Tuesday, January 16, 2007

When there's a will, there's a way

Recently I started watching Hana Yori Dango 2; I get to know about that series in Randomc. Going through the screenshots and I felt tempted to watch this series even though I rarely have interest in Japanese movies. There are times when I regretted for not learning Japanese language when I had the chance because I am watching a number of animes and always have to wait for the ones with subtitle, including Hana Yori Dango 2. It would have been better if I understand Japanese language and just go for the raw series/animes/movies… =/

Late afternoon, I met an old friend of mine from Mr. Mok’s tuition at the lobby. He is Mohd. Izzudin aka Izzo. Seeing him makes me recall those who were taught by Mr. Mok during the fifth year in secondary school and they are Johnny, Cui Han, Frieda, my godsister Catharine, Luan Jia (nicknamed Jay Chou because her name tag was L.J. Chow), Jonathan, Timothy, Mohd. Izzudin. The guys are usually wild and I was influenced by them. Mr. Mok once said “the class is quiet when Izzudin isn’t around, how nice could it be?” But heck, a quiet class isn’t what we want. The class was boring without Izzudin around as he would usually crack up jokes and questioned Mr. Mok with irrelevant questions at times that could make all the students burst out laughing.

Apparently, Izzudin took foundation in engineering course along with other students during the January intake. As far as I know, the total number of new students was 58 – 18 taking FND ENG, and the remaining took FND BUS. There might be more new students during the March intake as there were over 300 students during the March intake last year. Well, it depends. You see, the only twin lifts are still left untouched after the fire outbreak at 11th December and that worsened the current situation in Swinburne as the notice said that they had to wait for the cables from West Malaysia to arrive, only then will they be able to repair the damaged lifts.

Around 1900 in campus, 3 friends of mine met up with me and my group of friends. They complained about one of their group members for not doing his part of the assignment given by the lecturer. He had been skipping classes since early January, and recently, most of us were like strangers to him. He is a complete opposite of who he was last time. The reason behind his change of behavior would be his girlfriend as most of us had agreed. We began to talk in unison about the couple.

Obviously, they wanted to help the couple, especially the guy. I won’t talk further about this. All I know is that he had been missing most of the time when his own group wants him to do his part of the group assignment. They knew about him and his girlfriend too as the news of the couple spread like wildfire. Somehow, they dislike the girl because of some reasons which shall not be mentioned here. Even though I am friends with them, there are times that I cannot cover for them all the time when things go ugly.

Here's a better picture of the story. - Chen's new blog.

I’d like to advise them too but my conscious told me not to butt into other people’s business so I’ll just say everything here. From the bottom of my heart, I do sincerely hope the relationship between the both of you will blossom. But then, you must learn to be rational. From what I had observed, the relationship grew too fast. I’m not trying to say that’s not good, but my previous encounter on the same situation in secondary school taught me a valuable lesson.

There was this couple whom we thought they would last till they get married or w/e anyone name it. Their relationship grew too fast, in fact, out of control. Within the 1st month, you could see them in the world of their own. They just do w/e any couple would do to each other, which includes kissing, hugging, touching and the list goes on but not sex as far as I know (I know this might tell you all that I’m a busybody but actually I’m not. Ask anyone in the same class with the couple and they will give the same answer). They care not of those around them so you could just picture a couple in front of you hugging, kissing, w/e.

On their 2nd month anniversary, something went wrong. Nobody noticed it until it had turned really bad. The guy is trying to break up with the girl but she doesn’t want to leave him. I remembered clearly that it began in the chemistry lab. She was holding and pulling his hand tightly pleading with him while he looked ignorant and tried to shake her hands off futilely. The girls in the class saw what happened and tried to calm that girl down, telling her that it is a shame to do so. After school had ended at 1200, the students headed to the canteen for lunch as there was an EST class at 1300.

During the EST class, a number of the students including me slipped out of the class and went to our own classroom (we had our EST class at another class). Those who slipped out of the class were concerned for the couple, especially the girl as everyone saw her actions in the chemistry lab moments ago. Apparently they (the couple) were still in the class talking loudly (more like quarreling). No one wanted to step up and stop the couple until we heard footsteps from behind. It was our EST teacher.

Apparently someone must have told her (the teacher) about the couple. She heard the quarrels and shakes her head before getting other teachers to break the couples up. I knew nothing on what happened later but our teacher told us that the couple was troublesome. The girl was holding on the guy’s hand tightly when they were escorted to the teachers’ office. They were given a period of counseling by the teachers-in-charge before sending both of them home.

When questioned, the reason given by the guy was that she was too controlling and it made it hard for him everyday as his girl friends kept away from him, saying that he already had a girl himself and they would not want to get in his way. The declarations of “I love you forever” from the guy to the girl and from the girl to the guy became a sweet memory of the past.

They never realized that in a relationship, nothing is forever. Even the beauty of roses does not last forever; they will wither and die after a period of time. Being hasty doesn’t bring any positive benefits to a relationship; instead, it might bring what you would never ever expect. A relationship is like wine, it gets better when it grows older. Provided it is kept in a good condition. If it is not, it turns into vinegar, sour to the taste and becomes worthless.

To write out everything would take hours and hours so I’ll stop here.

My friend, are you abandoning your own friends for your girlfriend? Almost everyone felt a gap when conversing with you. Of course, we are not asking you to leave her because of us, nobody would do so. We just want to wake you up from your wonderland, you can choose to listen to those who care for you or just ignore us. We won't force you to go with our will. The finals are at the edge, skipping class will only raise the percentage of your failure rate for the 3 subjects you took. Right?


Eric said...
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Eric said...

aduh.. why like that.. only idiots abandon friends for girlfriend.. and only fools abandon girlfriend for friends.. clever*ahem* ppl like me, will make both live together in harmony.. wahahaha..

P/S: i don have gf, don get the wrong idea..