Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Happy Birthday Winnie!

We celebrated Winnie’s birthday a day earlier at Pizza Hut again.

Thanks for making me realize that I am a cheese freak, along with some other guys. I am positive the waitress got frightened of us for finishing all the cheese powder provided and still asked for a refill.

Maybe we should think again before playing with food.

1st up: 7-up with chili sauce, tomato sauce, pepper sauce, cheese powder (actually anything that is available in pizza hut is thrown inside).

Looks like carrot juice and tomato puree added up. We assume that it will definitely send the one who drank it to toilet for hours and hours.

Sadly, this prototype failed to yield any results as no one dared to give it a shot. Or maybe Robert did take a tiny sip. But from the look of his face, it looks like he went through hell and back.

2nd up: 7-up with 111.11% MSG (or salt). Guaranteed to work for certain people who like to be bald, permanently. This is also a total failure as test subject realized the change of color in his drink before he even took a sip.

3rd up: Garlic bread with pepper sauce, chili sauce, pepper etc added. Oomph guaranteed!

║Happy Birthday Winnie║


I felt that I am going back in time again.

This time, I miss the ABC and Ice kacang that 2 hawker dudes sold at the back of my secondary school. Setting up a humble stall by the roadside, whatever you ordered will be done in less than a minute.

The ABC they sell has a variety of flavors and you can choose to add whatever you want into your ABC. Of course, it will cost more that way. I can still remember students surrounding the stall; they sure earn a lot of money just from the secondary school students alone, excluding the students in INTI College and passersby.

Part of me wants to grow up and be matured in all aspects while the other part of me wants to stay as a secondary school student forever, no stress in finals, creating chaos in school compound, jumping from floors to floors and doing everything that I am allowed to do in secondary school that I am not allowed to in Swinburne any more.

Sometimes I wished that I can take this year and integrate it with the past so I wouldn’t have suffered back then. Anyway, everything that had happened back then will be in my mind for eternity because no matter how I reason it, at the end of the day the fault is still mine.

All I can say is: “I wish I have the power to reverse time.

I intend to write more but maybe it would be better if I save it for the next time, assuming that I can still remember about it.

P.S: Can anyone send me this song "神话" sang by Jackie Chan and another girl? I’m looking for the complete Chinese version, not the one mixed with Korean… Thanks.

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