Friday, June 08, 2007

Exam fever

A million thanks to Omar Amaro for sending me this song- Allegretto ~そらときみ~. I had been hunting for this song for months as it is an old song and also one rare piece by Kotoko.


There is one coming up in less than 12 hours time and another in 2 days time yet I am still here blogging and listening to songs. Geez, this is not the first time.

There are times when I just feel like ending my own life when my thoughts run wild. I hate exams, how nice if there are just assignments and more assignments as long as there are no exams. “Cool down” “Relax” “Chill” “Take things step by step” These are what both my friends and net friends said to me whenever I sighed again and again. No matter what comforting words I hear, I just could not take away the burden that is stressing me.

There are times when I regretted stepping foot into Swinburne but I always remind myself that Form 6 is many times harder. I always told myself that there is still time when there is barely any left. It seems like I am just a coward hiding from the reality.

Quoting a friend: “Ah Seng is more stressed than we are, he have assessments/tests almost everyday since few days ago.”

Ok, maybe my case isn’t that serious as I thought it is after all…

When my finals are approaching, I will always look for something else to do. A few examples would be playing computer games, reading novels, hunting for food, surfing the net, taking naps and many more. I’ll do anything as long as it is not related to studying.

Sigh. That explains why I failed 2 subjects during my first semester in Swinburne. =/

Off topic: I met my Study Info lecturer – Mdm Lye Mei Yin today, twice. Once is on my way to ChilliPepper for lunch and the other is somewhere around 9.30pm at Jalan Song when I am going out for some fellowship with friends.

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