Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Just another day

My day in campus begins at 1321, after returning a book and borrowed another new one in the library, Kelvin and I went up to room 5.03 for our choir club gathering. Irene questioned me about the presentation on last week.

It all began on last Friday. We choir members were called up to come to campus at 0830 even though there are still some who came as late as 0930. The objective of this meeting was to perform for the orientation for the January intake Foundation level students. Irene came with a black plastic bag containing around 40 copies of song notes and lyrics, everyone performing was given a copy of it and we began immediately after a quick warming up. It took us less than an hour to get the tune right and around 2 hours to sing the song till the end. The title of the song is “Pass it Along!” We had our lunch break at 1130 and were told to come back before 1300. The majority went to Expert food court located at Jalan Song.

Around 1330, the freshmen were called to enter the auditorium where all the Presidents or person-in-charge of the clubs in Swinburne are to introduce and promote their respective clubs to the new students. After a number of presidents and PIC came up to the stage to give their speech on their club, it was the choir club’s turn. After a short introduction, all the singers began to walk up the stage into their position, preparing to sing to the audience. It was all messed up as Irene did not come up to conduct us, so we choir members were on our own. Only then I realize that our group of singers could not perform well without her. Even as I write this, I am not blaming her for that. It was over.

Despite that, criticisms came in soon, one girl from Perak came and commented on our performance – the performance is short of instruments, the singers’ voices are too soft, and the list goes on… bla bla bla, yada yada yada. I said nothing and took what she said as constructive criticism. She joined the choir club though as she said she represented her state in choir competition.

Well basically, that’s what happened during the orientation day.

Before all the choir members are present, Kelvin, Ah Seng, Shao Wee and I went over to room 5.04 to give Jess a birthday celebration and a surprise. I was told that Jeff, Soon Ping, Shao Wee, Ah Seng and the rest went to get a black forest + fresh cream cake for her as a surprise. She came along with our “Pro Geng” aka Fung Yun. There’s a reason behind his given nickname, I’ll talk about it later.

We took out the birthday cake and Jeff lighted the candles one by one. As the usual birthday ceremony, we sang a “Happy Birthday” song, followed by her making a wish before taking the life out of the candles. Before I continue further, I shall announce a new couple in Swinburne – Jessica and Fung Yun. How long they had been together is unknown to me but I’m glad things turn out well for them and wish their relationship to blossom. We ‘persuade’ them to kiss each other before they cut the cake. Again we ‘persuade’ them to play “Pass the Cherry”. It is a simple game of passing the cherry with your mouth and nothing else beside your mouth. So… here’s a short clip of what happened. Credits to Soon Ping for uploading it to youtube for the convinience of viewing.

Pass the Cherry

We nicknamed Fung Yun as PG or Pro Geng because whatever he does is always outstanding. For this case, they kissed each other during the mini birthday party even though they were only coupled recently - last week Friday if I'm not mistaken.

After that, we went back to 5.03 and began practicing the same song again. Nothing much had happened during the 1st hour. After 1430, only then that girl from Perak came with her group of friends. I looked at her with disgust, she looked neither like a male nor a female; a mixture of both IMO. No offence, period. Irene then gave a short speech on how we should behave ourselves when everyone talked at the same time, of course, all of us are like close friends, excluding the new members. So we tend to be linear with each other, like playing around and making jokes (though we are supposed to be serious). Then suddenly, that bitch (the girl from Preak) suddenly scolds us all on the top of her voice because someone was talking. It goes like this “Can you shut up/keep quiet? Someone is talking!” everyone was taken aback but said nothing.

I’d like to clarify something; I kept quiet not because I am intimidated by you. If I had not shown any respect (give face in mandarin) to our president, Jordan and our conductor, Irene, I’d gladly slap you, not only me, but quite a number of us WILL SLAP YOU and throw you out of the room. Think of your own fucking position before raising your voice. You may be the conductor or w/e position you were in your previous choir group representing your state, but our conductor, Irene’s own group of singers represented Malaysia. There’s nothing great in you. Your action is giving a bad impression to all the senior members of the club.

As Jacq had said before, both men and women should be treated equally, I will treat you like how I would treat any guy who does so too. Indeed I do have soft spots when it comes to treating girls; I’m sure most of the guys out there have soft spots too BUT… I don’t have any soft spot for girls with the likes of you. I may be quiet most of the time but that doesn’t mean you can step on my head. I don’t show my anger easily, but once I've shown it, be prepared to go to hell; that is when I don’t give a damn whether you’re a guy or a girl, whether you are a ghost or a creature.

Reading my post and got upset over it? I’ll give you (the girl mentioned above) a solution to solve your problem. F*ck off, your not welcomed here.

Pardon me for the vulgar words used.


NSDS3HvLDjJd said...

Looks like I beat you to it. I knew about them on the 4th (Thursday).

Wei Liang said...

Haha ^^

Eric said...

i sense disturbance in the club..

Anonymous said...

haha... but sad to tel ah liang dat... I've removed the vid from youtube due to da sudden request from pro keng... honestly, i oso feel guilt to disturb others' privacy... so... sorry...

tiDus88 said...

How sad... jordan and Judieth are planning to elect her as saprano leader... lol... dont you think our committee are giving too many nonsense suggestions? like... powerpoint presentation designer, singing assistant ( laura is going to be ) , electing unneccessary people, and others... actually we can give these job to any of us right? and the troublesome Dual-sex human is dream to be a leader, come on...? She can never be leader with that stupid F*CK attitude. tulan...

tiDus88 said...
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