and low, I found it. My sudden surge of joy was replaced by disappointment as I am not allowed to download it from that website… So I requested to everyone in my contacts to share the song with me if he/she have it.

Berry purposely requested her bro to hunt that song for me since afternoon since he is free (as was told by her bro). He found it and sent it to me immediately. Words cannot express my appreciation towards both of them.

Again I want to say this to both of you: Thank you very much for helping me to get this song, I really appreciate it! :)

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