Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Good luck on ur re-sit test today SP!


It has been awhile or should I say it has always been?

Chen told me that I became a different person whenever I play the accursed game – DotA. He's not the first one.

I won’t disagree with him, in fact, I completely agree with what he says. From whom I inherit this, will be a secret buried deep within me.

Like many cartoons had described, within our consciousness resides an angel and a devil. Tom and Jerry is a good example. Many people differ; some are more to the angel side while the rest are to the devil side.

As for me, I admit that the devil is stronger than the angel inside me. Making me very short-temper and very vengeful; an eye for an eye was what I had been living on. Knowing this long ago, I had been forcing myself to be quiet and ignore whatever that is thrown at me in the real world.

There is a price to pay for being quiet and nice in the real world. In return for that, the devil within me takes control whenever I play any games. On the bright side, the duration the devil takes control ends the moment the game I play ends.

Give me that potion Dr. Jekyll drank and I will still be the same old me whenever I play that accursed game or I won’t be playing that game at all.

If anyone had been pointing out that I should just quit playing that accursed game, all I can say is that if a drug addict can let go of his drugs that easily, then I will have no problem with quitting the accursed game. Also, if there is such thing as severing the evil side of a person, I wouldn’t have even laid a finger on that game in the first place and there won’t be anymore sin in this world.

I’ll quit that accursed game, sooner or later.

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Eric said...

it's good that you realize how DotA changed people..