Monday, May 05, 2008

Acting tough?

In our life, I'm sure all of us act tough before in challenges, in moments of sadness and pain etc.

Yesterday morning, I participated in a charity food sales event hosted in St. Joseph secondary school.

Time to give my muscles some exercise was what I told myself. Before thinking twice, I already carried two large bags of ice cubes voluntarily to another stall (from our stall to another stall at the other end).

Bad move WeiLiang.

After walking for quite some time, I realized my own limit but pride wouldn’t gave in so I endured the pain and carried those two bags of ice (it seems like the size of the ice bags are growing exponentially).

So I walked back to our stall acting like nothing had happened even though my muscles are throbbing with pain. That’s why I insist on staying at the stall (we were selling sugar cane and coconut juice, so some of us are assigned into pairs to carry trays of juice, selling them to passerby).

A big thanks to the hot weather, those drinks sell like hot cakes!

I'll upload the photos if I get my hands on them.

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