Thursday, March 08, 2007

Another weird dream

I wonder how should I start… my thoughts are all in a mess. Gotta reorganize it somehow…

It all started this morning, I had another weird dream. I was in one of the 4 rooms linked together (looked like those 4 classrooms in fifth floor but somehow modified into a library).

There were quite a number of students there studying. Some were talking with their friends; some were lazing away doing nothing. I took out my HP and wallet and left it on the table while reading a book (no idea what I was reading anyway).

Suddenly, my wallet disappeared from the table even though I kept an eye on it all the time. I look around; searching for it frantically and finally saw it on the table. Grabbing it, I flipped open and to my horror, all my money inside were taken away. Well, not all, but almost all – only 5 bucks left. Maybe the thief was ‘kind-hearted’ enough to me to allow me to use the 5 bucks to take a taxi home? The good thing about it was that he did not take away my student card, IC and those important stuffs I kept in my wallet. (Greedy little thief)

Then I saw someone who resembled Izzudin walking to my direction and console me, giving me 10 bucks (if not mistaken) and warned me to be careful of the thieves in this place. I thanked him.

In a flash, I was transported to somewhere near King Centre. I was told that SMK Stampin had moved to that area. While walking past the shops, I saw Cath and Mei Sien. They were wearing Japanese school uniforms (what the heck?) so I thought that the school had decided to follow the Japanese version of school uniform which is totally impossible in reality. I thought I was hallucinating until they greeted me and say something like ‘why didn’t you greet us? Have not met each other for awhile already start to ignore us’ in mandarin. (Pardon my crude translation)

Then I visited the school, it had been over 1 year since I last stepped into it. To my surprise, I saw a basketball court. The last time I saw, there wasn’t even a basketball court – only 2 rings (not even worth to call baskets as there are no nets on it) so low that you could even touch without jumping. Everything surely had changed was what I told myself.

I noticed a young palm tree somewhere at the entrance of the school and decided to vent my anger by breaking the tree (yes I know that’s wrong but I never did that, did I?). Amazingly, I broke it into two as if the body of the tree was a twig. Again I tried to break it into even more pieces but I felt a surge of pain on my own arm instead.

Then I woke up and realized that my right hand was holding my left arm all the while. The first thing I did after waking up? You’ve guessed it. I look for my wallet and checked its contents. Everything is still inside. Thank God this is just a dream.

The time was 0700 in the morning. I have only less than 25 minutes to prepare myself as my instructor will be coming at 0725 to fetch me to finish the remaining 3 hours out of the 6 hours of workshop stuff (3 hours in workshop; no idea what the other 3 hours is for). I was right. My instructor told me to wait for 3 hours and I will get my ‘L’ license. Boredom kills.

Thinking back, I was lucky that what I had experienced was just a dream and nothing more. I remembered that the money inside my wallet was stolen once when I was in Form 4. It goes like this, I left my wallet somewhere near the Surau as we had our physical training classes there. It was there, the next moment it disappeared. I looked everywhere for it but it was in vain. In the end I lodge a report in the headmistress’s office and she passed me a wallet, my wallet. Saying that someone picked it up not too long ago and questioned me if it was mine. Of course it is mine. I said nothing except a ‘thank you’ and left. All my money inside were taken away, only five RM1 notes remained inside, luckily that thief did not take away my IC.

The stolen 50 bucks was meant for me to buy a reload coupon for the online game – Pristontale, which I had played last time till it became a P2P game.

Sigh. What a day.

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wei liang learn driving~~!!