Thursday, March 13, 2008

Spices of life

I'm aware that many blogs in the 'blogs i read' section are either deleted or moved to another site by the blog authors, just that I am too lazy to update it. Maybe some other day.


He already has a girl of his own.

Yet he is always seen with another.

She will know of it soon, or rather, already know of it.

Do stop it; you are only bringing in yourself a bad reputation not to the girls but everyone.

It’s not like we intentionally dig into your personal affairs, but rather, it’s already too obvious, almost everyone who knows of you knows of it too, just that they did not bother to comment about it.

Anyway, do as you please, we as friends can only give advice to you and nothing more. None of us wants to be labeled as a busybody, really.

Disclaimer: The above mentioned is just fiction, any scenario bearing resemblance to it is purely coincidence.

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