Tuesday, July 17, 2007


It's been almost 3 weeks I didn't login to my blog spot, mainly because I wasn't in the mood to blog and due to the stress that I am facing after my exam.

Yes I admit I have fears that I might fail my exam. Also, I never wanted to gaze into the eyes of my disappointed parents; how am I going to explain to them that I can still fail when I took only 2 subjects this semester? And I also have fears of taking the same classes as my cousins, 1 year younger than I am. What a shame it would be.

How I wish life isn't that tough on me, each day fear struck me, each day the same fear kept circling in my mind until I am so disoriented. I never liked studying, never do. I hate books, I hate notes, and I hate everything that forces me to do nothing but understand and apply only.

Johnson once said to me that a man reaps what he sows. Now only did I understand this phrase completely. But sadly, it’s too late.


The internet is a powerful tool; it can be used for a good cause or a bad one. For this case, this is a bad one:

On the days I am absent; I’ve downloaded all the movies of Harry Potter and watched it. The reason I did that was because I was interested in watching the fifth movie of Harry Potter. Not wanting to be lost while watching the fifth movie, I went through the previous four movies first.

Even now, the 7th book: 'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows' is available for download now. It looks promising and out of curiosity, I proceed to download it. The book weighs 73 megabytes of data and it took less than 10 minutes to complete the download because there are lots of seeders ‘sharing’ this book with the world.

I know it is wrong to just download it instead of buying the book but I couldn’t help it. I hate it when I don’t have self-control.


Anonymous said...

I think you shouldn't be so hard on yourself. I would be a hypocrite if I tell you not to worry, because I worry (much more than normal people) about exams as well. But the truth is (as hard it is for us to stop doing it), worrying is really useless. I'm still learning to stop worrying...lol.

As for the exams, at least you did try to work for it. Some people don't even try. And that's something you should give yourself some credit for.

I can't bliv the 7th book is already out! Not that I do read the series.

~Laura~ said...

chill out ya.. dun be too sad.. maybe still gok de chance to resit o sth?? And u haf tried urself oredi.. so dun blame urself.. =)