Tuesday, September 02, 2008


Sorrow is divided by the number of people you share with,
But happiness is multiplied by the number of people you share with.


-Click Me-

Yeah, I know we are not the first team to break it.

Thinking back those BS3 times when me and 4 KL friends work together to break the fountain.

During those time, it was easy to break the fountain, all you need is a Naix to solo it. It will be
RK3 ( Kah Fei) who will be playing Naix while the remaining 4 of us (alphavam - Kar Choon, Puyo - Nicholas, Tetsujin - Kenneth and nightgaia - me) do whatever we wanted, be it to hunt down enemy heroes or to farm items for Naix.

My usual role will be to play Akasha, harassing and farming at the same time. QoP with Satanic and Butterfly is just so weird.

Once Naix broke the fountain, we will camp at our opponents' spawning ground and.. well, kill any heroes that spawned out.

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